Friday Box Office: IF I STAY on Top with $6.8 Million; SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Tanks with Paltry $2.6 Million

     August 23, 2014


The Young Adult trend continues at the box office this weekend as the Chloe Grace Moretz-fronted adaptation If I Stay topped all contenders on Friday with a solid $6.8 million.  That’s a far cry from the $26 million that The Fault in Our Stars took in on opening day earlier this year, but still a respectable pull for the $11 million drama.  Reviews weren’t as ecstatic as that previous YA film, but fans of both Moretz and author Gayle Forman’s source material look to have turned out for the film, which is on track for a weekend total around $16.5 million.  That might not be enough for the number one spot though, as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has its eye on reclaiming the title with a Friday take of $4.8 million, looking to pull in somewhere between $17.5 million to $17.7 million.  On the flipside, the sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For absolutely bombed with a mere $2.6 million on Friday, putting it on track for an opening weekend just under $7 million.

More Friday Box Office details and the full Top 5 chart after the jump.

sin-city-a-dame-to-kill-for-mickey-rourke-jessica-albaThe original Sin City was a box office hit, taking in $29 million and the top spot during its opening weekend in 2005 despite its heavily stylized aesthetic.  Demand was high for a follow-up, but A Dame to Kill For appears to be a case of too little too late as reviews are tepid and the audience simply isn’t there.  After having its release date delayed nearly a full year, the follow-up—co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller—should come in at number six overall this weekend.  Oof.

This weekend’s other new wide release is the faith-based sports drama When the Game Stands Tall, which pulled in $3 million on Friday and is on track for an opening weekend around or below $10 million.  Films in the faith-based genre normally have strong legs, so the $15 million pic is expected to do well in the weeks to come.

Check out Friday’s Top 5 below and check back on Sunday for a full weekend box office rundown.

Title Friday Total
1 If I Stay $6,825,000 $6,825,000
2 Guardians of the Galaxy $4,831,000 $239,085,000
3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $4,535,000 $133,345,000
4 Let’s Be Cops $3,225,000 $37,471,000
5 When the Game Stands Tall $3,000,000 $3,000,000


  • Dwight

    Had a feeling Sin City wouldn’t do too well, but I didn’t think it’d do this poorly. Glad Guardians is reclaiming the #1 spot it fully deserves and just goes to show that it has great legs for continued success

    • Frank

      Agreed… I figured it would underperform, but not this poorly. Was this unrated? I saw a promo for this a week ago and it was still marked as “unrated.” If so, that probably didn’t help things. I really do wonder why they waited so long to put out a sequel…

      • Portion

        Stop saying “Agree” u trendy git

      • spaceMONkeyx01

        Agreed. Ya stop saying that.

  • appolox

    Agreed. A Dame to Kill for was doomed. It just come out way to late. It’s a shame though, as I was very much hoping for a Sin City 3.

    • Newstarwarswillsuck

      STOP SAYING “agreed” u WANKER

      • Ozweego


  • Matt1

    Robert Rodriguez is done. M.Rodriguez Shyamalan.

  • JMD

    I loved the first Sin City, but A Dame To Kill For was just not very good. It wasn’t terrible, but it certainly wasn’t good. I wasn’t even really entertained by it. They waited way too long for a sequel.

    • alk

      This is the problem. Rodriguez just didn’t try to top the original, everything was sloppy and second rate. The movie as a whole at times even felt like a student project, like an imitation, a tribute to the original. Sure, it had the same style, it had much of the same cast, and some great new actors too- Eva Green, Josh Brolin, Ray Liotta Joseph Gordon Levitt and even Julia Garner!! But they were wasted by sloppy direction from Miller and Rodriguez.
      The stories picked were also way too tame and stilted for an energetic cinematic Sin City romp…Hardly anything happened. Way too much waiting around, talking, and cuts in time. BAM.
      That’s why this TANKED.

  • Cog 2.0

    Frank Miller is a poor director.

  • Eskay

    LOL — Sin City sucks. Epic Fail. Matt was 100% correct on this one. A complete and utter dud of a movie.

    • newstarwarswillsuck

      you’re a LOOOSER becuz you say “epic fail” you are a sheep I don;t like this movie but i think u are a puke loser becuz u talk like everyone else in the world showing that yer a ROOOOBOT

      • ed

        i feel bad for people that have to be around you in real life newstarwars. you and all the negative people that post on collider.

      • alk

        You will find negative people everywhere on the internet. It’s like walking into a saloon and hoping not to find anyone crazy drunks looking for fights. It comes with the territory. With that being said, I hope you’re not referring to me, I at least try to offer up valid points when I criticize something.

  • Roadrunner

    WOW Expendables 3 is GONE it’s not even in the top 5 anymore

  • Agent777

    Well when you wait ten years and do 18 Spy Kids movies inbetween, what else do you expect. Damn shame though.


    Spose Piracy to blame again huh? Seems to have done worse than expendables 3. Wonder how many downloads this has totalled?