Universal Will “Retire” Paul Walker’s Character in FAST & FURIOUS 7

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The seventh installment of the Fast & Furious franchise has been surrounded by an air of uncertainty for the past few weeks following the unfortunate passing of star Paul Walker.  Speculation has run rampant with regards to how Universal would move forward with Fast & Furious 7 after Walker’s death, given that the film was in the middle of production when the actor passed.  The studio officially pushed the James Wan-directed pic’s release date from this coming July to April 2015, and now it appears that all parties involved have settled on how to move forward with the pic: Walker’s character will be “retired” in Fast & Furious 7.  Hit the jump for more.

fast-furious-7-paul-walker-vin-diesel-1Paul Walker had already filmed a number of scenes for Fast & Furious 7 when he passed, so many have wondered whether Universal would try to incorporate some of that footage into the film or if Walker would be wholly absent from the seventh installment of the car-centered series.  Screenwriter Chris Morgan was brought in to revise the script last month, and now THR reports that Walker’s character Brian O’Conner will not be killed off in Fast & Furious 7, but will instead be retired “in a way that the studio hopes will satisfy fans of the franchise and make use of the exciting footage of Walker.”

Additional scenes will be written and shot in order to give Walker’s character the proper conclusion, as his character will remain a part of the story of Fast & Furious 7.  This seems like a solid decision as opposed to killing off Walker’s character, which would have felt crass and inappropriate.  The franchise will then continue without Brian O’Conner, but hopefully Wan and Morgan have come up with a fitting sendoff not only for the character, but for Walker as well.  Fast & Furious 7 will open in theaters April 10, 2015.


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  • Leo Spaceman

    I have complete faith in them to deliver a satisfying ending to a tragic and painful story. Best wishes to them all, I can’t imagine how difficult everything will be for them now. My thoughts go towards his daughter Meadow, I wish her all the strength in the world.

  • anthonyg1500

    It feels so wrong since Brian and Dom are like the core of the group but there’s really no right way to handle this situation

    • TimeTravelMan

      It’s all Diesel and Rock now. Walker’s character in FF6 didn’t do much. His entire prison subplot was completely pointless.

    • Leo Spaceman

      It will feel wrong without Brian. He is the second leading man, but Dom really is the center of the group to me and he is the driving force behind the series. I don’t think I agree with Time Travel Man about The Rock being a core person. I really like his character but he isn’t the heart of the story and I don’t want them to try and make the Rock into the new Brian. Even if he is 350 plus pounds of pure raw rock solid man, he can’t fill the void left Brian. The only thing that I really believe could fill the void would be a grief stricken Dom driven by the need for revenge. That is what I really would have wanted to see in the future installments, but I trust the team will do their best to honor their lost brother in the most honest and loving way possible.

      • alice

        Intelligent & insightful response…unlike TTM’s

      • http://www.theskinsfactory.com/ The Skins Factory

        I think they could introduce a new character to play off Dom’s character. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ryan Reynolds come in to the franchise. I think his snarky style would play perfectly with Vin Diesel’s tough exterior.

      • Leo Spaceman

        I don’t mean this in a mean way, but The Skins Factory, are you trying to troll us with that comment? This isn’t really a franchise about snarky people. This franchise is great because its about men. Big musclely men driving big muscle cars. And family. You don’t just introduce a new person and call him family.

        If anything, Lucas Black (The star of Tokyo Drift) is going to be the guy that really takes over to fill the void of Brian. He is already in the movie, and he is a young guy who wants to do right by those he cares about and is willing to get his break the law when needed. Dom raced him at the end of the third film when he showed up in Tokyo after Han was killed. In a lot of ways, Lucas Black’s character is identical Brian. He is a racer who is getting brought into the underground world. His relationship with his father isn’t perfect and he is loyal as a dog to those he cares about. He isn’t snarky and doesn’t deal in backhanded comments. He is a man and he speaks directly. That is the kind of people that Dom takes in as family.

      • Snacks

        Actually the F&F movies have increasing been about the ensemble cast, with Vin and Paul at the core, so I was looking forward to Lucas Black finally getting an opportunity to join the group. And now, it makes sense to expand his role more and see if he has good chemistry with the others. Another possibility is to bring in someone like Chris Pine, though it seems he is part of two franchises already. Or find an unknown with the right charisma and give him time to develop into a main. It is an entertaining franchise. My hope had been that they would have Brian, Mia, and baby ride off into retirement. Though…. I will miss Mia too.

