Friday Box Office: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Set to Smash August Record

     August 2, 2014


Star Lord be praised!  After the worst July in more than a decade, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is breathing life back into this summer’s box office.  The film got off to a huge start on Thursday night, taking in $11.2 million from early previews.  That beats the $10.2 million that Captain America: The Winter Soldier earned from its Thursday screenings (also starting at 7 p.m.) back in April.  Captain America 2 went on to claim $36.9 million on Friday and an opening weekend of $95 million.  Based on Friday’s estimate, Guardians of the Galaxy could be headed even higher.  Disney is reporting that Guardians earned $37.8 million from 4,080 locations on its opening day.  That’s the third-highest single day of 2014 (behind Transformers: Age of Extinction and Godzilla) and it suggests an opening weekend of around $95 million.  Hit the jump for details and Friday’s top five.

guardians-of-the-galaxy-teaser-posterIf you’ve been paying attention to this summer’s box office you know that it’s been a little lackluster.  No film has earned more than $250 million at the domestic box office (compared to four last summer) and only one title (Transformers 4) opened above $100 million. July is typically the most lucrative month of the summer, but in 2014 total revenue for the month failed to pass $1 billion for the first time since 2002.  The year’s top two films are still Captain America 2 and The LEGO Movie, both released before the summer even started.

August is not usually the go-to month for box office blockbusters.  It’s more typically the home of sleeper hits like The Help and District 9.  But August has also hosted its share of franchise titles, including 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes and 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum, which still holds the record for top August opening weekend with $69.2 million.  Without a doubt that record now belongs to Guardians of the Galaxy.  The only question is how high it will go.  Based on its Thursday night and Friday estimates, the film should end up between $93 and $96 million: just a bit above where Godzilla hit back in May.  Of course, Guardians has better word of mouth and reviews than Godzilla – not to mention the whole Avengers factor.

Though it’s more likely that Guardians will open just below $100 million, the film still has a chance to reach triple digits.  That would be an incredible feat for an ‘original’ film.  In fact, only four non-sequel titles in history have hit that mark, including Iron Man and 2002’s Spider-Man.  Marvel’s The Avengers also opened above $100 million (in fact, it’s the only film to open above $200 million), but as the culmination of Marvel’s Phase One plotting, it’s hard to argue that the film is an “original.”  Of course by that measure, Guardians of the Galaxy is not entirely original either.  It was always clear that the film had built-in box office potential, but we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see whether the fabled ‘Avengers-bump’ can carry it over $100 million.  Check back tomorrow for complete details.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Guardians of the Galaxy $37,800,000 $37.8
2.  Lucy $5,500,000 $66.7
3.  Get On Up $5,000,000 $5
4.  Hercules $3,151,000 $44.8
5.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes $2,425,000 $183
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  • Manuel Orozco

    Guardians is on a roll too bad I won’t be seeing it for two weeks

  • agent 002

    DC is working in the shadows but will come out on top!

    • chris


    • Mezmero

      I’m not like the dumb asses that will deny it because all the people who said GOG was going to fail are claiming they always liked it. When they first announced it Comic-Con they were pissed it was Gaurdians.

    • Jack Dennis

      idk about on top but BvS will undoubtedly make a billion.i would bet on that

  • vpuik

    It deserves every penny.

  • Mezmero

    This is in a class of it’s own!!! Go see this!!

  • brNdon

    I’ve seen it twice and I would see it again. Also, didn’t fandango say this movie had over $60 million in presale? Not sure why its only at $37 million

    • Aquartertoseven

      Obviously they were talking about the entire weekend.

  • Harry

    Iron Man did not make 100 million. Just trying to help.

    • Damn


      “In its opening weekend, Iron Man grossed $98,618,668 in 4,105 theaters in the United States and Canada”
      - Wikipedia

  • Jack Dennis

    you can’t say this had an avengers bump because none of these characters were in the avengers.this win was the result of a great film and a fantastic marketing team.its almost insulting to the film to say the box office was the cause of an “avengers bump”.

