Friday Box Office – BRÜNO Comfortably On Top with $14.2 Million

     July 11, 2009


After months of anticipation, Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Brüno” has finally arrived in theatres – looking for fame, fortune and, ideally, an audience who doesn’t mind lots of really gay sex.  The hyper-sexual Austrian fashionista opened with a strong $14.2 million from 2,755 locations – “Hard” R-rating and all.  Universal had predicted a $30 million weekend for “Brüno” but yesterday’s opening now puts the film’s prospects more in the $36 million range.  Meanwhile, don’t bother looking for Fox’s new teen-romance “I Love You, Beth Cooper” in the top five.  The film starring “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere underwhelmed on opening day with only $2.3 million from 1,858 theatres – and from what I’ve heard they were lucky to get that.  Check back tomorrow to see if “Brüno” can improve on its projections or if the combination of icky gay sex and Baron Cohen fatigue will set in early at the box office…

Title Friday Total
1 Brüno $14,200,000 $14,200,000
2 Ice Age 3D $8,400,000 $100,500,000
3 Transformers 2 $7,600,000 $322,600,000
4 Public Enemies $4,300,000 $56,700,000
5 The Proposal $3,500,000 $106,800,000

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