      • Ronald Co Seteng

        it wouldn’t be the same without Brian. so they should just bring it to a close and start it up with a whole new cast

      • Liderc

        There wouldn’t be a franchise without Brian. He is who the audience is supposed to “be” in the first film. He’s the core of the film, his role may have diminished as the films have gone on due to more actors joining the cast, but Brian was who the audience was supposed to relate to. We want to be him, the guy who’s trying to get away from his normal job and be something we’re not.

    • The Flobbit

      There’s no right way that a beloved actor in his prime can be brutally killed in a car accident.

      • doug r

        Ironic that a series that glorifies street racing can’t have one of its characters killed in a speeding accident.

      • The Flobbit

        How is it ironic? I don’t think you know what that word means.

  • TimeTravelMan

    I can picture it now. Diesel and Walker share one last Corona then Walker, wife and baby drive off into the sunset in their GTR

    • milo

      Sure that sounds good, but did they shoot a scene like that?

      • TimeTravelMan

        I doubt it, but with good editing and using his brother with CGIed face you can do anything.

  • Strong Enough

    seems like a nice way to go. you shouldn’t have to die twice.

  • hockablah

    …and then Lucas Black will be Dom’s new sidekick.

    • RiddleThemThis

      Oh god, please don’t let it happen.

  • David

    Spoiler Alert… If You didn’t watch thru the ending credits of FF6. Jason Statham is a new character evidently hired to wipe-out Dom’s group. He outs one during the closing credits of FF6 then calls Dom to more or less tell him that two are down and he will get the rest. Could they have Statham out Walker?

    • RiddleThemThis

      According to this, no. However, Statham taking out Walker would be believable, make Statham’s character even more menacing and be a disrespectful end to Walker’s character.

  • AdrFax

    Frankly, at this point, everything is more tasteful than just scrapping the movie, cashing that insurance money and starting over. I’m glad that they’ve taken this route instead of killing him off or whatever they would’ve done.

    Surely the studio execs saw this as free publicity as everyone will see the film regardless, and that’s probably why they might’ve let the production continue this way, but still, morally speaking, giving the character some amicable closure is a nice gesture from the studio and the production towards Paul’s family, his friends, co-stars and fans.

  • belfart

    They could have replaced Walker with a pillow case full of rocks and the movie’s charisma scale wouldn’t have faltered in anyway

    • Liderc

      What a sad life you must live.

      • belfart

        At least I still have my life.

  • fairportfan

    It turns out he’s actually a Time Lord and he emerges from a car crash regenerated as the new Brian O’Conner…

  • Will

    I have a feeling that something will happen, and then Mia will speak to the group and say that her and Brian and the baby are leaving, and Brian will just stay in the car and you only see the back of his head, and then leave, or I was thinking that they leave suddenly and Eva mendes shows up and says they entered witness protection with a letter left behind from mia and Brian and they can splice dialogue together to make it believeable.

  • Robby Richmond

    Theres an old saying, “looks good, feels right” and killing off Paul Walker’s character most certainly wouldn’t be that. Finding a compromise thats right for everyone, Walkers family, the studio, even us as the audience, needed time and thats what they’ve done. I can certainly think of plenty of times an actor has died mid filming in the past and wasn’t dealt with anything like this level or responsibility. Kudos to Universal and everyone involved.

  • chien_clean

    They don’t even have the courtesy to end the franchise after his death, instead turn this into “we will retire the character”. Bunch of heartless greedy jerks.

    • Leo Spaceman

      Paul Walker is not the kind of person who would want them to end the franchise for him. He would rather seeing the rest of them, the people he loved, carry on the story and Vince and and everyone else wouldn’t want to end the franchise out of heartbreak, they would want to carry on and honor their brother, someone they loved. I believe continuing Paul’s legacy is a touching way to pay tribute to him.

      • chien_clean

        Yea Paul would not want it to end cause he was a fucking nice cool dude. But they should end it and not think about their own personal greed.

    • celxx

      Why would they retire a franchise that made over 700 MILLION dollars with its last movie? I’m sorry. They should give a proper send off to the character, but ending the franchise does not make any business sense.

      • chien_clean

        Who the fuck care about business?

  • Tib

    So now the only question is what happens to the Mia character? Does she get written out of the series too because if so that would kinda suck for the actress and if no does that mean that O’Connor abandons her and the baby? Because making him into a dead beat dad wouldn’t seem like a good way to go either.

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  • The Flobbit

    Another case of nobody missing him until he was gone. Everyone thought he had no charisma until it turns out he was the heart and soul of the franchise.

  • God’s Diamond

    Thank God his character is already a father so there’s a way they can have him retire, which is to fully embrace family life.

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