Fox Has Change of Heart, Decides Not to Release INDEPENDENCE DAY 3D

     November 20, 2012


Though movement is reportedly taking place on two sequels to Roland Emmerich’s 1996 disaster sci-fi film Independence Day, it appears that 20th Century Fox has had a change of heart regarding a 3D re-release of the original.  The post-converted iteration of the Will Smith-starrer had been slated for release on July 3, 2013, but Exhibitor Relations broke the news on Twitter that Fox has now decided not to release the pic.  I’m not sure how far along the conversion had gone, but no reason for the change of heart is given.  This now leaves the 2013 Fourth of July weekend open to Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger.

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  • Pragmator

    Let me guess … the special FX didn’t hold up well under remastering for 3D conversion? In all honesty, while its a fun time-waster, the special effects at the time were pretty amateur. The destruction of the Empire State Building looks like its built of LEGO bricks (I just caught a reshowing on TBS recently).

    They probably didn’t want to spend the time/money redoing the 5 billion effects shots. It would have probably looked horrid otherwise.

    Good call, FOX. Finally some integrity.

    • Cody B

      I’m sorry, but what are talking about?! The special effects at the time were pretty amateur?! You do realize it won an Academy Award for best visual effects right? I completely disagree with you. The effects totally hold up well today. Yes, they are obviously dated, but they do not look like some cheap awful Sci-Fi Channel level effects.

      • Greg

        I’ve always thought the destruction of the Empire State Building was one of the most awe-inspiring moments in movie history. The movie was awful, but the destruction was great.

    • CC

      The point, of course, is that it was pretty much the last blockbuster making use of practical rather than entirely CGI effects. The were big, but always a little blurry. I suspect the Academy Award was more about effects artists waxing nostalgic for the end of an era (and the loss of their jobs) than anything else.

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  • Ken

    “Twister” – which lost against “ID4″ for the 1996 Visual FX Oscar – had the more interesting and purely thrilling mechanical/CGI work that year imo. “Twister” might make for a more dynamic 3D experience than “ID4″. Whatever the reasons, I think Fox made the right call cancelling its conversion – it probably would have bombed box office-wise.

  • TVDude

    They probably felt like it won’t be profitable. Aside from a couple hits, starting with The Lion King, 3D re-releases haven’t performed that well. I think it was a good move on Fox’s part.

    I like Independence Day, but I certainly wouldn’t have went to the re-release. I also won’t be going to see Jurassic Park, even tough I’m a fan of the movie. It’s just too expensive, and perhaps, Fox figured there might be a lot of people like me.

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  • bearmon2010

    Wise decision! I dont care about 3D. By the way, I can’t wait for two more sequels! :)

  • qwfweg
  • Mojo

    ID4, while flawed, is a fun crowd-pleaser that would have been great in 3D. It’s a natural for the format and I’m really disappointed by this news. And regarding the effects, if you think the visuals in this movie are anything less than stunning you’re either blind or just looking for attention. They hold up just fine and are still awe inspiring. Very few movies get scale right and the boys who handled the UFO stuff really nailed it; from the size of the roiling clouds to the nice, slow speed of the explosions, that ship looked HUGE. And it’s not fair to bring up the destruction of the Empire State Bullding as a yard stick for the movie’s effects – that’s one of the very few shots that had problems (it was step-printed in post to slow down the pyro since it was obviously not shot fast enough).

    You might as well say you hate pizza because you don’t like anchovies as a topping!

  • SimbiAni

    Only cost $13 (ticket price) to see it in one of the biggest true iMAX screens, so it really depends on ~where you’re seeing it & what they’re charging. (that price was at the Jordan’s iMAX in Reading, MA)

  • SimbiAni

    How about you IGNORE what you don’t care about instead of praising a company for disappointing the many fans that DO care? Even tho I was actually around in that time, I missed the chance to see it on a big screen, & with updated clarity & the much more bigger venues we have now, including true iMAXs, I would LOVE that chance again! Plus, I ~enjoy the 3D effects (when done correctly, which does depend on various factors, from theater quality to seat position / location, design of glasses, etc). No one was forcing you to see the 3D release (or were they?) so can’t you just be a liittle bit respectful to fellow fans who ~were looking forward to it?