Friday Box Office – $18 Million Start for TRON LEGACY; YOGI BEAR a Distant Second with $4.7 Million

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‘Tis the weekend before Christmas, and the estimates are in.  Disney’s Tron Legacy was way out in front with $18 million from its 3,451 locations.  The 3D re-launch of the studio’s legendary 1982 film is now projected to take in $45 million through Sunday.  Competing for Tron’s 3D screen space is Warner’s Yogi Bear, which opened to an estimated $4.7 million in 3,515 locations (though with fewer overall screens than Tron).  The Fighter saw its screen count rise from 4 to 2,503 on Friday. The Oscar contender punched its way into third place with an estimate of $3.9 million. Black Swan closed out the top five $2.7 million. The new Sony release How Do You Know didn’t feel the love, tying for sixth place with The Tourist at an estimated $2.5 million from its 2,483 locations.  Full details on this weekend’s box office – aka Avatar one year later – when you come back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Tron Legacy $18,000,000 $18
2 Yogi Bear $4,700,000 $4.7
3 The Fighter $3,925,000 $4.2
4 Narnia 3 $3,700,000 $34
5 Black Swan $2,700,000 $10.1

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  • Wolstenholme

    It’s because Tron sucked…I saw it, hated it and left mid-movie

    • bob

      The movie had issues but I don’t think it sucked…unless you’re a movie critic. And you’re saying it made 18 million because it sucked? It was a predicted flop.

      • Wolstenholme

        Weather or not I’m a movie critic is irrelevant, my opinion is free. If you choose not to listen because I’m not not getting paid for it then so be it.

        The movie had a lot more wrong with it then a few issues. My fingers start to cramp at the thought of how much I could write about my hatred for this movie.

        And what I’m saying is that Disney put forth a poor marketing campaign that continued for so long that most people’s interest dwindled by the time the release came around. Secondly, word of mouth will kill this movie

  • junierizzle

    I don’t think it was expected to break records? Was it?

    It never felt like an “event” kinda film to me.

  • belatedmedia

    Tron won’t be Avatar in any way, even though Disney wants it to be desperately.
    Tron just has the widest spread and the most money backing it. No teenager is going to see Yogi Bear. No guy is likely to go for How Do You Know. What’s left: Tron.

  • K-Y

    Tron Legacy beating The Fighter is fine, but Yogi Bear? Children >> Men now?

  • kb

    good point belatedmedia, my choice would be none though.

    • Excpired

      Yeah, what about Black Swan? That is what I would have seen.

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  • WED1966

    “Tron: Legacy” is a “Black Hole” for the 21st century! Fanboys who wanted to love it love it. Everyone else sees it as a dud. $43 million for opening weekend means it is not quite as popular as movies like, oh, “Ice Age” and “Horton Hears a Who.” Great. Way to go, fanboys. You’ve shown your love can move mountains. Not.

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