    • Melwing

      “From the studio that brought you ‘The Avengers’”….. sorry, but that’s a bump. (edit: To clarify, I’m not disagreeing with your point, really- the film’s marketing was fantastic on it’s own, but I’m sure that seeing the ‘Avengers’ tag in the ads helped to some significant degree)

      • J

        No, that’s marketing.

      • Melwing

        If you think marketing is not a bump, I don’t know what else to say to you. (especially when it’s talking of one of the most successful films of recent years, and of all time)

      • Gregory Otis Dow

        I agree Theres most definitely A marketing bump but i will point out that the people that see avengers are typically the people that will see this and other movies of the like. There marketing was great Phenomenal Even..

      • Jack Dennis

        i think the “avengers bump” only factors in the characters who were in the avengers.they look at the solo films of characters who were in the film of increased or decreased box office to see if there appearance in the avengers had an effect.thats why GOTG doesn’t apply .im sure the “brought to you by..” had an effect but thats not the case for an “avengers bump”.studios do the “brought to you by..” all the time and it doesn’t always could say”brought to you by the studio that made avatar” for all there movies, but that doesn’t mean people will go see that certain movie.alot of people don’t care who the studio is or what films they made.

      • Silly!

        Fox COULD say “from the studio that brought you Avatar” for in all their marketing, but that would be retarded if it weren’t another sci-fi action/adventure movie…

        Or do you not quite understand how marketing works in selecting certain demographics and audiences to maximise revenue? In this case, Marvel movies use their MOST POPULAR AND HIGHEST GROSSING film to advertise OTHER FILMS IN A SIMILAR VEIN. But go ahead and pretend you think it would be a good idea for Fox to use “from the studio that brought you Avatar” to sell a rom-com to 30-something females, or a political drama to over-40 democrat couples… Just silly! You’re silly!

      • Jack Dennis

        I’m saying that they shouldn’t do that and that not everyone cares what studio made what movie.i completely understand how marketing works. i was using that as an example.people i know don’t usually get hung up on what studio made the movie, but the movie’re right that would be completely silly if they did

      • Silly!

        I’ll reiterate:

        And most audiences do care what studio made what movie, it’s depressing but a lot of people are swayed by things that look similar, or are works from studios/actors/directors they have seen before regardless of reviews…

      • Jack Dennis

        i understand what you’re saying and you’re right and its sad that it works that way.

      • Melwing

        But this is a superhero team-up movie by the people who made an awesome, mega-successful… you guessed it– SUPERHERO TEAM-UP MOVIE.

      • Jack Dennis

        i get that man .im just trying to give credit to the movie itself.

      • Silly!

        Well, I mean, Marvel couldn’t rightly advertise Guardians based on the public perception of Guardians before Guardians had come out, could they? :P

        So they couldn’t use “the movie itself” to effectively advertise “the movie itself” to as wide a spectrum of the public as possible… Marketing 101 is to advertise something as being based/preceded by something the public loved beforehand and use that to sell the new item.

      • Jack Dennis

        i completely get the marketing of the movie and why they did the brought to you by .im saying it won people over by its original premise and characters and soundtrack .of course they had to mention the avengers.

    • Joey

      you seem to hold the majority of audiences in far too high a regard, most people i know who were interested in this movie were only interested in it because of The Avengers, as it’s THE big Marvel movie that EVERYONE went to go and see :P
      and the only other people i know NOW interested in seeing it are only because of the reviews…

      i think the idea of an “avengers bump” is more than fair and makes total sense, every trailer i saw for it led with “from the studio who brought you The Avengers” :P

  • lobtaylor

    Great , I’ll love to see a sequel. Am off to see this tomorrow . But so far am liking the trailers. Hope its not too comedic and slapstick, I cant stand those.

  • Melwing

    I know it’s been said a million times, but:

    1) I *still* can’t believe we have a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
    2) I *still* can’t believe it happened before a Justice League movie.

  • mattinacan

    consider me STUNNED. this was the best movie i’ve seen in the theater all year, and it is the best marvel film to date by a mile. i officially don’t even care about any of the other heroes including avengers 2, i just want to know when this sequel is arriving and if Gunn is directing.

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