Friday Box Office: GODZILLA Eyes “King of the Box Office” Title with Gargantuan $38 Million Debut

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The “King of the Monsters” Godzilla made a triumphant return to movie theaters this weekend, and it looks as though the monster is making his presence very known.  Director Gareth Edwards’ new film Godzilla scored a huge $38.5 million on Friday, which puts the film on track for an incredibly impressive $98 million debut.  That’s way above the pre-release predictions, and the film could topple the superhero debuts of Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($95 million) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91.6 million) earlier this year.  Though some are inexplicably complaining that the film isn’t two hours of non-stop CG-overload, reviews for Godzilla are generally positive, and it appears that the excellent marking campaign brought in considerable interest.

Check out Friday’s full box office report after the jump.

million-dollar-arm-jon-hamm-suraj-sharma-madhur-mittalThis week’s other new release, the sports drama Million Dollar Arm, pulled in $3.5 million on Friday in fourth place and is on track for a disappointing $10 million plus debut.  The feel-good drama hasn’t exactly been drawing in big buzz despite Jon Hamm in the lead, and reviews have been mixed.  Last week’s champ Neighbors, meanwhile, eyes an impressive hold with $8.4 million on Friday for second place and a projected $26 million weekend, and it’s expected to best The Amazing Spider-Man 2 once again as Sony’s superhero sequel brought in $4.5 million on Friday and is on track for a projected $16.1 million weekend.  That brings the film’s full domestic total on Sunday to around $171 million.  By comparison, the first film had made $228 million by its third weekend, though it also enjoyed three extra days in theaters ahead of the July 4th weekend.

Check out the Friday Top 5 below, and come back on Sunday for the full box office report.

Rank Title Friday Total
1 Godzilla $38,525,000 38,525,000
2 Neighbors $8,400,000 $73,925,000
3 Amazing Spider-Man 2 $4,500,000 $159,867,000
4 Million Dollar Arm $3,460,000 $3,460,000
5 The Other Woman $2,050,000 $67,414,000


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  • Pacula Allen

    Congratulations WB, Legendary and Edwards… Somehow it’ll be a big twist of fate if the eventual weekend gross is 101 M (possible, right?)… Meaning Godzilla domestically would gross what Pacific Rim did in it entire run

  • Aquartertoseven

    It may drop off quickly if some of the reviews, critical and audience alike, are to be believed. It had a massive drop on imdb, and imdb’s fanboy central so it’s all the more surprising. Can’t wait ’til X-Men next week!!!

    • Lovecraftlives

      It’s possible, you try giving people something good, and they still shit all over you. If people react to it negative, then they can go back to watching shit films like Amazing Spiderman 2 or something, because they don’t deserve good films.

    • Grayden

      Fanboy, exactly. I’m a huge Godzilla geek, but I approached this film from a pragmatic point of view. IMDb is one site, populated by fanboys who are just as biased and insistent on being internet tools as the next film site. Reviews are matters of opinion. Godzilla wasn’t perfect, but it was by no means a terrible film. It was B/B+ territory.

    • Jack le Critic

      It will drop massively. If they’d only kept Cranston ffs. What on earth were they thinking by ending his story. Such an amazing actor.

      • Aquartertoseven

        You will drop massively? Do you mean your dookie in a toilet? Drop in weight? Off a building, we need specifics here Jack!

      • Jack le Critic

        hahaha typo…but you knew that…I sympathise, I’m the sort of douche that would pounce on that too…

      • Aquartertoseven


        You’ve made a powerful enemy this day Jack….

      • Jack le Critic

        Behind the keyboard, aren’t we all…aren’t we all…

  • Joseph M

    I’m seeing Godzilla on Monday, but reading over various site reviews I’m seeing a lot of complaints that Big G only appears in the 3rd act. On the basis the rest of the film builds up to his entrance with good writing, I like the approach. CGI overload is like binging on chocolate cake; one slice is awesome, two is nice but not as good and three just brings nausea. Man Of Steel was a 3 slice affair – there was a point when the relentless CGI became meaningless and lost all its power. I hope Godzilla can avoid this error.

