More Vin Diesel Brooding in New Image from FAST & FURIOUS 7

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Earlier this week, Vin Diesel shared the first image from Fast & Furious 7 via his Facebook page.  It wasn’t an image of the fast cars and explosions fans want from the movie.  It was Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) lost in thought.  Those deep thoughts continue in another image Diesel has deemed fit to share with his fans.  Diesel, his Facebook comment weighted with the wisdom of man who has loved and lost, tells his millions of fans, “The first week of filming, has been both intense and surreal…P.s. One from set… a more somber moment in Our Saga…”  If I had to guess, I would say this is a funeral scene for Han (Sung Kang), who was killed at the end of Fast & Furious 6 by a new villain played by Jason Statham.

Hit the jump to check out the image, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the intense, emotional drama Diesel will share through these images.  The film also stars Lucas Black, Tony Jaa, Djimon Hounsou, and Kurt RussellFast & Furious 7 opens July 11, 2014.

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  • Raptor Jesus

    Welcome to Collider. Or as readers here call it, ‘Spoiler city’.


    • RiddleThemThis

      What part of this article needed spoiler warnings?

      • Gray

        The fact that Statham shows up maybe?! I was going to watch this tomorrow evening for the first time and the cameo hadn’t been spoiled until I came to this fucking page.

      • GunzOfNavarone

        If you’re that late in watching a movie that is only now coming to bluray, you can’t blame anyone for spoilers.

      • ADV

        Of course you can. Films don’t have a cell by date on them. This isn’t even a year old and has only just come out on dvd. Unless of course your intent is to punish those who didn’t get chance to catch it at the cinema…

  • pessimist

    I can’t wait to see this whole gang of shit actors brood for two hours in between spouting off shit dialogue that tries so desperately to sound cool but instead comes off like your grandpa trying to rap

    • SomeGuy

      My grandfather is actually a great rapper.

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  • Gray

    I was GOING TO WATCH FF6 TOMORROW.. LITERALLY TOMORROW… I DIDN’T KNOW STATHAM SHOWS UP AT THE END, YOU ARSES. Can you PLEASE not do that, as a responsible and informative film news website, GIVE OUT THE ENDINGS TO FILMS UNDER 10 YEARS OLD. What the fuck.

    • wipilipi

      The Jason Statham thing was spoiled months before the movie came out. It is an article about an image from the next one, so of course there might be apoilers. Did you know that agent coulson dies im the avengers????

      • Gray

        I think you’re missing the point – I avoided that point from being spoiled and didn’t know until this article brazenly announced it on the front page. Why not just mention that Stathe is in the next one, instead of saying ‘By the way, remember when he showed up in 6?’ cause the people who haven’t seen it won’t have. And Coulson doesn’t stay dead. My point is- you can write what was written with or without a reference to the cameo in the last … why chose to?!

      • GunzOfNavarone

        If you read articles about a movie, 4/5 months after it’s release and haven’t seen it yet, you cannot expect people to hold their tongues about spoilers. It’s a movie site and they’re talking about the upcoming story in the next film, which is related in part to the end of the last. I honestly don’t get the whinging you guys do about spoilers. Go and see the film on time if you’re so concerned, it’s what I do!

      • ADV

        He didn’t read it. He said that it was highlighted in the opening paragraph as he scrolled down. Maybe some people didn’t get chance to see it at the cinema because they have things going on in there lives… Maybe as he mentioned he was going to see it the first weekend it was available on dvd. I honestly don’t know why you have a problem with people being upset about having films ruined for them? Seems a bit odd…

      • Poorbabybooboo

        Reading articles about part 7 complaining they spoiled part 6 falls completely on you, if you don’t want to know, then don’t read collider, they are up on the latest information, not here to watch their words about the older films….BTW…spoiler… Han and Gizelle die too…..If you didn’t want to know then you shouldnt have read this…

      • ADV

        So because it was spoiled for a few people early somebody can’t get upset if it’s ruined a few months after the film has come out? “See this film within our allotted time limit or we’ll ruin it for you”. Seems a bit fascist!

      • bwahbwahbwah

        Seriously though, stop reading articles about a movies sequel if you dont want to know anything about the movie before it. The fact that the word “fascist” is being thrown around regarding Fast 7 is an atrocity to society. See a movie when its out or suck a butt. Believe it. #attacktheblockdialogue


      Spoiler: Fast 6 gargles smelly man taint

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