Fox Cancels TERRA NOVA; Studio Shopping It to Other Networks

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terra nova

Terra Nova was one of the most ambitious series to ever grace the airwaves—the cost of the two-hour pilot produced by Steven Spielberg is estimated to be between $10-20 million.  Unfortunately, the storytelling never met the standard of the scope and visual effects of the sci-fi drama.  The series premiered modestly to 9.2 million viewers (3.1 rating in the 18-49 demo) before sliding to 7.2 million (2.2 18-49) for the finale in December.  That’s respectable, but not enough to justify the enormous cost.  The one thing Terra Nova had in its favor was the fact that a second season would help amortize the massive startup costs, but that’s clearly a bad position to be in if you’re a new series.  Fox finally bit the bullet and cancelled Terra Nova after 13 episodes.  Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox Television now plans to shop the series out to other networks, but guys, don’t fall for it.  It is rare for network shows to make the leap to another network, and never has a series this expensive done so.  Even if Terra Nova does somehow end up on, say, Syfy, the budget will be slashed within an inch of its life.  Suddenly Terra Nova will look a whole lot like Vancouver.  Nobody wants that.

In lieu of prehistoric species of flowers, leave your fondest memories in the comments.

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  • ssharp

    uhh duh doy

  • Lance

    The pilot was actually pretty decent, for a first episode of a series. What killed the show was the focus on family-friendly story lines that killed any sense of jeopardy or suspense.

    By the end of the season they hinted they might try to go in a “Lost” big mystery type of direction, which they should have done from the start. With better writers.

  • Strong Enough

    Suddenly Terra Nova will look a whole lot like Vancouver.

    ^ this dude got jokes haha


    they could continue and end the story with a big budget film. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island was great specially on Imax 3D. so this might work.

  • Axl

    What killed the dinosaurs?


  • Dogg

    Good riddance. That Swiss Family Robinson crap’s been done to death. Such a waste because they had some real potential with that portal concept and the threat of destroying their timeline.
    There’s SO MUCH great science fiction out there. It pisses me off when they crap all over the genre like this. It makes that much harder for anything good to get made.

  • Edward Lee

    Nothing says cancellation like the name “Brannon Braga” in your show credits.

  • rojagegeo

    The show never was able to reach expected standards…I could have ignored the sub-par VFX , but the worst was the characters…Puny & nagging set of people….

    The finale was so idiotic, since it basically sets the same problems that were faced in Season1 into Season2…

  • Baba

    I thought the two male leads did a good job (everyone else was meh). Finale was lame and so was the special effects but hope it comes back for a season two.

    • Dan

      You No Read?

  • Fubeca

    Honestly I think I am done investing any more time in sci-fi shows on primetime TV, I’M DONE!!! With the ax going to decent shows like Firefly, V, Terra Nova, Surface, Invasion, etc…Regular TV has turned me off! SyFy’s rating are going up Primetime sucks!

  • excpired

    Kind of a bummer, i enjoyed the season and would have watched season 2. It wasn’t at the same quality as the cost of the production, they could have done far more with the budget if they did it right.

  • Jordan

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Somewhere Commander Taylor weeps.

  • Roscoe

    So clever branden

  • Pockets

    Not gonna lie, I let myself see through the issues and enjoyed the show. I’m very sad that it was cancelled, I thought I had a solid Monday block for the coming few years with Alcatraz and Terra Nova…now with Terra Nova having done better numbers (with lower cost) I’m worried that Alcatraz won’t be picked up, either.

    My favorite 3 shows ever lasted a combined 4 seasons…I’m really getting upset at the American viewing public. If it doesn’t have some slut whoring herself out to every guy on the show, it apparently isn’t worth watching.

    R.I.P. Studio 60, Sports Night and Firefly.

  • Shaun

    The show was disappointing (though it had potential), Braga sucks and always has, and now (hopefully) this leaves the door open for Fox to renew Fringe for a fifth season, even if it’s only a partial season.

    Fringe is the show you should be watching, people!

  • Tarek

    This series was a snoring fest.
    But they have to cancel first Falling Skies. What a piece of S***t!

    what happened to you steven ?

  • eternalozzie

    sci-fi is just too expensive to produce for network television. i liked the show and the characters but since there weren’t enough boobies and explosion most sci-fi geeks didn’t like it and the general public doesn’t like sci-fi.

    one of our big problems with the lack of decent television viewing is hollywood is in the business of not making stuff and shutting down the little guy. there are so many spectacular scripts out there that don’t see the light of day because there is no name attached to the project.

    the general public thinks sci-fi is the stuff weird people watch … reality karaoke shows are king.

    the Star Trek generation is dying off because Paramount and CBS let the franchise wither and die. the reboot was excellent but not good for adaption for any kind of tv series.

    i always thought a Starfleet Academy series with lots of sex and violence might survive but in the end special effects costs are something studios don’t like.

  • J-rad

    I thought the pilot and premise had potential to be great , then from episode 3 to 9 was just a huge waste of potential with all the family mellow drama from all angles and trying to set up large issues and plot devices that never delivered the payoffs.

    I liked the finale for the most part and thought if they could focus the show a little more towards straight sci-fi/Mystery with some better writing it might have made it for a second season.

    Alas Fox had different feelings…Now I just sit and wait for the axe to drop on Fringe , sigh… RIP big 4 tv studio Sci-Fi

  • drmar120

    I lasted through the first few episodes, then got bored. (In fact, things were much more interesting back on the dystopian earth.) For all the firepower brought to bear, it was simply mediocre. The show needed less family melodrama and more DRAMA and EDGINESS in general. That Star Trek strain that Braga brought–cozy domestic arrangements and all the comforts of home, while having SF adventures–was simply deadly to a story that should have been much more gritty and out there.

  • Decado

    I don’t like this for one main reason: A FOX exec said the show was profitable (how, I’m not sure). This is before it even hit blu/DVD. So if FOX is cancelling money makers it seems like anything could be on the chopping block.

    That being said, it was a pretty poor show and a terrible waste of the budget/concept.

  • MatthewM

    Gotta side with FOX on this one. Bad special effects, uninteresting characters and the story just didn’t grab me. Thought the idea of going back to the dinosaur age to save humanity (is humanity really worth saving?) was just dumb. Really like Stephen Lang and Jason O’Mara but the rest of the cast were just bland. Sorry another genre show bites the dust but a lot just don’t work on TV. Also, have teens be the center of attention on a sci-fi series is always a big mistake!

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  • Austin Crumb

    It did have some problems but overall i didnt mind it and i was excited for the next season. :(

  • Sci-fi

    Whoever said people don’t like sci-fi shows is full of shite. The X-Files is one of the biggest and most popular shows that ever aired, and it’s totally sci-fi. People like GOOD TELEVISION, no matter what the genre.

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