FAST & FURIOUS 6 Release Date is May 24, 2013

     June 24, 2011


Universal has just announced the next Fast and the Furious movie will hit theaters May 24, 2013 (which is Memorial Day weekend). You might remember that Universal showed a Fast and Furious 6 promo poster at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week, so the 2013 release date was already known.  What we didn’t know was the date.

According to the studio, Neal H. Moritz and Vin Diesel return to produce, and director Justin Lin is again helming the franchise.  According to Variety, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson will all be back and we already knew Fast Five screenwriter Chris Morgan was writing the 6th installment.  With Fast Five set to cross $600 million at the worldwide box office in the next few days, it’s no surprise Universal wants the next installment in less than two years.  Since Fast Five did a great job at reinventing the franchise, I’m ready for the next installment.  What about you?

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  • Scott

    I’m ready! I have loved every Fast movie since it’s inception. I’m glad that they are not wasting time and are going to be putting out number six. I wonder if Fast Six does as well as Fast Five, will they make a Fast Seven? Vin says 4-6 are part of a trilogy, but I don’t know if he ever said it was final.

    • blake

      There will be a 7th and all of them are part of the trilogy! Not just 4-7 . And i no 6u will do just asgood as 5!

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  • Phile

    Wow, there sure are a lot of stupid people out there

    • H20

      I know right, Fast Five should be over 750 mil by now

    • Joey

      Don’t like it don’t watch it, now who’s the stupid one to watch and watch, turn around and call every body stupid….eeeeuggh!
      stupid say’s what?? thought so. Fast five was a rush!

      • Morgan

        u idiot these are the best movies of all time

      • Fernandes

        what the hell is your problem

  • Nash

    “…I’m read for the next installment. What about you?”

    There’s a typo you might want to fix.

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  • Andrew

    I love the franchise but really!! A 6th. I believe Fast five ended on good note leaving the fan happy with a logical ending. What more could they do?? Just sayin I feel they could end the series and stand as one of the best franchises in time. Another installment, I guess but it better be bigger, faster and at least a little of Tokyo drift. Face it FF3 was out of placed in a way

    • Jason

      A logical ending?! Did you stay til after the credits??? How could they have a murder without a body? I can’t wait for the next installment!

      • Andrew

        No…No I did not. I was unaware of this. Yet I just don’t wanna see another F&F. I just thought it ended fine. Seemed fine and a great way to end but hey…im just a vioce.

      • Tony

        shut up faggot

    • sara

      first of all, the ending of fast five was anything BUT logical, I mean, dude seriously watch it and then think again if you really really really don’t wanna watch a sixth movie! and the reason why Tokyo Drift was out of place is because the movie is supposed to be based AFTER the movies 4-6 that’s why Han dies in the third movie but is back on the 4th, 5th and hopefully on the 6th. I get why you would say that you don’t need another movie because up to the credits it IS a logical and honestly pleasing ending that pleases the crowd but when you see the REAL ending after the credits you really change your mind and you instantly want another one.

    • sara

      first of all, the ending of fast five was anything BUT logical, I mean, dude seriously watch it and then think again if you really really really don’t wanna watch a sixth movie! and the reason why Tokyo Drift was out of place is because the movie is supposed to be based AFTER the movies 4-6 that’s why Han dies in the third movie but is back on the 4th, 5th and hopefully on the 6th. I get why you would say that you don’t need another movie because up to the credits it IS a logical and honestly pleasing ending that pleases the crowd but when you see the REAL ending after the credits you really change your mind and you instantly want another one.

    • ryan

      Tokyo drift was set before five cause if you seen in five the japenese guy was back cause in td he died also in td when vin shows up the jap says yes I’ve worked with him before so tokyo was before five but six will be amazing since latty comes back and they all do a job in germany and mia has a baby to

      • Moses

        im sorry but your comment sorta pissed me off. 1) “The Japanese Guy” has a name its Han, 2) your entire comment is a typo because for Han to die before the 5th and then show up in the 5th is beyond logical, and 3) if you don’t know a lot about this movies please don’t try and state an argument without doing research your just making yourself look…….slow. lol about the 6th i hope they don’t end it with the 6th cause i really wont be satisfied until they start up from where Tokyo Drift left off and btw Han was my favorite character i was mad when he died i’m hoping that he is in the 6th

      • Casey

        I can’t stand the flies in the ointment around here.