    • DEADP00L

      He is in it through the whole movie in a very realistic way. The CGI is very minimal even in terms of explosions ( as opposed to a Michael Bay movie ) and the action sequences are very subtle until the third act. But he is in it throughout.

  • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

    *Triumphant roar*

  • diazfan209

    It’s doing well because it’s not a bad movie and ‘Godzilla’ is a house-hold name.

  • Jack le Critic

    Great monsters, terrible humans. Desperately needed more Bryan Cranston – Hollywood, what were you thinking?

    • Grayden

      less is more. which is why it will do better than Pacific Rim.

      • Jack le Critic

        Have you seen it? They had a fantastic set up for Cranston – and ruined the narrative by switching to his dull son and a bunch of characters no one gave a shit about. It will do better than Pacific Rim because of the brand, but I don’t think it’s an infinitely better film. In fact PR’s characters and casting was arguably better.

      • DEADP00L

        You have lost the plot completely.

      • Jack le Critic

        Godzilla could’ve done with Idris Elba and Ron Perlman alongside Cranston, instead of Taylor-Johnson and Olsen

      • DEADP00L

        That’s actually a cool line up, but let’s just be honest here: Godzilla is a great movie in a world where people are so used to movies that are crapfests they just can’t understand something subtle anymore. That’s a loss for a lot of people. A lot of people who are complaining aren’t giving out complaints of anything that don’t involve the words ‘not enough’ and ‘boring because’ or ‘ TJ wasn’t scared enough ‘ which usually follows a formula that eventually invokes some kind of Michael Bay reference. That’s the crime being made here. Some people think a thrashing, bloated, mash of noise with over powering music is a good movie. So that when they see a subtle movie where even the music isn’t assaulting but that relies on the audience’s perception and particpation – they hate it. They are used to being LED through a movie, not take part in it and engross themselves. That’s the only reasoning for some peoples feedback; they expected to be led through when classic movies never did that and movies in general shouldn’t be doing that.

        The few problems Godzilla did have are just not enough as a basis for saying the ENTIRE thing was awful. It’s a different approach, an approach which isn’t very different from the original Godzilla movie. Subtle is a formula so rarely used these days and that is the real shame. Jaws would have flopped had it been made today. You’d hear all the complaints being ‘ too much talking not enough shark’ or ‘they weren’t scared on that boat enough!’ thus completely missing the whole point.

      • Jack le Critic

        No, it’s not entirely awful, there’s a lot of good, but the story could’ve been a hell of lot better. What’s frustrating is that they have everything in place until they finish with Cranston. I don’t have an issue with Godzilla not being in the movie throughout, in fact his sequences are really enough, but they’ve made a dreadful decision in killing off the only interesting character so early, especially when he had the potential for a truly great storyline. I’m all for subtlety, but not for a dull middle-section with horrendously underwritten characters. It’s like there’s two entirely different movies. One I love, another I loathe. Just makes me wanna screeeeaaaaammm!!

      • DEADP00L

        I do agree I was actually shocked at his demise and I had expected Ken to actually take a more active role. Hence why I get the impression there may actually be a directors cut with at least an hour extra because the entire sequence of events with Cranston feels cut out of sequence. Both he and Ken were downsized I firmly believe that and I think we all ought to make it clear we want an extended directors cut.

      • Grendal Sven

        It was like you are getting some good head, and the chick stops to answer her cell phone right before you get off.

        This is how I felt when 2 monsters would face off, only to have them cut away to people.

      • DEADP00L

        hahaahahahaaaa!!! That was amazing.Well at least you got it on and it’s ready for ‘full immersion’ in the car.

      • Grayden

        I agree. They could have cut Ford and Elle completely out of the film, and had Cranston/Watanabe/Hawkins piece together the puzzle and hitch rides with the military. I understand we’d lose the great train bridge scene and the Halo drop, but for better characterization and pacing, I’d sacrifice them.

