Miles Teller Being Eyed to Play Mr. Fantastic in FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot [UPDATED]

     August 2, 2013


When you go check out The Spectacular Now, you’ll see that Miles Teller has the talent to become a major star.  And while I’m a fan of his performance, I’m a bit stunned to learn that he’s being eyed to play Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four reboot.  According to The Wrap, Teller’s in contention to play the role and is director Josh Trank‘s “top choice”, but the site also cautioned “that there is still a lot of work to be done on the Fantastic Four script and that Fox hasn’t even brought on a casting director yet.”

Hit the jump for more.  Fantastic Four is set to open on March 6, 2015. [Update: Trank has taken to Twitter to debunk Teller's involvement, saying "the casting rumor floating around today isn't true...the end."]

mr-fantastic-comic-bookTo be clear, I have no problem with Miles Teller leading blockbuster movies.  The guy has charisma to spare.  But if The Wrap is correct, then it sounds like he’s being considered to play Reed Richards proper rather than some Reed Richards flashback. If this is the case, it could be a shock to the system for some fans.  And perhaps that’s the way it should be.  If you’re going to go with a reboot, then go for it rather than just remaking the 2005 film but with a new cast.

We previously reported that Michael B. Jordan could be a contender for Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch, and that casting seems even more likely not only because of his previous work with Trank on Chronicle, but because of the acclaim the actor is receiving for his terrific performance in Fruitvale Station.  When Jordan was mentioned in connection with Johnny Storm, it was a report that made sense.  Johnny is the young hothead of the group (no pun intended), and he’s surrounded by more mature members.  If Teller or someone around his age is the choice for Reed Richards, then that means probably everyone in the Fantastic Four is going to be in their twenties.  If you’re expecting Mr. Fantastic to be the middle-aged scientist with the graying temples, it may be time to start adjusting your expectations.

  • victorinox126

    This doesn’t make any sense.

    • Strong Enough

      The guy can’t act and marvel sucks anyway

      • Papi

        He can definitely act. Don’t know why you say that. He has been the best part of a number of movies.

      • Robby Richmond

        There are numerous ‘actors’ who’ve been cast in films who’ve obviously never acted a day in their life and are blagging it. Some have even won oscars. Michael Caine got a bloody knighthood for Christs sake and he’s played himself in every film he’s ever made! The kid from the Footloose remake… honestly, they might as well cast Kevin Bacon

      • hunjee

        true nothing beats the grown ups franchise. lol. hey guys user strong enough thought grown ups 2 was the best movie of the year and he laughed at all of sandlers jokes. hahaahahahhahhahhhaahh

      • eternalozzie

        Strong Enough only has eyes for Nolan, DC, and Bale.

      • Pk

        He he just a fucking loser who is hungry for some Nolan dickwad

      • eternalozzie

        ok … now that’s just incoherent name calling which falls 20 yards short of making any sense

      • Pk

        Heh you know he deserves it…

      • eternalozzie

        ok … now that’s just incoherent name calling which falls 20 yards short of making any sense

  • Neven

    Isn’t he a bit too young?

    • Robby Richmond

      isnt he a bit too shit?

  • JJ

    So Sue is going to be black too? I mean, that really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me about MBJ playing JS.

    • Nathaniel Haywood

      I agree. If they’re both black then fine, that’s an adaptation choice. But they have to be brother and sister, and some random adoption crap or other lame explanation won’t cut it.

      • JJ

        Pushing the race change of HALF of the team is stupid (to me). You are going to piss off a HUGE section of the fan base. Then, to have Sue and Reed in an interracial marriage is going to segment the base even further (if you think that it won’t you are fooling yourself). So at the end of the day you will have a theater with about 10 people in it and ANOTHER Fantastic Four flop.

      • Nathaniel Haywood

        Hey, I didn’t say it was a good move – I just said that both Johnny and Sue would have to be black for it to work. I understand the segmenting the fan base part (Fantastic Four was the first comic I ever bought back in 1996), but I think fans will be open to it in light of all the recent comic book movie adaptations. X-Men First Class changed every detail of the X-Men origin but that was still a good film. Amazing Spiderman changed some things, and that wasn’t bad. Avengers, Iron Man, and Thor all changed a lot as well. So there’s a lot of leeway as to what the fans will allow…if it’s done well. Add to that the fact that the last FF movies weren’t great (especially Rise of the Silver Surfer – awful), and you’ve got a lot of leeway. Personally, I’d rather have the team stay the way they are just because that’s how the characters were created (and I’m black!), but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they changed it in a well-done way.

