Four New Images from KARATE KID Starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith

     November 30, 2009


Sony Pictures just released four pictures from their upcoming remake of The Karate Kid.  Maybe it’s because Jackie Chan–who plays “Mr. Han”, the remake’s Mr. Miyagi–has such a big smile that you can’t see if inside he’s dying and he’s desperately just trying to go out in a blaze of glory where one of his famous stunts finally kills him.  It’s as if he’s trying to fulfill some destiny where his obituary reads, “Mr. Chan, who had done the ladder stunt countless times before…”  Of course, the flip side to all of this is his death would occur working on a remake of The Karate Kid or his other painful looking family film next year, The Spy Next Door.  Of course, no one wants to say, “He died doing what he loved: making disposable family fare.”

Check out the pictures after the jump and discover that you can teach karate on the Great Wall of China and you’ll have all the privacy you need.  The Karate Kid, which stars Jaden Smith as the title character, is slated to hit theaters on June 11, 2010.





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