Friday Box Office: ARGO Tops CLOUD ATLAS and SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D Entering Extremely Weak Weekend

     October 27, 2012


With four new wide releases, you’d think the box office would be primed to close out October with another strong weekend. You’d be wrong. The prospects for the four newbies – including Cloud Atlas and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – looked shaky even before the so-called ‘Frankenstorm’ trained its eye on America’s East Coast. Now, a combination of poor Cinemascores and Hurricane hysteria seems poised to put Argo on top with one of the lowest first-place wins since September. On its third Friday in theatres, Argo edged out Silent Hill 2 and Cloud Atlas for first with an estimated $4 million. The Ben Affleck drama is expected to stay on top (for its first weekend win) while Silent Hill falls to number four. That means that Cloud Atlas, the epic drama co-directed by the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer, should move into second place with close to $10 million – $3 million under initial projections. If the Cloud Atlas debut seems disappointing, however, it could have been worse. Despite a big release in 3,014 locations, Paramount’s Fun Size just missed Friday’s top ten with its estimate of $1.3 million. Fox’s Chasing Mavericks, with Gerard Butler, fared even worse: twelfth place on Friday with $1 million from 2,002 runs.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Argo $4,000,000 $52.3
2.  Silent Hill: Revelation 3D $3,500,000 $3.5
3.  Cloud Atlas $3,455,000 $3.4
4.  Paranormal Activity 4 $3,140,000 $37
5.  Taken 2 $2,575,000 $111.9
  • Rastapopoulos

    Cloud Atlas : “it could have been worse.” Hilarious. John Carter can say the same !

  • Strong Enough

    say goodbye to Jupiter Ascending. No way their going to make another big budget sci fi movie after this

  • govna

    Terrible weekend to open Could Atlas. Most of the people who would be interested in seeing it are out n about with halloween plans and parties.

    • Sugreev2001

      You can blame the slow weekend on Hurrican Sandy.

  • Junierizzle

    Ill keep it real. Yes it is ambitious but it is not great and the word got out. I thought it was just okay. In regards to Cloud A

  • Northern Star

    Wow, if that box-office prediction for ‘Cloud Atlas’ pans out – $10m, REALLY? – it’s gonna do less business than ‘Speed Racer’ when all is done… the Wachowski pair better ensure that ‘Jupiter Ascending’ is one awesome script or they’ll be making indie flicks from now on!

  • dj

    Three reasons why Cloud Atlas bombed. 1) Nearly 3 hours long 2) Opens on Halloween Weekend, many parties and other plans for the demographic that this is aimed at 3) Frankenstorm on the East Coast. As someone who lives on the East Coast, there hasn’t been one drop of rain, yet people are all paranoid and going to supermarkets stocking up on food like it’s the apocolypse. Also, I suppose the mixed reviewsare the culprit as well, but it has a 8.4 rating on IMDB so far, and the audience reception on Rotten Tomatoes is strong. Personally, the runtime is what’s preventing me from seeing it.

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  • Tim

    I love how the media blows things out of proportion.

  • JPA

    Too bad for Cloud Atlas. Even if it’s not that great,at least it’s a bold movie. That alone makes it worth seeing over that terrible Silent Hill sequel.