        If you don’t want another Fast movie, then don’t fucking watch it and go fuck yourselves goddammit.

        Secondly, 2013!? That’s too far away! LOL.

      • Adam

        How can tokyo drift be before 5 if han dies in TD and is still part of the team in 5. Does noone pay attention?!
        Tokyo drift was intended to be the last one, but with the success of the franchise they couldn’t not make more, so they have pushed it to the end, much like the star wars films. TD is set after both 4 and 5. And I personally believe it may well be the final movie altogether. Everything may tie in with it.

      • Travis

        Thank god there is someone who realises that tokyo drift comes last. The proper order of them is in fact 1,2,4,5,3, you have got to pay attention to them or you won’t get shit and it will be pointless even watching them but number six must carry on from the end of tokyo drift or the point between 5 and 3. Vin could look for lenny or someone tells him lenny is still alive but we will just have to see, i can’t wait till it comes out but they could be endless possibilities for the end of the new film. I have got the whole set of films at the moment but six will boost it up one more. I just want to find about what happens to Dom and lenny.

        I hate arse wholes who argue about tokyo drift and it’s order.
        I like doms charger in number one. I have always wanted one.

      • dan

        Her name was letti fool letti is short for Leticia

    • Kristina

      Seriously, i wish everyone on this post did a little bit more research before commenting. If you knew anything about the franchise you would already know that the reason the first 3 movies dont fully fit into the 4th and 5th movies, and why there is alot of holes in the plot, is because they all had different directors, and writers.

    • blake

      You are stupid! They need to makw more they keep ending it off with people wanting more! Dod u ever watch after the credits?! Bc if u did u would think they need more! And i think 3 was out of place but there trying to put it in. But i agree with u fast and furious franchise is the greatest of all time!

    • Anonymous

      no. i dont want it to end yet, i want to see the race of sean and dominic. they had to cut the scene on tokyo drift. i wana see it so bad, hopefully its gona be on 6 or 7. :(

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  • steve

    they need to bring back carter verone, for fast six, because do you remember in 2fast 2furious when he said to brian o conner and roman pearce that i ll see you soon

    • Nate

      That would be pretty cool, but if he showed his face to Paul Walker and the whole crew Vin Diesel would merk his ass lol

  • steve

    Its time for carter verone to come back in for fast six, I think bringing him back will make fast six bad ass

  • Mike

    Dude, if Carter Verone came back that would be awesome. but there would have to incorporate that with the return of letty as well. And lets not forget how upset Dom will be after falling in love and moving on while she out wilding out. THIS ONE IS GONNA BE GREAT. WE WANT CARTER VERONE!!!!

  • steve

    Mike, justin lin needs to think about getting carter verone back in before he could start filming f&f 6 in 2012,I think its been soon enough sense carter verone told brian ‘o conner & roman pearce in 2fast 2furious that i’ll see you soon

  • Michael kaufman

    I feel that it is a great idea to make a6th, cause it is just a great film, and wish they can just keep making them

  • steve

    I was surprised when i saw monica fuentes on fast five its been a long time sense, we saw her on 2fast 2furious,when i saw fast five for the frist time i didn’t notice that little scene, but when i saw it for the second time, when she walks down the hall way and gives the files to luke hobbs about letty.

  • steve

    Hopefully the next installment will be the continuation of tokyo drift when Han died and would be nice if he got out of that car that exploded when he was being chased by this japanese kid, and they will take revenge of that old japanese dude and take all of his money, just like the way they did in fast five that took place in rio.

  • steve

    If monica fuentes is gonna be in fast six,carter verone definitly definitly definitly needs to come back for fast six forsure.

  • fubi

    i think that Lety is gona be in sixth part,she’s not dead….and it’s gona be massive…..can’t wait!

