Final 9 Movie Poster

     June 10, 2009

9 final movie poster Shane Acker.jpgWhile movie theaters won’t be getting the final movie poster for director Shane Acker’s “9” till Friday, a select group of online sites have been given it early, and Collider is one of them. As you can (and in high resolution by clicking on the poster), the final one sheet looks great and it’s the first animated film I’ve wanted to see in a long time that wasn’t made by Pixar.

Of course it helps when you’ve got Tim Burton and Timur Berkmambetov as producers. If you haven’t seen the cool trailer yet, I suggest checking it out to learn more about the film.

Finally, the back-story of “9” has begun to unfold through the voice of the film’s Scientist on Facebook. There you can see the Machine that will help rebuild the Nation and his designs that will change the world.

9 hits movie theaters on 9.9.09

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