Fox Only Wants a New ALIEN Movie If Ridley Scott Directs

     June 9, 2009

ridley_scott_alien_xenomorph_01.jpgA couple weeks ago, we reported that Tony Scott confirmed Carl Rinsch as the director for a new “Alien” movie and that said “Alien” movie would be a prequel as opposed to a full-on reboot.  And there was much rejoicing and chest-bursting.

But today Entertainment Weekly is reporting that according to their sources, Fox will only go ahead with an “Alien” prequel if original director Ridley Scott comes on board.  It’s actually the smart move on Fox’s part because while they could easily bully a freshman director like Rinsch, the “Alien” property has lost so much clout over the years that the only way to re-ignite interest is to put the man who launched the franchise back in charge.  However, if this is a deal-breaker for Fox, it looks like this deal will be broken because Scott already has eighty-bajillion projects on his plate, including an adaptation of the board game, “Monopoly”.

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