      • lordjim

        pacific rim´s “charakcters”???have you been watching that movie on dope?not that godzialla had especially great characters but pacic rim´s where lazy cheesy cartoons like from a children´s show.i really had to fight to get through the “human” story of pacific rim.

      • Grendal Sven

        Pacific Rim was good in an entirely different way, Del Toro knew what he wanted with that movie and unabashedly delivered it. PR was all style no substance. Godzilla was all heartfelt character driven drama, and not enough monster action, hopefully, if there are any more american made kaiju films, the next director will try to shoot for something right down the middle.

  • DEADP00L

    I am glad to hear it. I enjoyed it for it’s subtle touch, for once a movie with an actual formula; clear antagonists, everyone has a role to play, no one is a cliche villain behind the scenes pulling strings, that doesn’t involve action for the sake of it and cliche women that are either pin ups, love interests, that run in slow motion with blow up doll expressions on their faces or actresses cast for their cheap eye candy appeal. There was no cheese in this at all; and no illogical timing mushy crap. This had a beginning, middle and an end. No cheesy monologues, no glamor shots, no lens flairs, no overpowering music and no slow motion. Just plain good old fashioned cinema that leaves you wanting and wishing you had more — which good movies are supposed to do. Most importantly THIS is what a Godzilla movie looks like.

    I’m watching it a third time.

  • Mr. White

    I had such an odd feeling watching this film. Much like my bizzarre reaction to Amazing Spider-Man 2. On one hand it’s great, on the other it’s down right terrible. Godzilla was both engaging, fun, yet for the vast majority of the film … horrendously boring. Not in a way it needed to go full B movie fest and focus on strictly the monsters. But the human drama, and the cast who portrayed them after Cranston leaves the picture left me not caring ONE single bit about anything. Didn’t buy the leads romantic interest either. The final battle with the monsters, and the cinematography was really cool though. I hope this film owns the box office this summer.

    • richidaas

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      • Werefon

        Yeah, it was all true, even the fact that I gave you black eye.

    • Jack le Critic

      Cranston was the real star of the movie, more than Godzilla. It could have been truly epic if they’d continued with his story. Instead, as you say, it’s awesome for the opening 40mins, and final 20…but mostly dull inbetween. I’m kinda deflated after watching it.

  • richidaas

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    • Werefon

      Exactly, I like to work balls of my feet out. Before that I do warm up by giving you a black eye.

    • DEADP00L

      That’s the lousiest description for baking a cake I have ever read.


    loved this movie. for all the people complaining about the lack of godzilla, you guys have been spoiled by modern blockbusters. this film was very in line with the original godzilla and jaws in that it takes patience before we get to the real blockbuster material. and dear lord was it worth it. that atomic breath.. wow. can’t wait to see what they do with the sequel!

    • Grendal Sven

      The problem wasn’t the lack of Godzilla to me I felt there was plenty of monster screen-time, the problem was the way the camera would constantly cut away during the monster battles. I never felt like the focus was on the monsters, and for a movie named friggan Godzilla, that’s not a good thing. The fighting always seemed to take place in the background while the people were running around doing their people things.

      If you take a look around the web, I do this frequently, especially when bored at work, there are numerous blogs and articles listing personal preferences in ranking all time best Godzilla movies, I noticed two constants, “Godzilla’s Revenge” was always listed dead last, and that while the lineup changes from person to person, the movies with the “slow build” that had almost no Godzilla in them until 45min to an hour in were always on the losing side of the list. Perhaps Gareth Edwards should have taken note.

      • Doug

        I love Godzilla’s Revenge!! There are so many different types of Godzilla movies, and I like the serious ones just as much as the silly ones.

        But, I agree that the problem in G2014 isn’t the lack of Godzilla. For me, the human element was bland and uninteresting. If the screen time ratio was skewed more towards monsters, I wouldn’t mind the boring chunks so much. Or if the human story were more compelling, I wouldn’t mind the lack of monsters. I like “slow build” if the build is interesting. This Godzilla movie was not.

  • Vandeline
    Check out my thoughts on Godzilla and it’s eco-philosophical implications.

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