Fox Looking to Rehatch ALIEN?

     May 28, 2009

alien_xenomorph_01.jpgSince they’re rebooting “Predator”, it’s not a surprise that a reboot of “Alien” couldn’t be far behind.  Even though I think it’s an over-hated film, “Alien Resurrection” along with the justly-hated “Alien vs. Predator” movies have killed the franchise but with the lovely Xenomorph so iconic (and potentially profitable), Fox is giving it another go, according to Bloody-Disgusting.

Original director Ridley Scott is on board to produce along with brother Tony Scott and Michael Costigan.  They’ve tapped music video director Carl Rinsch to direct and I’m always interested to see fresh talent behind the camera rather than someone whose an established failure (at least artistically; hi, Shawn Levy, Brian Robbins, Tim Story, and Adam Shankman!)  BD also mentions that they’re looking for a new Ripley and I understand that.  Even though she looks good for her age, Sigourney Weaver is almost sixty and while I wouldn’t be opposed to her having a cameo or even a full supporting role, it’s time to let a new young actress take on one of the strongest and well-written female leads in cinema history.

Finally, BD notes that it will just be the one alien stalking the ship as in the original.  I’m not opposed to this but if you’re going to relaunch the series, take us someplace new, namely: the Xenomorph planet.  But perhaps they’re saving that in the event that this relaunch is successful.

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