THE FANTASTIC FOUR Skips out on Comic-Con But Offers a Glimpse at The Thing

     July 26, 2014



Apparently Fox decided not to bring any marketing for The Fantastic Four to Comic-Con this weekend, even though the Josh Trank-directed picture is currently shooting in Louisiana and will debut before next year’s convention.  However, a very unofficial image has leaked out into the interwebs that shows what is apparently the film’s new version of The Thing.  Jamie Bell is playing the rocky humanoid hero, aka Ben Grimm, and thankfully it looks like he’ll be doing so through motion capture.  It looks pretty good, but the bar was previously set laughably low by poor Michael Chiklis’ rock suit in the last effort.  Hit the jump to check it out.

Also starring Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch, Kate Mara as Invisible Girl, Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, and Toby Kebbell as Dr. Doom, The Fantastic Four is set to open June 19, 2015.  

Here’s a look at the (top half, anyway) of The Thing from The Fantastic Four (via The Playlist):


The image came courtesy of the now-defunct Twitter account @justifiedfilms, so it’s not exactly official.  So assuming it’s legit, we can also postulate that Bell will be performing motion-capture for The Thing rather than hoisting a bulky costume upon his 5’7″ frame.  It wouldn’t be the first time since he previously used the technology alongside Andy Serkis in The Adventures of Tintin as the title character.

Now there are plenty of reasons that Fox didn’t push a panel for The Fantastic Four, and the more mundane ones like scheduling conflicts are likely the culprits.  Then again, a recent report that the script is “evolving” on set might suggest that the confidence in the film isn’t exactly ::ahem:: rock-solid.  And for those of you hoping for a big-screen brawl between The Thing and Hulk some day, you might just have to settle for who turns in the motion-capture performance, Bell or Mark Ruffalo.


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