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  • Will (Ottawa)

    I believe its going to twist the minds in the sixth installment. Lety was an undercover for an organization, not a government, and has been on the run herself in Europe in search of the group from Brazil. They show that Felix shoots her, confidently striking her hopelessness under the damaged car as he shoots her to Dom in one of the scenes. We know he wasn’t the most precise man, in confidence he was, but did not succeed in all missions. The next installment is going to lace all the previous movies together, creating a much newer story that we all have grown to love.

    This is my opinion. I just can’t wait, the cars, the story, the intensity.

    • Rhonnie

      You never saw Felix shoot Letty all you see is him putting the gun at the car and pulling the triger. Also later in the movie Felix asks Dom “Do youu remember her face? I don’t the last time I saw her she was burning.”

  • scott

    Great film and i cant wait to see the 6th , Anyone else think there could be more yet to come , i do hope so !

  • fernandez

    im pretty sure when we all see the movie we will recognize someone that is out of the picture right now..

  • Jay

    Something tells me, of all the F&F, tokyo drift is the latest… and other parts are to explain how vin diesel and han ended up in tokyo… anyways, the 5th’s ending was so addicting… cant wait for the 6th installment!

  • Mark

    First off, if you all remember in Tokyo Drift Han tells Sean the reason he is in Tokyo is because he was on the run. He describes as like in the old westerns where the bandits make a run for the Mexican border and that Tokyo is his Mexico but at the end of Fast Five he is seen with Gisele riding down the Autobon so there must be something else another job that goes wrong or something and somehow Gisele and him have to break up cause she is not in Tokyo Drift. Secondly, if 6 does well I think they should start the 7th one where Tokyo drift left off with Sean and Dom racing up the tower. Then maybe have it be like a try out for Sean or something as a way of replacing Han in the crew but leave out Bow-wows character cause he sucked.

  • yomoma

    i think that it should for seven if their is a seven that it should continue with sean and dom cause i really like most wanted to see that. I also think that mia should have the baby, LETTY should be the ring leader of her new crew, she should run away with dom or something and their group i agree Giesele is either dead or tehy break up i think that idk that it will be awesome

  • yomoma


  • yomoma

    six will be awesome and Letty is my fav character she was such a badass and suited Dom more so then hes new girl, but he will be so hrut and upset, he just moves on and then she is found to not be dead i’m interested as to how they will find out (the group) i’m wondering why she faked her death and just wondering htf would dom have a flash back of her death when he wasn’t there lol, cool series anyways love the plot the cars and the cast.

  • yomoma


  • Ramez

    Why start with f&f6 tokyo. Plz start spanish the include vin diesal

  • Ramez india

    The movie was fentasy fast5 was team work very good i was realy proud of u . But fast6th starting was tokyo not logical . Fast6th must vin diesal act.

  • Rsiz india

    The movie was fentasy fast5 was team work very good i was realy proud of u . But fast6th starting was tokyo not logical . Fast6th must vin diesal act.

  • john

    Fast five was an amazing movie the ending was my favorite part how everyone was doing their own thing… I think Han. Will some how run into letty since he was on the road to Berlin where letty was seen hijacking military. Convoys.

  • matt

    i think they must make a six! why the hell not i mean, if you love cars and action then why not! just one thing more races please more modding u cars.

  • Kase

    The chronological order of the movie is as follows:
    – The Fast and The Furious (2001)
    – 2Fast 2Furious (2003)
    – Fast & Furious (2009)
    – Fast Five (2011)
    – Tokyo Drift (2006)
    – Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

  • migue g

    How about this for a story for f&f 6 letty is doing heist jobs for carter verone.. tell me how sick would that movie be..?

  • steve

    Carter verone played a good part in 2fast 2furious, justin lin needs to bring carter verone back in for a change.

  • steve

    hey fast & furious fans do you think they should bring carter verone back in.

