THE FLASH Close to Greenlight; SUPERMAN Film for Holiday Season 2012; Movies for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Mad Magazine

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Speaking to investors, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Barry Meyer revealed that they were “nearing” a greenlight on The Flash.  According to Heat Vision, Meyer also spoke about their other superhero properties.  He repeated that Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 was set for July 20, 2012 and that the new Superman movie—produced by Nolan and written by David Goyer (Batman Begins) and rumored to be titled The Man of Steel—was scheduled for the 2012 holiday season.

Meyer also revealed that the studio was had films for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Mad Magazine characters in development.  Hit the jump for what we know about all of these projects, including Steve’s interview with rumored Flash director Greg Berlanti (Life as We Know It).

We know next to nothing on Batman 3.  Christopher Nolan will direct it and David Goyer is rumored to be writing it with Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight).

As for The Flash, we again know very little.  When Steve spoke with Berlanti (who wrote and produced Green Lantern) at Showest, Berlanti was coy and said his focus was currently on other projects.  Warner Bros.’ Showest presentation said they’re aiming to have the film also hit in 2012.

For those who don’t know the character, The Flash’s superpower is that he can run really fast and he has a fun rogue’s gallery.  There’s currently a debate among fans on which Flash alter-ego should be in the movie: Barry Allen or Wally West.  I assume they would go with Allen since he was the first Flash.

Moving on to the other superheroes, we know that former Warner Premiere President Diane Nelson, now head of DC Entertainment was brought on to get the DC superheroes stuck in development hell back to the land of the living.  I would say she’s been highly effective.  Nolan came on to “grandfather” a new Superman movie, they’ve got David Goyer to write it (it’s the hiring I find effective, not the actual hire), and Green Lantern will be the first major DC superhero to hit the big screen that isn’t Batman or Superman (although production on that film began before her tenure began).

So what of the other major DC superheroes?  It’s no surprise that they have Wonder Woman in development.  But Aquaman?  Maybe if it’s a comedy.  He’s a silly character and that’s why people make fun of him.  As for the Mad Magazine characters, I can only speculate/hope that they’re talking Spy vs. Spy.

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  • [A]

    ahhh hurry up DC!

  • [A]

    what debate? I thought they were merging a couple of Flash guys..

  • Old Man's Balls

    Aquaman a comedy? That's stupid. Making it a comedy will be a good way to make sure no one goes to see it. He's not a silly character, people are just morons and don't know anything about Aquaman. I don't even see how he is silly, what does he do thats silly? Because he can communicate with sea life telepathically? That's a silly power? This seems to be what most people think, as if he sits and has a chat with fish. I can just picture a close up on Aquaman's face as a pulse comes out of his head going across the ocean summoning great white sharks to come tear someone to bits. An Aquaman movie should be a huge under water epic. I hope James Cameron gets on this one.

  • Surrender2air

    Vincent Chase + James Cameron + Mandy Moore for Aquaman

  • dogg

    It's gonna suck because his powers suck. That fast blur running thing was played out 10 years ago.

  • Brian

    aquaman is sick. especially if they go for the rouge environmentalist 90s version where he looks like neptune and has a hook for one of his hands. i love that the people that write for these sites are so fucking ignorant that they associate the dc characters w/ superfriends.

    as far as the flash goes, it's not about the powers it's about the character. that being said, barry allen is a boring, stick up his ass scientist type. wally west is the way to go. he's hal jorden's best friend so there's your tie in right there w/ the other movies and he's fun. he's actually hillarious. they should get bradley cooper to play him.

  • Loxville

    Jay Garrick was the first Flash, Barry Allen was the second. You also missed Bart Allen who is the fourth Flash.

  • Sda

    Aquaman movie is unnecessary one….he is a luck of interest,they should focus on a bigger heros like J'onn J'onzz!!

  • Jdesrochers_47

    Aquaman, DONE CORRECTLY, is not silly at all. If you're basing your claims on Superfriends…..that was nearly 30 years ago.

    There are some seriously great Aquaman stories out there…his power set is pretty awesome and the earth is covered mostly by water. Doesn't need to be silly.

  • Monkeyhelpertrainer

    Would it be too much to ask for the Flash movie to be an epic superhero version of Run Lola Run?

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  • Gabrielko93

    This is mad speculation on my side but we have a new superman movie on the way, Green Lantern is already shooting and now we have The Flash and Wonder Woman movies in the early stages of development… sounds like the justice league to me with marvel doing the avengers it’s a no brainer for DC to jump on the band wagon. Again this is just mad speculation.

  • Sweet-skeet

    It would be nice if they would use Tom Welling for the new Superman. They need to end Smallville at the end of next season with Clark becoming Superman and then kick off into the new movie.

  • My000009

    Aqua man is not a stupid idea,he actually has potential,though his movie woul deal more with underwater than land

  • junierizzle

    Flash might be cool.

    THE MAN OF STEEL just sounds BAD ASS!!

    Christopher Nolan's Batman 3, enough said.

  • tbone

    with the flash you have to entertain the audience between him hauling ass. Really fast.
    Now, how much fun can that be? BOOOOORING! He should be a sidekick hero in a bigger movie where the main superhero has a meatier story like Batman or Spiderman.
    It'll probably never get made anyway because there really isn't anything there for one hour and 45 minutes but bullshit and vertigo.

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