Albert Brooks Closes Deal to Return for FINDING NEMO 2; Disney Gives Director Andrew Stanton Another Shot at Live-Action

     February 12, 2013


This summer will see the return of some of the most famous characters from Pixar’s catalogue with the prequel Monsters University, but in a few years the studio is poised to revive its most popular film yet: Finding Nemo.  We learned last July that Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton had signed on to helm Finding Nemo 2 as the follow-up to his infamous live-action debut John Carter (it’s really a good movie!), and shortly thereafter Ellen Degeneres signed on to reprise the character of Dory.  Now, six months later, the other major piece of the puzzle has fallen into place as Albert Brooks has finally closed his deal to return.  Hit the jump for more, including the possibility of another live-action film from Stanton.

finding-nemo-2-sequelPer Deadline, Albert Brooks has closed “a fat deal” to return to voice the character of Marlin in the Finding Nemo sequel.  His deal took much longer to close than Degeneres’, presumably because he was holding out for a larger payday in lieu of his recent resurgence as a presence onscreen.  Brooks enjoyed an immense amount of critical acclaim for his villainous turn in 2011’s Drive and also picked up considerable notice for his work in last year’s comedy This Is 40.

Story details concerning Finding Nemo 2 are still, unsurprisingly, under wraps, but with Brooks and Degeneres onboard one presumes that Dory and Marlin are once again the central characters.  Interestingly, Deadline’s report also notes that despite the box office disappointment of the costly John Carter, Disney will be giving Stanton another shot at live-action.  Although the film wasn’t perfect, I thought JC was a highly entertaining adventure pic on a massive scale, and Stanton’s Wall-E is a masterwork, so I’m eager to see the filmmaker return to live-action in the future.  For now, though, his focus is on Finding Nemo 2.  No release date has officially been announced, but I assume the earliest we’d see the pic is 2016 given the other films on Pixar’s docket.  Take a look at the studio’s upcoming slate below:


  • tom

    so now pixar can’t even come up with new ideas?

    • Spanky

      Hey numb nuts, notice the 3 movies coming out in 2014, 2015, & 2016??

  • Ramone

    I love how Disney is giving Stanton a “second chance” with live action. The failure of John Carter was really Disney’s fault for crappy marketing. It was not a perfect film–but it’s still head-and-shoulders better than most actioners out there. The pre-film promotion and totally lack of merchandising rests squarely at the Mouse’s feet.

  • jackd.

    The only Pixar film that needs a sequel is The Incredibles,which I guess will never happen. This Nemo 2 will be another pointless effort (just like Cars 2 and Monsters University),

  • Bowers28

    Cars was just okay, and Cars 2 was abysmal. Let’s not cast judgement on Monsters University before it even comes to theaters. Lest we forget: Toy Story 2 was stellar and 3 was even better. Pixar still has a winning track record with sequels. While I would prefer they focus solely on original material, they’ve ligned up their current sequels quite well talent-wise and have peppered in several original stories over the next few years. Pixar is still in a class all its own.

  • Aaron

    As much as I like how most of the John Carter movie turned out and I’d love to even see a sequel, according to reports, Andrew Stanton had quite a bit to do with the how badly the marketing was handled. Look up the Variety report on it.

  • Bruce LeeRoy Don’t Like Dis!

    But I still have an opinion:D Q:Why dose this need 2 movies to tell this story?!! Disney has a rep for making corny ass home video sequels and Pre-quels I.E. Older films such as Peter Pan,Lion King,Beauty and The Beast and so on. But now they have hits like Nemo and Monsters Inc Don’t Forget The Incredibles so there is no doubt they have more sequels coming. Waaaaah! I Must Meditate!!

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