  • kaedie

    uoooo *V* i cant wait for that…
    it’s gonna be awesome!! and also i’m looking for letty there~~ >v<

  • scott brown

    you need leon from the frist fast and furious his name is johny strong and the girl from the second and put then in the six one because they are still alive no that look good

  • scott B

    the line up should be leon from the first one 2 women from the second one all the people frome the five on agent from the frist one and the second paul boss i no he in the six one rum is say but he should be in it and letty should be in it to in that look good

  • scott B

    the cast should be for fast six, vin desiel,paul walker.dwayne johnson,michelle rodriguez?,jordana brewster,tyrese gibson,eva mendes,devon aoki, johny strong,ludacnis,throm barry,han,teso calderon,don omar, gal gadlot, no that be a good cast list for fast six

  • Brad

    In the fourth, Brian was working with Letty to get braga, so if lettys still alive brian would know, meaning when dom finds out theres going to be a huge fight… and han will be the one who finds her, because they are heading towards berlin at the end of five, and on the files fuentes gave to hobbs, they said letty was in berlin, so letty wont want han telling dom about her, so she tries to kill him, but is only able to kill gisele… not sure how they’re going to fit hobbs ino it though…. they will need an A and B plotline.

  • Number 1

    I love everyone’s comments except for a few who clearly don’t know what they are talking about or the timeline!!! Just like there maybe a love triangle with Dom, his new girl and letty there could also be a triangle with Brian, Mia, and Monica Fuentes if she comes back (which she will as the rock’s partner as seen in the post credits); remember brian and monica had a thing in 2F2F. I really really hope they bring back Varone’s character, and it will be HUGE if it turns out letty is working with him in Berlin. Brad you are right I do believe Brian knows that letty is alive because during her funeral one of the FBI agents says to brian “dang I thought he would show,” IMPLYING THAT THE FBI STAGED LETTY’S BURIAL AND WAS USING IT AS BAIT FOR DOM!!!! I also think gisele dies as well only cause Han seems so sad in japan.

  • steve

    I remember brian kissing monica fuentes in 2f 2f

  • steve

    I hope we don t see mia toretto and monica fuentes fighting over brian o’conner, just like the same way brian and vince were fighting over mia in A parking lot in the first 1, First of all in 2f 2f brian and monica were kissing and I remember roman pearce saying to brian why are you checking her out for man.

  • Dave5

    The last two movies werent that good. Fast Five has no street racing which is what the whole base of the movie is about. The Police car chase in Fast Five, boring. All the cars were the same, it was a waste of time. Go back to the real grounds of street racing with tuner cars. Fast and the Furious 1 and Tokyo Drift were by far the best and only greatest. the rest were “okay”.

    • JB

      100% agreed. Tokyo Drift was the best, F&F 1 was also the second best, 2F2F was similar but kind off went off track. Instead of modified cars it’s all about gun crap and supercars. I still love Fast5 and still waiting for Tokyo Drift to be continued in 6 but ut went from a film about cars to guns, fast5 had good aspects… but hey, fast4 was worse in my opinion.

      I want to see a Sprinter AE86 and a fricking Silvia S13 this time :P

    • sean

      I dont agree with you man that the last two were crappy at least they had a story instead of slot of illegal racing. I loved all fast and the furious movies but fast and the furious and fast five were the best from all the fast and the furious movie.Yes there are 2 more movies and Jason stathom is joning. I would love that all the characters from fast five take part in six.

  • Brian

    First of all tokio drift sucked it cuz dum ass writer mixed em up an it never said dom was 2gether wit her it playd off 2 mak u tink dat an even so we all know he will pick letty an ye fast5 wasnt suposed to be bout racin dat not the plot ofany ita featur

    • Natilie

      i think that people should not have such bad comments toward the best f’ing movies in the world

  • Brian

    If it was all about racing it wood b nascar an the dumb ass who said that the f&f 2& 4 sucked hes stupid with out the 2nd it woudnt hav rome monica no dom in the 4th 5th i hated da cars in da fifth crappy race an all the same i think it was a hold off

  • Brian

    An a lead to the 6th but i thought the series was over til i saw the scene after the credits it would still be good if dey left letty out an vince alive an didnt lead you on to make you think dom was in love an got da charger bak the supra an leone

  • Brian

    I hope in 6 there will be some racing.. >>>.

  • Brandon.P


  • Brandon.P


  • Tyler

    I am dying to see the 6th movie I am really young but i have loved fast in the furious since the day i first saw the first movie.

