Vin Diesel Announces FAST & FURIOUS 7 Will Arrive on July 11, 2014

     April 16, 2013


We already knew that Universal was wasting no time in moving forward on Fast & Furious 7, and today at the studio’s CinemaCon presentation, Vin Diesel announced that the next installment is due out on July 11, 2014.  No details are known other than filming begins this summer, Diesel will return alongside Paul Walker, and James Wan (Insidious) is set to direct.

While I assume Universal would try to round up cast members other than Diesel and Walker, the involvement of Dwayne Johnson is a bit up in the air.  In a recent interview with Steve, Johnson seemed doubtful that production would begin so soon, but if Universal wants to hit that July 2014 release date, filming has to begin ASAP.  Johnson could be a little out of the loop on this, so either his character won’t be in the seventh installment, or it will be a minor role since filming on Fast & Furious 7 will conflict his shooting schedule on Brett Ratner’s Hercules.

  • Logic

    If you guys could start linking to the full articles it would be awesome. There is no point recapping what someone else wrote without throwing out a link so readers can read the entire article and giving credit where credit is due.

  • eddie

    this is a terrible idea… i dont like that theyre rushing this movie, universal has a great franchise here and what theyre doing could possibly kill it…. if i was them i would hold off on the seventh movie and get justin lin back, letting him go was a really dumb decision.

    • Brandon Avery

      I completely agree!!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!

  • Bertie

    Well it’s fun pop corn movie, like avengers, something to put your brain into neutral and just enjoy. Diesel needs to do something else though not just this series on riddick.

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