      • JJ

        Oh I wasn’t directing that at you at all. Sorry if it came off that way. I am perfectly fine with them changing races of characters. I think that MCD did a great job as The Kingpin in Daredevil. And Sam Jackson, although you can go the “ultimate” argument, is awesome as Fury. But to the CASUAL viewer and the casual fan…that change is going to cause problems.

        People that saw the first two movies are going to be less than ecstatic about the change. Especially in places like the south…where I (unfortunately) live.

      • Nathaniel Haywood

        I gotcha – definitely true for the casual fan.

      • rocky728

        Yeah because one CAN’T be adopted or have interracial parents

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    I won’t be watching

    • Strong Enough

      yes you will

  • Brandon Michael Carr

    DAFUQ I like the actor but he is WAY TOO YOUNG

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    It’s possible that they’re going more the Ultimate route from the comics, which is an interesting way to go. Makes sense, though – they may be trying to make it as relevant as possible for young movie-goers. Teller would fit right in under that framework…i believe Reed was actually a teenager in the Ultimate Fantastic Four version. The Thing has always been the oldest and The Human Torch has always been the youngest and Invisible Woman has always been the most mature. As long as they nail the character dynamics (and don’t make a gigantic casting mistake like another Jessica Alba), then the characters can be whatever age they want.

    • Doug_101

      This is exactly what they’re doing. It’s the only explanation. In the Ultimate universe, Reed was college-aged, as was Sue. I can’t remember how old Ben was, though. I’m sure Wikipedia has the info. The only thing I hope they DON’T do is the Ultimate version of Dr. Doom, which was awful. The guy had hooves. Hooves.

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        I won’t care for that, but IF they are going the Ultimate route (which is the most likely) there is a part in me that hopes that Reed Richards (SPOILER) becomes the villain at the end (say FF 3 or 4, if we get to that point) just like in Ultimate Comics: Doomsday trilogy. That would be just freaking epic!!

      • DoobieDave

        Ben was same age or a little older than Reed. They were high school buddies, Ben somewhat protected him from bullies, cuz he was a football star but still a good guy.

      • Victor Pleitez

        Me too, keep Dr. Metal Porcupine Goat away from this film. I want the Dr. Doom with genius intellect and master control over magic. He is essentialy the comics book version of darth sidious.

  • Lex Walker

    MBJ can act, and I’ve no real problem with him being Johnny Storm, because that character being younger and more impulsive works. But Reed Richards needs gravitas, he needs maturity. Miles Teller is about 8-10 years too young. This is borderline stunt casting just to appeal to a younger demographic Fox doesn’t think will relate to a superhero who is typically a middle-aged man.

    • Victor Pleitez

      Ultimate FF had the characters in their teens. It’s obvious Trank or studio execs want to distance the new film from the old as much as possible. Plus i dont know about you but i see a good amount of people under 30 yrs of age hanging out and buying reading material at comic stores.

  • Saltonstall

    He’s a bit young, but he does have the right look. Say the film becomes a franchise, and in 10 years they’re still playing the parts. Teller’ll be in his late thirties by then, and then the ages will fit. The actors can grow into their roles.

    • kps

      The last thing you need to think about while casting is “will they look the part ten years down the line?”.

  • Alexander Calvo

    In Ultimate fantastic Four they are all in their early twenties or teens when the accident happens. Reed and Sue were child prodigies.

  • Werefon

    In 10 years, Welcome!

  • nostalgiattack

    He’d be perfect for Ultimate version if that’s what they’ll end up going for

  • Romsy

    The Ultimates universe is much more concise and tightly packaged than Marvels 616. So most of the movie universes borrow heavily from the Ultimates. The first few Xmen films borowed the lineup and costumes from Ultimates. Tony Stark having no secret identity is from Ultimates. Black Nick Fury, etc. So the fact that Fox is going with the young group from Ultimate FF is no surprise.

    Anyone shocked by this casting choice just doesn’t know their Comics…cough..Goldberg…cough

    • rhizomeman

      True – but the Ultimate series of comics are revamped versions done much later (2001 – ). Those are not the versions the middle aged audience members (me) grew up with. So, it doesn’t feel quite right.