  • Brandi

    First of all….I did not like Tokyo drift….it was out of order and not a very well made movie….The rest of the movies I absolutely loved….second of all bringing letty back is a good move and from the way the fast five ended even before the credits you could tell there was going to be another one and for all of you that are trying to be “movie critics” then watch the whole movie before you criticize. Coming from somebody who loves the Fast and Furious movies I could watch them all day…KEEP MAKING THE FAST MOVIES! :)

  • לי

    1מהיר ועצבני 6 הוא אחלה סרט כמו כולם , הפעם לא השתמשו באותו תוכן כמו כל הסרטים אך עדיין מותח , מעניין ומסקרן . ! לא הבנתי דבר 1 … איך האן עדיין חי אם הוא מת במהיר ועצבני 3 ?! (למרות שאולי זה לא סרט המשך ) … מחכה למהיר ועצבני 6 . !!!!!!!

  • Bebiitha Hunn

    hahahahxD who ever doesn’t like these moviess are a bunch of faqqss!!!!!

    • trolololol

      So if you don’t like these movies you’re a frequently asked question?

      Or do you mean Fag instead of Faq?

      Either way, I thought we lived in a world were peoples sexuality didn’t matter anymore and wasn’t important. After all there is some fairly important and influential people who’ve been faq’s (opps sorry fag’s).

      I guess too that you wouldn’t want to be in bed with 2 bi chicks at the same time, as they are also classed as having fag tendencies….

      You sound like you have some issues, covering something up perhaps?

  • jackie rodriguez

    HOLA, Hi everybody!!! PS (don’t comment on this)… love the movies, even thou it was kind of a zigzag in all of the movies, and try 2 get along wit each other….. PLZ :^}

  • romaine

    wen will we see who is the best driver? Vin Diesel or Brian o conner…..

    • Kirstie

      i say vin is the best and better racer and driver

  • violet

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah buddddy! :))) im soooo READDDY! CANT WAIT TWO FUCKIN YEARS.! (x BUT I GOTS TOO .! :)))

  • jason

    i think for fast 6 they should bring back vin diesel,paul walker,jordana brewster,michelle rodriguez,tyress gibson,evamendez,johnny strong,dwaynjohnson, it would be a great cast for fast 6 we need 2 see leon for fast 6 becuase vince was good for fast five and for fast 7 we need 2 see jesse it would be so cool if we see everyone back

  • Cylence

    If they wanted to they could make the order of Movies as follows…

    -The Fast & The Furious
    -2Fast 2Furious
    -Fast & Furious
    -Fast & The Furious (Tokyo Drift)
    -Fast Five

    Personally, I think they should make it so that Han never died….it could be done.

    Han could have Tipped off DK’s Uncle anonymously so that there would be a reason to scramble….the reason for doing this is because Dom needed him for a Job (Fast Five).

    Now all they have to do is make it so that Han didn’t really blow up in the RX7, there should be enough “shady” Camera Cut’s to pull it off.

    As well at the end of Tokyo Drift Dom makes his Cameo, Dom Say’s “I won it from “our” friend Han a few years ago” and that can suggest 2 things….

    -1 Han is still alive
    -2 He won the car from Han back when they were all driving Muscle Cars & stealing Gas Trucks (Fast & Furious).

    Now as far as Fast Six(assumed Title) goes, I am very interested, see, Dom’s G/F from the end of Fast Five doesn’t have to be in the next installment….she made an impression but her character hasn’t set in stone.

    And if in the next one they are (as the last clip from Fast Five suggests) going to be re-including Letty, they easily could just “not” have her in it (The G/F From Fast Five) and the audience would just assume that “things didn’t work out” between them.

    These are of course just opinions of a fan, I have much more to say but it’s 3:52am………..Goodnight.

  • sean

    The chronological order of the movie is as follows:
    – The Fast and The Furious (2001)
    – 2Fast 2Furious (2003)
    – Fast & Furious (2009)
    – Fast Five (2011)
    – Fast & Furious 6 (2013}
    -Tokyo Drift (2006)

  • Kc da 9th wonda

    Even though i know it wont happen but to bring carter verone an arturro braga back would be insane!!!!!

