Friday Box Office: FAST & FURIOUS 6 Blows by THE HANGOVER III to Start Crowded Memorial Day Weekend

     May 25, 2013


Today is like Christmas for box office nerds – giant franchises, an over-packed holiday schedule, all-time records on the line? In my world, it’s about as exciting as it gets. Three major new releases join an already saturated marketplace this weekend – The Hangover Part III, Fast & Furious 6 and the animated Epic. For weeks, box office watchers have wondered how the unusual decision to set two major studio sequels (targeting roughly the same audience) opposite each other would play out. Now its time to open our presents.

The Hangover III got an early start (opening Thursday with an estimated $11.7 million including Wednesday pm and midnight previews), but Fast & Furious 6 will be the undisputed Memorial Day winner. From 3,658 locations, the Universal release took in an estimated $38.2 million. That’s a new record for the 12 year-old franchise, topping the $34.4 million of 2011’s Fast Five. At this point, Fast 6 is expected to take in close to $100 million through Sunday and $119 million for the four-day holiday frame. In contrast, The Hangover III is struggling. Just two years after The Hangover Part II broke records with its $85.9 million opening weekend, its follow-up is expected to earn just $64 million over its first five days. Overall, the 2013 Memorial Day weekend is on track to become the most lucrative of all time, so check back tomorrow for more on this crazy-busy holiday box office.

 Title Friday    Total
1.  Fast & Furious 6 $38,200,000    $38.2
2.  The Hangover III $14,530,000    $26.2
3.  Star Trek Into Darkness $10,200,000    $119
4.  Epic $9,350,000    $9.3
5.  Iron Man 3 $5,113,000    $353.1
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  • Alex Hajna

    That’s because Hangover III looks terrible. The Asian guy is the opposite of funny, and they made him a main character. They changed Zach Galiafinakis’ character from a blissfully ignorant, mentally challenged, lovable guy, to an asshole. And there’s not even a hangover in the whole story. Need I go on?

    Whereas Fast 6 was pretty good. Not as good as Fast 4 or 5, but still a fun movie.

    • Eric Cormier

      Look “Terrible” is not the word here because you’re clearly not into the movies. This is what’s wrong with alot of people and critics is the over use of words that are at the end of the spectrum. Something like Scary Movie 5 I may call “terrible”

      Mr. Chow yes went from a supporting character to a main character but over time his issues have intertwined with the lives of the “Wolfpack” and his friendship with Alan (Galafinakis) is the whole reason for this movie.

      Yeah over time Alan changed to more of an asshole but you have to see his character throughout the movies, he’s a 40 year old at home child who in the 3rd one has been off his medication for about 6 months then add on the death of his father to the mix, you act like over the course of 4 years someone can’t become more of an asshole. The whole issue with him actually is well written in this movie and settled pretty well too for that fact.

      Need I say why there’s no “Hangover”? Everyone under the sun bitched about the 2nd one being too similar so it’s not that shocking that people bitch still about the 3rd one being to different.

      Both the Fast movie and Hangover films are heavily character driven, it’s why people keep going to see them. I have to say being a fan of both I tend to lean that Hangover has the better character development. Each character has a nice story arc that deals with their issues and resolves them by the end. It seemed when the Fast movies turned from car racing dramas to heist movies they started losing any further development. I love Fast Five btw no trashing here. Just saying it get’s kinda old at the end of each one how they break up and they’ll be “free” when in three years they’re just back doing it.

      Yes Hangover III changed the game up a bit and was less raunchy but the whole Alan story arc really makes this movie have some of the best story in it for his sake, the Carlos stuff is hard to not like.

      People and critics need to stop being so cynical for no reason other than to do it. Was it a letdown? Sure for some of the comedy but it’s not like it was dropped for no reason, we lost a bit of comedy for a bit of heart with Alan in the end.

      If you just don’t like something move on and be glad it’s done. Not a ass here just another side of the picture.

      • Alex Hajna

        I REALLY liked the first one. One of the best comedies in recent years. The second one was a rehash, but was still an entertaining movie. I do like the movies. But I’ve heard nothing but negative things about this one, and the trailers don’t seem to disprove that.

      • Eric Cormier

        Trust me Alex i’m a fan but I’m not the kind that doesn’t criticize. This one does sacrifice some comedy but it’s still hilarious. The real winner in this movie is Alan, from his rock bottom hit to satisfying end. The scene with Alan and older Carlos for me is the highlight of the whole trilogy. It’s a satisfying conclusion that dozen;t rehash a single thing. Alan seems more of an asshole but he’s still the same guy. You seem like you enjoy the movies so go into this with an open mind, I think you’ll like it like I did. It’s not the funniest but in terms of story this one beats Part II and in term of heart beats the first two out of the damn water.

  • RiddleThemThis

    Fast 6 was phenomenal, maybe not quite as good as the original or fast five, but its still pretty damn awesome. Probably the best action movie of the summer.

  • Andrew Sanders

    Honestly,i dunno what all the fuss is about the Hangover films,…although i have only seen the first’un which i found boring beyond belief.Passed on Pt 2(coz of Pt 1) & although i found the trailer for pt 3 midly amusing the first time,…that quickly disappeared & just got annoying like some really bad advert i want to mute.

  • Jason Richards

    Wow Star Trek is bombing big time.

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      Crossing 150 million in the US alone in less then 2
      Weeks isn’t exactly considered to be a bomb. he
      Movie is currently doing perfectly fine and holding
      Better than expected in America and overseas due to
      Word of mouth.

      • Scurvy

        Then can you explain why Star Trek 2 is 15 million behind Star Trek 1 9 days in?

      • Sean Chandler

        It’s box office is disappointing, not bombing. Into Darkness also faced more competition in it’s 2nd week.

  • Jason Richards

    Also, I don’t get the hate for the Fast and Furious movies. The last one and now Fast 6 are excellent action films.

    • RiddleThemThis

      People tend to categorize movies like fast and furious as ‘dumb action films’ and pretend that they are too sophisticated to watch movies like that. They then go and watch movies like star trek which is essentially a dumb action film in space, but they like to feel good about themselves and the movie they just watched because battles in space are much more complex than battles on earth.

      I’m not hating on Star Trek, i’m just hating on the people with this type of mentality.

      • Mikey The Riot

        6 of the dumbest comments ive ever read…

      • Jay Wilson

        And yet, look how YOU’VE advanced the conversation…

  • ch3mical

    everybody is complaining and takes sides. some say FF6 is better some H#. both suck like every movie on this earth. i used to be crazy about movies till i realize the truth meaning of movies. just telling the same ideas in different stories, just to dumb society and keep everybody busy, to brainwash everybody…to bad