EVIL DEAD Remake Director Fede Alvarez to Helm Sci-Fi Film MACHINA

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Even though a sequel to Fede AlvarezEvil Dead remake is in the works, Alvarez isn’t attached to direct.  Instead, he’s turning his attention to a science fiction project entitled Machina.  According to THR, details on the film are being kept under wraps, but Alvarez will be re-teaming with his writing partner, Rodo Sayagues.

Alvarez’s short film Panic Attack! brought him to the attention of original Evil Dead director Sam Raimi, which got the South American director the gig for the remake.  Visually, Alvarez delivered some truly shocking moments, so he has the ability to leave an impression on his audience.  It’s worth noting that Panic Attack is about giant robots and spaceships attacking Montevideo, Paraguay, so he does already have a slight sci-fi bent, although the short is more in the disaster genre.  Hit the jump to check it out.


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  • the truth

    Montevideo is in URUGUAY, NOT Paraguay… Please…

  • GrimReaper07

    Lol at Montevideo, Paraguay

  • agus

    really? montevideo in paraguay? omg..

  • rhizomeman

    I love that first pic from Evil Dead of the director with the actress covered in blood:

    Dir: “Ok, this evil force is attacking you and you’re trying to survive, but it possessed this girl, who used to be your friend, so you need to…”

    Girl: “Could you please just shut up and roll the cameras? This shit is getting in my eyes.”

  • USR

    Fede Alvarez! this man is such an awesome guy.

  • Sagarcha

    Oh, for fuck’s sake, ‘Murica!! Montevideo is the capital of URUGUAY!!!!

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