For Your Consideration: THE HANGOVER?

     November 23, 2009


Some folks are scratching their heads over a recent “For Your Consideration” ad is for one of the year’s most profitable films, Todd Phillips’ The Hangover.  For those who don’t know, For Your Consideration-ads are attempts by a studio to get a movie nominated for awards but namely Oscars.  It may sound crazy but with ten Oscar slots open and a more concentrated approach, I don’t think it’s impossible for The Hangover to be out of the game.  Hit the jump to find out why. noticed the ad running on Variety.  However, the site also noted that while The Hangover was asking for consideration in all categories, it was specifically asking for “Best Picture” (Musical or Comedy) which means it’s aiming at a Golden Globe.  Since the Golden Globes is an easy-going shindig, The Hangover has pretty good shot at landing a nomination.  But what can it do at the Oscars?

I’ll be the first to admit it’s a long shot and even with ten slots for Best Picture, I highly doubt one of them will go to The Hangover.  HOWEVER, if Warner Bros. makes a concentrated effort on pushing Zach Galifianakis as Best Supporting Actor, they may have a shot.  It’s a memorable and career-launching performance.  While it rarely comes about, there is a place for absurd, mainstream comic performances in Oscar history.  Robert Downey Jr. got a nomination last year for Tropic Thunder and Kevin Kline won the award for A Fish Called Wanda.  Again, this could only happen if Warner Bros., rather than shooting for nominations in every category and seeing what sticks, could get people talking about a nomination for Galifianakis and then we’ll be one step closer to saying, “The Oscar-nominated comedy, The Hangover.”

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