FOX Renews THE SIMPSONS for 23rd Season; Will Reach 500th Episode

     November 11, 2010


In a move that will land them over 500 episodes when all is said and done, Fox has announced via press release their renewal of their long-running animated comedy series The Simpsons for a 23rd season. It’s hard to believe it’s been multiple decades since the wild antics of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie first hit the airwaves. Of course, I honestly can’t say I’ve watched a single episode of The Simpsons, at least beyond the annual Treehouse of Terror, for years now. While I maintain that The Simpsons have lost a bit of their edge, they paved the way for more adult animated fare and without those yellow citizens there would be no South Park, or Family Guy.

Remember, we told you about all the forthcoming guest stars appearing through the current running 22nd season of the historic animated comedy including Ricky Gervais, Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm and even Katy Perry who’s appearing in a live-action portion of The Simpsons complete with the citizens of Springfield taking the form of puppets. With this new order for yet another season on Fox, you can be sure there’s plenty more of The Simpsons coming in the future.


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  • Malaguy

    I still watch The Simpsons weekly, although for a few seasons circa 13-16, I stopped watching every week. And yes, even though it’s not like it was during their first (of a few) peak circa Season 4, there’s still at least one or two LOL moments every episode. 500 episodes is nothing to sneeze at.

    • Ericwesleyhorn

      I, never miss an episode. This is starting to make me a little mad. Every time I see a Simpsons article here, it’s the same flippin opinion. It isn’t as good as it once was, they’ll say. Okay, we get it. Stop adding you little opinion to it. I don’t see this with the other articles. I come here because I like the site and the news, but you’re pushing my buttons. Opinions are dangerous when reporting news. You never know who you’re going to offend.

      • Ethan Anderton

        Everyone has an opinion, and no one should be offended because one person doesn’t like a TV series that the other one happens to enjoy. Unless of course that show is Jersey Shore, in which case, I am offended both as someone who enjoys quality television and decent human beings.

        Sometimes opinions get injected into news articles, because that’s what we do. We’re not the Wall Street Journal, and we don’t promise or even pretend to deliver objective news reports. Maybe so many people here have the same opinion on The Simpsons for a good reason. That doesn’t stop you from liking it or enjoying the series though. By all means, keep on laughing at Matt Groening’s staple animated series.

      • MattGroaning

        I’d like to direct you to two of my favorite interweb adages:

        1) You get what you pay for
        2) If you don’t like it, don’t read it

        Collider is a blog… when’s the last time you went to a blog for disspassionate information? Sure this can be lamentable on some levels but I think your surprised reaction as if this is some new phenomena for blogs is a bit silly. Now, if you happen to disagree with their opinions, well maybe you should stop reading their articles on the Simpsons? I don’t watch the Simpsons anymore… I found the stories to be repetetive, the writing to be lazy (not to mention preachy) and just generally unfunny… that said, I don’t watch the show just so it can annoy me, I don’t need to watch another season just to prove to myself that they are going to do produce a product that I don’t enjoy. If you don’t want to hear Collider whine about the Simpsons, don’t read it friend!

      • Maccam89

        Disregarding the fact that those opinions keep cropping up because they are valid, the Simpsons’ quality has severely declined, this is clearly not a website where no opinion finds its way into articles. If you keep getting annoyed by that you seem to not understand that that’s the kind of site this is. There’s nothing stopping you from watching the show and enjoying it. Critics always have and will exist for everything.

  • Luis Escobar

    Thanks for hating and/or ignoring all our hard work guys.

    • MattGraining

      Cheer up bucko, no one said they “hated” it. I’m sorry you are dissapointed that some people don’t enjoy the show, but would you rather we lie to you?

      If it’s any consolation, the Simpsons is no where near as lacking as that “titanic-in-the-making” show Family Guy.

  • The Train!

    while the simpsons has lost its edge (and that whole marge-in-playboy thing was just… i still don’t have words to describe the weirdness of that), i can’t imagine any of seth macfarlane’s shows lasting as long. the simpsons paved the way for macfarlane and, with the exception of seasons 1-2 of family guy, are always better.

    king of the hill could have lasted 23 seasons and been worth it every time, but not anything in the macfarlane block.

    • Luis

      They should air The Simpsons on cable in 2011 before The Simpsons ends in 2012 and I hope to watch it on cable in 2011 for the first time. I wish The Simpsons will air on FX in 2011 but sometimes I don’t have to watch it on syndicated because I go out for a walk with my mom and that’s why sometimes I don’t watch it on syndicated. I hope it will air in 2011 on FX or other cable networks before the long-running series ends in 2012

  • Ryanppavey

    Have to agree with you Ethan. As a hardcore fan of the earlier episodes of the series, it’s almost hard to watch these days.

    I’m sure everyone that works on the show is working hard but when you work on a show with such a history, you can’t not be compared with its past glory.

  • Chris Micheals

    Screw this it should get off the airs. It’s the same shit for over 20 years