Frank Miller Wants To Know Who Else Would Like To Visit SIN CITY

     April 22, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Picking up on a story IESB reported last week, it would appear that The Weinstein Company has lost the rights to Frank Miller’s “Sin City” and that the sequel rights are now being shopped around Hollywood. Of course, the Weinsteins have double-dog-dared-super-duper-denied it, but The Hollywood Reporter confirms that that the producers say they have been shopped the rights by reps for Miller’s estate (the dude can’t speak for himself?), who they say are seeking a new place to set up a potential follow-up.

Of course, thisis the kind of news that asks a bunch of questions: does this mean that they’re actively pushing development of the sequel after it’s been in inexplicable stasis for the past four years? Did the Weinsteins let the rights lapse due to time or inactivity? Will Robert Rodriguez remain involved with the franchise?

Hopefully we’llget some answers to these questions as “Sin City 2” tries to rustle from its grave.

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