First Look at Paul Walker’s Brothers Caleb and Cody on the Set of FAST & FURIOUS 7

     April 21, 2014


Last week, we reported that Fast & Furious 7 had brought on Paul Walker‘s brothers Caleb and Cody to help finish the production.  The specifics of how they’ll help the production haven’t been revealed, but presumably they’ll be working as body doubles.  There may be other ways the production tries to fill in Walker’s role whether it’s through CGI and/or re-writes, but at the very least, hiring Walker’s brothers is a sign of respect.  It also helps that they look a lot like him.  Vin Diesel posted a set photo on his Facebook page, and while I’m not sure which one is Caleb and which is Cody, the brother on the right bears such a strong resemblance that they might even be able to pull off close-ups.

It’s odd to think that a Fast & Furious movie will be so heavily scrutinized right down to how it’s trying to manage Paul Walker’s unfinished scenes.  We go to these movies for dumb fun, but there will be a pall over the finished film as it tries to find the balance between big, brash action and deep respect for its deceased star.  Check out the set photo after the jump.  Fast & Furious 7 opens April 10, 2015.

Via Vin Diesel.


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  • Werefon

    Younger one is defo better than any stunt double or stand in’s! Look at him.

  • Shawn Micheal Madden

    The one on the right looks almost spot on.

  • James

    The brother on the left kinda looks like a young Edward Norton.

    • 80sRobot

      Edward Norton crossed with a young Bryan Cranston.

    • Redknock

      Somehow he got a Jackie Earle Haley vibe

  • Marissa Evans

    It breaks my heart thinking about how that family is now broken.

    • Marissa Evans

      Still I wish them the best. Hopefully they are staying strong.

  • 80sRobot

    I wonder if the brother on the left resembles Paul more physically (and thus would be used for distant shots and action sequences along with the stuntman who would stand-in for Paul), while the Walker brother on the right has the more similar face. Which one has a voice that sounds more like Paul?

    I find this fascinating. Would be interested to see a behind-the-scenes after the movie is released that shows us how the brothers were used to stand-in for Paul and any FX that will be involved.

  • The Flobbit

    Vin Diesel: That man was my brother, and if you mess this up in any way…!
    Caleb, Cody: We got this Vin. We were kind of brothers also…

  • Ok Dokay

    Caleb is on the left and Cody is on the right.

  • derpa


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