Director Francis Lawrence Teases His “Imaginative” New Apple Series with Steven Knight

TV is all the rage for famous filmmakers right now, and that includes Red Sparrow director Francis Lawrence. At a Collider and IMAX Q&A, Lawrence also spoke a little bit about his upcoming TV series for Apple, titled See. He was mum on what See is actually about (there’s no officially released logline yet), but our own Steve Weintraub was able to nail down some facts. The series will be be written by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Eastern Promises), and the first season will consist of eight hourlong episodes. Lawrence is set to direct the first two, and may end up directing all eight depending on scheduling, revealing that “We’re going to be prepping that soon and be shooting by summer.”

Apple has been looking to get into the scripted TV game for awhile, but has had some setbacks recently with its reboot of Amazing Stories. There haven’t been any verified reports that Apple is looking to buy into an existing back catalogue of properties, so would they just be looking to launch original series? Lots of questions still, but Lawrence said that he wanted to work with Apple specifically because,

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“The people over there are really great, and I think it’s the commitment to quality. These guys are super super committed to quality. It’s what they really care about, which is not the case at a lot of other places. The other thing that I’m really excited about is to be one of the first for them, which allows the show to pop in a way that is getting more difficult with so much scripted television. The ability to pop when there are 450+ shows a year or something is getting insane. So to be coming out of the gate with them would be fantastic.”

He added that, when it comes to See in particular:

“It’s a really unique story and really imaginative; it’s very visual which will be fun. It will be different for me and very different in the landscape of television. But I think it just being Apple there will be noise when it happens. The shows that kick that off will pop in a way that a new show on Amazon might not.”

Amazon shade! (But seriously, Amazon needs to really work on its video platform and how it gets more eyeballs from its Prime shoppers onto its streaming content). And Lawrence is not wrong — the hardest thing for a TV show right now, no matter how good it may be, is just getting noticed. There is so much content across so many providers, how is a viewer supposed to keep up?

Still, if See does end up becoming popular on Apple’s streaming platform, whatever it may look like, Lawrence said that Knight created a “little bible that he didn’t hand out, but he could pitch the rest of the season and generally pitch what could happen in further seasons.” So there could be much more to come.

Speaking of more to come, stay tuned to watch the full interview from IMAX tomorrow.

Image via Lionsgate

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