Watch: “Filmography 2012″ Looks Back on the Year in Film

     December 12, 2012


As we move closer towards the end of 2012, we’ll likely be seeing a number of “video tributes” and montages to the year in film pop up.  A staple of the end-of-year video season is YouTube user Genrocks, and today she has released her “Filmography 2012” video.  It’s a nice look at what’s been an incredible year for movies, with a hearty blend of small indies and ginormous blockbusters. It also reminded me that Wrath of the Titans is a movie that exists.  Hit the jump to take a look at the video tribute.



  • kanwar

    brilliant…GIve her a Money to Direct…
    P.s. whats the name of the song playing at 3:18???

  • kanwar

    brilliant..Give her a Movie to Direct..
    P.s. Whats the name of song playing at 3:18??

  • Jose

    pwiofcnedjkqhwenceb oq

    • Jose


  • Tim

    It also reminds me that The Avengers actually exists.

  • amg907

    Wow. Amazing.

    If that editor isn’t in Hollywood yet….. They will be now.
    Great editing execution and music selection.