  • leonardo fabian garcia

    esta pagina me encanta y familia hermosa de los mas rapidos y furiosos por favor mantenganme informados de alguna novedad nueva les mando muchos saludos

  • Jesse

    Can’t wait for Fast 6. All of your guy’s possible plot lines sound pretty awesome. However, for those of you who say Gisele is dead need to watch Tokyo Drift again because I am almost positive she is in it. She doesn’t have a speaking part or many scenes but when Sean first goes to Han’s garage there are a few woman with Twinky on this platform thing that is next to the cars and one of them is Gal Gadot I’m pretty sure. Haven’t seen it in a while but again I’m almost positive she’s in it. Fast 6 will be amazing. I hope at the beginning of Fast 6 they show Dom’s and Brian’s race. Dom would definitely have to do some work to the Charger if he’s going to beat Brian’s Nissan GTR.

  • Jesse

    Can’t wait for the next installment! All of you that are saying Gisele is not in Tokyo Drift need to watch it again because I’m almost 100% positive she has a very small part but is clearly with Han. She doesn’t even speak and has like two scenes but I’m almost certain she’s still alive in Tokyo. Hope they show Dom’s and Brian’s race at the beginning of fast 6.

  • Jesse

    Wow never mind. Just checked. I swear there is a woman that looks like her in TD. Well that blows.. I like her and she’s sexy as eff. Don’t want her to die…. Maybe I can revive her with some CPR. ;) “COME BACK BABY, COME BACK!!” F&F FAN till the end!

  • Desmond

    I don’t know if someone has already said this I am not a post reader but… I am betting (depending on if they haven’t finished 6 or are makinf a 7th) That eventually that kid “from tokyo drift and the new DK (Drift King) and friend of Han” gets recruited by Dom for a job when he goes to Tokyo… Now idk how they are going to work out the girl from Fast & Furious falling for Han and his death but I am sure it will be great none the less

  • Dil Shah

    i think tht fast 6 is gnna be amazing, the whole idea(from whoever commented) of having carter back is a master piece, its going to bee interesting to see the letty storyline, dont get me wrong i love her but i hope she turns to the bad side. Ive researched alot and have found out that fast 6 and 7 will be released maybe within the same year, justin lin said that the story cannot be fit into one movie!! In my opinion this is the line up of the best fast and furious movies
    1) The fast and the furious(1)- action, street racing and because it started everything
    2)Fast Five- immense action, great storyline/cliffhanger, and great reunion with the whole cast
    3)Fast and furious(4)- great storyline, great reunion of brian and dom(paul and vin) and in my opinion the best cliffhanger ever(what are your thoughts on the cliffhanger?)
    4) 2 fast 2 furious- good storyline, good acting by paul but sadly no Dom
    5) Tokyo drift- i thought it was an amazing movie, good action, loved the way street racing came back but sadly isolated from the storyline and thats why it came last….but again dont get me wrong ALL of these movies are amazing, im proud to say i am a fast and furious fan and this franchise is the best franchise PERIOD

  • Dil Shah

    and just wanna add….fast and furious….till the end :D


    The fast and furious collection is the shit. Who ever doesn’t like it can FO and don’t even bother trying to make the franchise out to be strictly bout racing when it’s not because the crew has a life other than just racing. If you would actually watch the full fast and furious collection you would see that they have a life and responsibility other than racing.

  • Donny Ari

    what about sean boswell (lucas black) ? Does he will show at furious six ? If tokyo drift happened after fast five and before furious six, the ending of the tokyo drift was dom and sean race (drift). So I want know about your comment, anybody please ? I like all fast n furious film too.

  • Joe

    Sucks for people that didn’t stay after the end credits of 5….

  • MDP

    Everyone of the F&F movies up to this point were good. Otherwise the fifth installment of the movie would not have done so well. That says enough for all the negative comments. I could honestly say I like the direction the series are taking. They are keeping some of the roots, but adding in a much higher stake than pink slips for cars. If you enjoy the series, then you have to agree that taking a new direction to open a brouder opening for different viewer age groups is the only way that the series can continue to survive and make addtional installments. Otherwise it would just be a bunch of young people racing for pink slips. That would have been stale by the time the fast five movie came around if they did not change it up the way they did.

