Ellen DeGeneres Returning to Voice Dory in FINDING NEMO 2

     August 22, 2012


Ellen DeGeneres will just keep swimming as she’s set to reprise her voice acting role as the forgetful fish Dory in Andrew Stanton‘s Finding Nemo 2.  We reported last month that Pixar’s highest-grossing film was getting a sequel, although we won’t be seeing it until 2016.  According to THR, “DeGeneres has not been quiet about her desire to see a Nemo sequel come to fruition, making multiple mentions on her popular syndicated talk show.”  DeGeneres is the first piece of casting for Nemo 2, and while the first film has lots of popular characters, I’m wondering if Pixar is trying to make sure they can lock down Albert Brooks to reprise his role as Marlin.  No plot details are known about the sequel, and Victoria Strouse (October Road) is currently working on the script.

The first Finding Nemo has received a 3D post-conversion, and will arrive in theaters on September 14th.

  • JR

    So we need another “finding Nemo” again? the are no more original ideas out there? I can bet PIXAR can make a trash can a character and make a movie of it, why not?

  • Brandon

    They’ll probably find Nemo on the roof, or maybe in an elevator.

    • ethomson92

      Dory and Marlin get roofied, it’s perfect-they’ll never find nemo

  • ethomson92

    Dory and Marlin get roofied, it\’s perfect-they\’ll never find nemo

  • IllusionOfLife

    Stanton tweeted this when the Nemo 2 news first “broke” and he just reposted it:

    “Didn’t you all learn from Chicken Little? Everyone calm down. Don’t believe everything you read. Nothing to see here now. #skyisnotfalling”

    Sounds like THR needs to get their sources straightened out.

    • Strong Enough

      just stop it you broke animator

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