Friday Box Office – HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET and END OF WATCH Neck and Neck for First; TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE Takes Third; DREDD 3D Falls Short

     September 22, 2012


Welcome to another disappointing weekend at the domestic box office. Four new titles debuted on Friday, but none is expected to reach $15 million by Sunday. That means that overall profits will be down for the fifth frame in a row. Despite the low grosses, Friday’s top five contained a few surprises. Few expected big things from End of Watch, the cop drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal; but after posting a Friday estimate of $4.6 million from just 2,730 runs, the R-rated indie has a shot at winning the weekend with a projected $13.5 million. Relativity’s House at the End of the Street was also a surprise ‘hit’ on Friday, earning an estimated $4.64 million from 3,083 locations to edge out End of Watch for first. The PG-13 thriller with Jennifer Lawrence is expected to fall in the rankings this weekend, but should still end up with $13 million for its first three days. Meanwhile, the film that was supposed to eclipse both of these smaller-releases – Warner Brother’s Trouble with the Curve – will struggle to match them this weekend. The baseball drama starring Clint Eastwood earned $4.1 million from 3,212 locations on Friday, making it unlikely that the PG-13 pic will reach the $18 million first-weekend that was projected. Finally, an enthusiastic reception at Comic-Con promised a solid opening for Lionsgate’s 3D comic reboot Dredd 3D. Instead, the R-rated feature took in just $2.2 million for what looks like a dismal $6.5 million first weekend.  We’ll have full details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1. House at the End of the Street $4,640,000 $4.64
2. End of Watch $4,600,000 $4.6
3. Trouble with the Curve $4,165,000 $4.16
4. Finding Nemo 3D $2,388,000 $22.9
5. Dredd $2,230,000 $2.2
  • Marco

    Suck for Dredd. I watched it last night and it’s a pretty good movie. A lot of unnecessary killing, but it makes it that much more awesome.

    • Mark

      Unnecessary killing? It’s an R-rated film based on Judge Dredd. What were you expecting?

  • Django9000

    I don’t blame Stallone, necessarily, for the cold reception to the DREDD reboot.

    The comics are amazing, and this looks like a fitting tribute.

    I blame Rob Sneider. =)

  • Dredd

    Injustice for Dredd!!!
    film of the year for me, why are people seeing House at end of street, given the rotten reviews, and not seeing Dredd given the great reviews??? I want sequels damn it!!

    • Very Real

      It’s cuz of Jennifer Lawrence. The HUNGER GAMES helped her gain more fans than ever.

  • MegaCity

    the hell’s goin on here? there better be a big budget sequel to Dredd! the best action movie in a long time…and a proper replacement to the Dark Knight trilogy! (which i love beyond belief!!) whats going on?

    • Dredd

      Totally agree! Dredd is up there with Rambo 4 and District-9 for me.

  • Junierizzle

    Damn, there goes the Dredd sequel. Such a fun movie.

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  • Django9000

    I think it’s fair to say we have a Fresh New CULT CLASSIC on our hands.
    Much in the spirit of Sunshine, another fan-favorite, often referenced by people with good
    taste type underground sleeper hit.
    DREDD, incidentally, is by the same writer, who also produced it.

    Could we use the profits from the film to simply reprint MORE DREDD COMICS in America???
    They really deserve to be read. And this film deserves to be seen – midnight showings notwithstanding! ! !
    I’m starting a whisper campaign to get people to see it next week, so we can maybe give it a little bump, show the studios what for. (I STILL blame Rob Sneider)

  • scarpredator

    There was talk that Dredd would become a cult classic. It seems that they may be correct. It doesn’t help though that it’s not opening in every theater. My local theater did not get the movie – or didn’t want to.

  • Marty

    Go to the Dredd bastards. Its of the badass movies I’ve ever seen. I wanna sequel you ,hunger god damn games fans!!!


    Adults would choose badly reviewed films like House at the End… and Trouble at the Curve over good, well-reviewed indie films like Dredd. Then they complain about Hollywood’s output of kid and family-pandering sausage factory films.

    If you want a better variety of films: GO SEE DREDD AND MORE THAN ONCE>

  • stylus59

    Word-of-mouth people! Spread the news on the awesomeness of Dredd. I know I did. Help Dredd gain legs in box-office gross!