    On another note, who her can say they didn’t enjoy the fight sence between Disel and Johnson… The tension build up from the start to that very moment was absolutely amazing how it played out. Justin Lin did an excellent job on the last 2 that were made, and I am glad to see he will ave involvement in the 6th one that will come out next year.

    The F&F series is just to good at this point for them not to countinue. I say don’t end the series yet, because it has not peaked yet!!!

  • isaac

    I think it be great like all the movies flipped out when seen end of 5 knew there gonna do another one know it be great

  • Paul

    I think F&F6 will be box office hits all over the world because this is the best of best movie i’ve ever seen…. Good job all cast on F&F movie…. God bless to all of you.

  • Adam

    How’s this for a theory? FaF6 end in a job gone wrong, Han and his girlfriend are forced to split and Han makes a run, where he ofcource ends up back in Tokyo. Brian and Mia living a life on the run don’t want that lifestyle for their baby and adopt It to another couple. Is it possible that Sean from FaF3 could be the son of Brian and Mia? The father being in the navy would give Brian’s character closure in giving up his son to the couple. However, if the truth of Letty’s death is confirmed I will be interested to know how Dom and his new girlfriend, the cop from Rio, solve their predicament.
    All in all, I, along with many, believe Tokyo drift will be the final installment and I think Sean has to work in somewhere because it really was out of the blue.
    What is everyone’s thoughts?

    • meg

      To say that Seanis Brian’s son is the worst comment of the movies because he is already 17 years old and I don’t think that 17 years passed between the movies.

  • Jr

    I love all of vin diesel movies but vin diesel and Paul walker
    Fast movies I really love them keep up the good work keep
    The fast movies coming :-).



  • Eve

    Okay if you dont like these movies, why are you even bothering to write something? Watch whatever you like, but leave those of us who like the Fast movies alone! It only shows that you have zero tolerance for anything that is not your way! (and also your immaturity) I loved the Fast movies, and my favourite was Fast Five. First of all, I never liked Letty, she didnt suit Dom at all, and I think this lady is better for him. Instead of emphasizing his rough edges, she compliments him. And also, I hope Gisele does not die, because she was awesome.
    O and at Number1′s comment, another reason that they thought Dom would show was because he LOVED letty, of course they thought he would show! that does not prove that they staged it!
    xoxo-i loved these movies, keep them up!

  • dissapointed fan

    I think the Fast & Furious franchise has a parallel match to the NFS games. They both were loyal to the underground streetracing envioment and has both made a terrible mistake, trying to fix something that weren’t broken. I don’t think the F&S movies has been the same since Tokyo Drift, though I must admit “Fast & Furious” has some really good character development between Dom and Brian and also had one real street race in it which I think made the fanboys saticefied. BUT FAST FIVE!?! That bullshit of a heistmovie came with nothing new to the table but a wack storyline and just more meaningless action (the last scene where Paul and Vin killed some 100 people to get away with some money). It basicly lacked soooo much credibility and was just plain wack. And so will “Fast Six” be. The unoriginal title represents the lack of ideas the movie will come up with and I haven’t even started with the whole “bringing-letty-back-from-the-dead” bullcrap. The frachise is dead.

  • Kirstie


  • Derek

    At the end of Fast Five they show Dwayne Johnson looking at a photo of Letty, supposedly having been involved in the hijacking of a military convoy in Germany. The woman that had shown the photo to Dwayne says ‘do you believe in ghosts’. Is that just a teaser or can we expect to see Michelle in the next film in the franchise?

  • Shaun

    Justin Lin never directed 2 fast 2 furious, so there is no reason to bring back carter, and monica may have just been at the end as a extra character. Also with letty surviving a crash, its unlikely Han will get that lucky to.

  • ur mommy

    girls: watch the movies for the guys

    most guys: watch it for the hot girls

    me: for the sick cars

  • fast fanatic

    1. i dont think han survived the explosion they wouldnt bring two loved characters back from the dead letty than han unlikely, even though it would be good but come on it would seem a little repetitive
    2. i think there gonna try and wrap it up in this one dominic getting letty back than possibly going to tokyo and we get to see that race that would be epic with the d.k and dom but dunno cant see it going further than f&f7 which would be unfortunate brilliant movies

  • ronald richard

    dumb people arguing online lmfaoooo

  • John

    I hope there will be a LOT of car action rather than an action adventure movie with robberies and stuff. This supposed to be a car movie if I want action and fights I would go to a different category….Consider this!

