First Poster for Peter Jackson’s THE LOVELY BONES

     October 8, 2009

slice - The Lovely Bones movie poster Peter Jackson.jpg

Dreamworks has released the poster for Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones,” based on the novel by Alice Sebold about a girl who watches her family cope with her death from the afterlife once she’s raped and murdered by a serial killer who’s gearing up to strike again. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that this film is going to be visually stunning. Peter Jackson’s rendition of “the in-between”–a Heaven-like limbo–is rich with color and spectacle, which is enough to get me in the theater at least. Not to mention, I’m interested to see Jackson do something that’s not a gore-fest horror or epic fantasy. Check out the poster after the jump.

Thanks to Yahoo for the poster.

The Lovely Bones movie poster Peter Jackson.jpg

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