First Poster from Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

     December 15, 2009


Like it did for The Dark Knight, the viral campaign for Christopher Nolan’s Inception is clearly going to count for something, because today the game began and the reward for beating the first stage was the teaser poster for the film.  As Steve reported on Sunday, the spinning top on the film’s official website, which had been spinning since August 21st when the website first launched on August 21st, began to wobble.  Well now the top has toppled over and users are now directed to a new website:  Solve the puzzle and you get to see the teaser poster…or you could just hit the jump to see it now.

Inception is slated to hit theaters on July 16, 2010.



  • Heba Tabassum

    the poster looks fab…!!!!!!!!!!!
    and leo (as usual) is looking……HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u leo……

  • Heba Tabassum

    the poster looks fab…!!!!!!!!!!!
    and leo (as usual) is looking……HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u leo……

  • Royal Darrah

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    From: royal darrah
    Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2011 12:44 PM
    Subject: Fw: Inception

    I thought maybe you would be interested in seeing this. I’ve contact Mr. Nolan’s agent at CAA but they refused to forward it to Christopher Nolan. I’m going to put it out there anyplace I can now. Hopefully, Mr. Nolan may see it and want to contact me directly.

    This is something I wrote in 2006 and was pitched by Front Street Pictures at the 2008 Banff Fest for a drama series. You can do whatever you what to do with it, other than make a drama series or a movie out of it.

    Please let me know what you think.


    A Proposal for


    A Television Series

    Created by Royal Darrah


    NICOLA WRIGHT is a single, attractive psychiatrist around thirty years old with rich and powerful friends and a wealthy clientele. She has the ability to hypnotize her patients into scripted dreams to treat their mental problems. But now her gifted ability to hypnotize her patients has become nothing more than just hypnotizing them into their own desired fantasy dreams. This dream-making has become a medical ethics issue; Nicola’s walking a fine line between practicing psychiatry and playing God. Nicola’s in great demand for her dream-making but somewhere along the way the compassion that led her into her profession has been supplanted by her passion to experiment on her patients what her limitations are of her dream-making. She discovered with self-hypnosis she is capable of entering her own patient’s dreams.

    Nicola’s dream making results in one of her patients wives committing a horrible crime.

    At a medical review board, Nicola is disbarred from practicing psychiatry.

    She realizes that she doesn’t like either the person or the psychiatrist she has become. She is devastated that her dream making had contributed and resulted in the death.

    She vows to herself never dream make again but is morally forced and drawn back into her dream making to save a young woman from killing herself.

    From her self- hypnosis and entering dreams, Nicola learns that sometimes she can alter other people’s dreams in ways that are therapeutic but at other times her intervention uncovers suppressed memories or character traits that have disastrous effects.

    With her new-found gift, Nicola dedicates herself to healing minds, despite the dangers of subjecting herself to other people’s nightmares as well as their dreams. She has no way of knowing if she’ll be able emerge from any given session, nor can she be certain that she’ll be whole, mentally or physically, even if she does, but she’s willing to risk it. She has become the Dream Maker.

    EDWARD BOWDEN is Nicola’s long time family attorney. He oversees the fortune that Nicola’s father has left her. He is now like a father to her and he’s pleased that she has changed and using her gift to help people instead of feeding her own ambitions. He’s worried about Nicola’s plans and dangerous intent for her new life. Reluctantly, he still brings her patients, often his own disturbed and criminal clients. Edward often relies on Nicola to uncover from her dream making if his clients are innocent or guilty.

    WILL CASEY is a Private Investigator. Nicola hires him for background checks on people that she is planning to help. He’s about Nicola’s age, well built and handsome. He’s very laid back and has a dry sense of humor. Nicola doesn’t know it but Edward has also hired Will to watch out and protect over Nicola. Sometimes Nicola conjures up his image as a protector when she’s in someone’s dream and afraid. As the series evolves, there is a bond that grows between Will and Nicola. Unaware to each other there is a hidden passion towards each other. Nicola is concerned that if she were to have a close relationship with Will, she wouldn’t be able to summon his avatar any more.

    Will, of course, doesn’t know that he’s sometimes Nicola’s dream-companion- that is he is also her dream protector when she enters dreams. He’s often lurking in the darkness of the dreams.

    In both the real world and in the dream worlds, there will be growing tension between Nicola and Will. Can they or will they ever get romantically involved, even if it is only in their own dreams.

    Thank you for your time,