      • Victor Pleitez

        I read most of the Ultimate line up but was disgusted with how it all turned out in just a small amount of time. Ultimatum was sick and stupid. And the funny thing is they were written for people my age to introduce them to comics and win more readers. Nope 616 Marvel for me. New 52 dc is not bad though despite what people will say.

  • Theodore Trout

    Awful news. An age-appropriate Mr. Fantastic is the first thing to fix about the abysmal FF movies.

  • Dobby

    What the what now? is he like 10? FFS – OLDER PEOPLE LIKE MOVIES TOO YOU DUMBMASSES

  • Bryce Lynch

    No no no no , Mr. Fanstatic is not a freshfaced kiddy, he’s the elder statesmen of the Marvel Universe. Horrible idea, just shows how much the people throwing this mess together do not get the property. I’d rather see a sequel to the original terd of a series then even entertain this!!!.

  • Marc

    What’s wrong with Hollywood nowadays?! Does anyone can make a superhero movie pecfectly adapted from the comics?

  • Dan

    He just said he’s not interested. So false alarm. Everyone can relax now.

  • Bob

    Maybe this report was a mistake…I can imagine this guy easily as Human Torch perfectly.

  • poppincherry

    I’m black and I have a fucking problem with the studios changing the race of the characters to be politically correct where PC-ness ain’t needed. The truth is the fucking characters were written as white.
    Tell me if marketing at these pussy studios ain’t pissing you off!!!
    Jordan would be the hip-hop listening brother always pissed while Teller would be the over intellectual leader and to round out the cast would be the chick and the THING.
    I bet the THING would be played by a big, buff white guy with limited mental abilities who majored in brute force at community college while Invisible Girl would be played by some overtly sexual white woman, smart and alway looking to fuck.
    They’re going to turn this re-boot into goddamn twilight with a token Negro!!!
    Count my ass out!!!

    • Victor Pleitez

      I think movies like Cat woman and Steel rubbed Studio execs the wrong way. Like right now theyre pretending you can’t make money off of a black superhero character, despite the success of Blade. Worst they’re completely ignoring a huge line up of minority superheroes.After watching ironman 3 I was upset with War machine jsut sitting on the sides doing nothing but look pretty in a not warmachine armor. Jordan is a good pick for Cyborg in Justice league film. Studios want political correctness here you go:Steel, lightning, Black Panther, Lucke Cage, Bishop, Storm, Cyborg, Vibe, Green lantern Stewart and Rayner, Batwing, Static shock, Goliath, Patriot, Warmachine, Mr terrific, Blade, Blue Beetle, Spawn, Vixen, Bumblebee, Falcon…etc.

  • Serpico Jones

    This movie is going to be a disaster.

  • Victor Pleitez

    So it’s clear there gonna go Ultimate FF and use actors who are in their 20s. Thats all cool, at least it will help distance them from the other super hero teams that are made up of adults plus it will make opening up to younger audiences easier. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY its more harry potter than twilight. Still don’t think Micheal b. Jordan is a good pick for Human Torch. If WB were smart they would’ve had him locked for Cyborg. Studio execs need to stop pretending there aren’t any popular black superheroes.

  • reels

    FOX, you should have done a third Fantastic Four with the actors and actress you already had. I ain’t interested in this bullshit remake crap! You could have had 5 Fantastic Four movies by now.

  • We miss Roger Ebert

    No charisma, looks terrible, no believability as an action figure. Pass pass pass.

  • Joseph M

    Alright, Collider has a talented and creative readership. Who has an idea for a brand new superhero, a creation of our own time (not a reboot of something created years ago)?

  • eternalozzie

    I was going to rant with outrage then I realized I didn’t care that much about the fantastic four.

  • Pk

    I rather they went with that lead actor from the Americans as reed. Can’t remember is name though. He looks perfect for the role and they should cast Alice eve as sue storm

  • isakglasses

    the level of racism is astounding,like because MBJ is black he cant act as a guy who can put his whole body on fire,or sue is black and that messes up her marriage with reed Richards.Please people this is 2013 think about the acting,we are beyond skin color now.And Miles Teller is a good actor though am not sure he can bee reed Richards.

    • Cog

      So your a race pimp and a color jockey. Worthless

  • ty

    Phew. I was scared there for a second. I almost thought this uncharismatic, short, young, unattractive TEEN was going to be playing Mr. Fantastic. *phew!*

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