Fox Pulls Hurricane Centric Crossover Episodes of FAMILY GUY, THE CLEVELAND SHOW and AMERICAN DAD

by     Posted 3 years, 236 days ago


Last October we found out that Seth MacFarlane’s portion of Animation Domination would have a hurricane hit all three of his series Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad. However, in the wake of a recent barrage of terrible storms and tornadoes hitting the Southeast United States and resulting in a rising death toll near 300 people, THR reports Fox has decided to pull the series of crossover episodes. It’s a smart move and certainly in good taste as people deal with this terrible tragedy. Repeats will air in place of the new episodes, and this series of crossover episodes will be held until next spring instead. Meanwhile, our thoughts go out to all those families affected by these storms.

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  • Ringbearer1420

    Censorship is as censorship does.

  • Michael

    I understand postponing them, but holding them for a year seems a bit much.

  • Alex H

    I’m sorry, could someone explain to me what the relationship is between Seth MacFarlane’s shows and the hurricane? Why am I so lost here?

    • Michael

      Hurricanes are the themes for the three listed shows, but since tornadoes just recently went through the Southern U.S., killing more than 300 people, Fox thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to run them now, out of sensitivity to those who’ve gone through them.

  • masutaka

    Fuck. I’ve wanted to see this happen for a long time now I can’t because 300 more deaths than expected. Why should I care, it was probably 300 cockblocking asshole guys or 300 hot white girls who don’t care about how much I wanted to have sex with them, they most likely wouldn’t have let me fuck them and the cockblocking guys wouldn’t have helped me get laid so why should I care for anyone else’s life but my own.

    • Malaguy

      Whoa there hoss. Remind me not to care when you die either. Assbag.

  • Jesus

    Because there won’t be hurricanes next year?

    • loui

      Thank you Jesus

  • james

    Wow. You people are enormous, self absorbed assholes.

  • Lt. Ripley

    So we have 9/11 and then pretty much right after that FOX decides not to pull the series premiere of 24 (which opened with a massive terrorist attack) but a few fucking tornadoes hit and now a completely unrelated weather phenomenon in a couple of cartoons is in bad taste? I’m all for being sensitive to those in a bad spot but this is stupid.

  • Harley

    yeah this is dumb they should postpone it to next week is the new family guy episode called the big bang theroy a movie or 30min episode?

  • Harley

    this is bull they should of postponed it to next saturday and have familyguy 2 days in a row and is the new family guy episode called big bang theroy a movie or 30minute episode?

  • bryant arbuckle

    its not like the people that got knocked the fuck out by tornadoes have Tv’s anyways, haha, its funny because I’m insensitive

  • bryant arbuckle

    at least I didn’t get my hopes up, I really hope there good episodes

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