  • Brandon

    Me and my dad have 20 chevelles i hope there is a 1966 and 1970 chevelle in it

  • Kelly

    I can’t wait!!!!! Best movies, ever…Awesome story lines, phenomenal cast, and the best action, time after time. The cast and writers always leave us wanting more, and we can’t wait for May 2013!!!!

  • Allen

    I think it’ll have to be mre than six because what’s gonna happen when Brian and Mias kid is grown up?

  • luke xerri

    i hope fast 6 has more action parts and even more racing

  • wayne

    I think that these movies are great and can’t wait to see more. Always action packed and interesting. And having the Rock in the cast really gives it that extra hell yeah. And who’s complaining about a new one coming out. If you don’t like the movie just don’t watch it. If you watch it and complain I think you have a screw loose.

  • hema elkhayat

    fast and furious is amazing film and i hope to see the race between paul walker and vin deisel in the beggining of fast six .that race which fast five ended in.

  • hema elkhayat

    fast and furious is amazing film and i love paul walker and i hope to see fast six .

  • Sandalu Jayasinghe

    Plesase Tell Me That What happened to HAN in fast 3 tokyo drift,he is dead,isnt it?how he came to fast 5?what is the secret of Han in fast 3 and fast 5?

  • Nick

    verygood film fast and furious

  • Kasun Tharanga (k. T)

    I very like this film…. Elz film.!!! :D :D :D

  • char

    I think its amazingggggg I didn’t really like the fast and the furious Tokyo drift it didn’t have vin diesel or Paul walker init.. I can’t wait for 6 to come out as 5 ending was bil can’t believe Lenny is still alive… I could watch fast and furious all day everyday I think its that goood I have them all on DVD.. I really can’t wait till 6 is out…!!!!!!!!!!

  • xander cage

    that so long

  • Ben field

    OMG!!! cant wait!!!! i know every fast and furious word for word naw so roll on may!!!!

  • Morgan

    f u son

  • hylhirufig


  • steemygunz

    yo brian i agree with you man
    and yea they

  • steemygunz

    yo brian i agree with you man
    and yea they should bring bow wow’s character again cuz he’s still alive and all that

  • JConvS

    It’s not that there money hungry it is the fact that we all continue to watch the movies they were all great movies. and the reason dom shows up in Tokyo is i’m sure he wants to see how his best friend is doing Han. this franchise can keep going for awhile there are many ways that these next movies can turn, yes, many more people can die. But my main question has always been what happened to the other guy in the first fast & furious there was vince,dom,letty,jesse,mia and another it was never said were he went. so it’s possible that he will come back also along with the rumors of jason statham which is ok i guess;however, i would maybe bring some of the people from 2fast 2furious like ludacris and the others. It is also said that Carter Veron is coming back after brian and rome which may explain what happen to letty. all i am saying is either way this is a great franchise and anyway they decide i’m sure it will be a great movie(s)

  • Juan

    I can’t wait to see it, it will be awesome. I just seen an interview about what the story is about and it included clips and the actors reveal that Letty has amnesia and that’s the reason why she shoots him. Another thing I saw (cue drum roll)……. Braga makes a return in this movie, he’s in prison and Brian has to go in, don’t know for what but he winds up in there with Braga and Braga is ready to shank him!!! One last thing I want to state goes out to all the dumbasses who don’t know their crap… Chronologically the movies would be The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast and Furious , Fast Five, Fast and Furious Six, Fast Seven (whatever the title will be), then The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.. It has already been announced that at the end of part 6 you will see a spoiler for part 7 that picks up in the middle of Tokyo Drift, it has also been announced that it will be released summer 2014.

  • nhu styles

    can’t wait. I’m exited

  • nhu styles

    can\’t wait. I\’m exited

  • nhu styles

    can’t wait. I’m exited . wooooooooohoooo !

  • Fast6spoiler

    go to letmewatchthis(dot)ch so that you can watch fast 6 for free but for now it’s only cam rip or for nobs not so good version but it is watchable.

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