Friday Box Office – HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Underwhelms with $12.2 Million Debut

     March 27, 2010


Audiences have not yet tired of paying 30% more to see a mediocre movie in three dimensions, but if last night’s box office estimates are to be believed the novelty is fading fast. Dreamworks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon opened with $12.2 million from 4,055 theatres and seems destined for a weekend in the $45 million range. That’s significantly under the $40 million Alice in Wonderland opened with on a Friday three weeks back and is even under the $14 million Martin Scorsese’s dimensionally-challenged Shutter Island opened to in February. Considering the big theatre count and the higher prices, this is a disappointment for Dreamworks. And speaking of disappointments, it looks like MGM can’t count on Hot Tub Time Machine to pull them out of their death spiral. The comedy debuted with $4.5 million on Friday and is now expected to come in at around $14 million for the weekend. Full three day details when you check back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 How to Train Your Dragon $12,200,000 $12.2
2 Alice in Wonderland $4,700,000 $280.5
3 Hot Tub Time Machine $4,500,000 $4.5
4 The Bounty Hunter $4,000,000 $30.4
5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid $2,900,000 $28.6
  • Corin Prendiville

    I think a lot of people are saving their movie fund for Kick-Ass. Alice in Wonderland received far more attention than How To Train Your Dragon, equally due to it being a classic childrens tale, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton – the 3D was only a small part of the appeal to the mass audience.

    I was thinking about seeing a movie last night but I couldn't decide which one to see, decided to go for neither.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    I don't know. This movie was tons of fun. I could see it picking up throughout the weekend and maybe even next week as word of mouth catches up. I hope it does. I didn't find it mediocre at all. It wasn't too deep, but the characters left an impression.
    For Dreamworks, I think it was a new high. Only Kung Fu Panda was as good for me.

    I guess some people like Shrek, though. If Dragon ends up with poor returns, I hope Dreamworks doesn't take this as an indicator to make more stuff like Madagascar and Shrek sequels. That would be so sad.

    Also, to be fair, Alice in Wonderland was a sequel to a well known franchise (despite people not calling it a sequel) and had Johnny Depp headlining and was the first live action 3D movie since Avatar. Dragon is like the 12th 3D animated film.

  • MCP

    I waiting for next month, this month was OK, kinda, but next will be great.
    Clash of the Titans
    Should be an good ass kicking month!

    End of Line

  • KooKooNutz

    I saw this movie and loved it. My 10 year-old niece and 8 year-old nephew were equally thrilled with it. I am not sure the lengthy title of this film did it any favors nor do I think Vikings come off as “fun” but the movie was better than expected. So maybe word of mouth will boost it through the weekend.

  • Marci

    Alice in Wonderland is just the exact same story, but it has real life characters. How to Train Your Dragon is new. Dreamwork, you've done it again.

  • Marci

    Alice in Wonderland is just the exact same story, but it has real life characters. How to Train Your Dragon is new. Dreamwork, you've done it again.