Friday Box Office – INCEPTION Opens On Top with $21.3 Million

     July 17, 2010

It’s been exactly two years since Christopher Nolan made box office history with The Dark Knight. Though we’ve known for months that Inception wouldn’t measure up to TDK in terms of grosses, that hasn’t stopped Nolan’s fans from speculating about how much money the director’s follow-up might take in. Well speculate no more! From its 3,792 locations the PG-13 mind-bender took in an estimated $21.3 million, including $3 million from midnight previews.  That’s solid for a non-remake/non-comic-based property and well above the $14 million Shutter Island made on its opening this February. But that’s not a fair comparison. In fact, because of Nolan’s reputation and his insistence on keeping his film’s concept under wraps, you would have to look all the way back to August 2002 for a film that feels comparable. Back then a hot director named ‘Shyamalan’ opened Signs with $20.8 million on Friday on its way to a weekend worth $60 million (not adjusted for inflation). As with everything concerning Inception, weekend projections have been all over the map; but I’m guessing that $60/$65 million is about right. We’ll have details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Inception $21,300,000 $21.3
2 Despicable Me $10,000,000 $95.6
3 Sorcerer’s Apprentice $5,400,000 $12.4
4 Twilight Saga: Eclipse $4,500,000 $255.7
5 Toy Story 3 $3,450,000 $354.3
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  • Corin Prendiville

    I saw the movie last night and brought along 3 friends. It was really good, the action was well-paced and kept you interested and on the edge of your seat the entire movie. The best part about the movie was the well placed comedy (and of course the ending). My only complaints are the music (as usual, Nolan has terrible taste in playing music… way to loud and it all sounds the same), the other complaint is that Leonardo plays (behavior-wise) almost the same character as he does in Shutter Island, I almost expected everyone around him to start telling him that they aren't who he thinks they are lol.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Oh and Tom Hardy was great in Inception, I am now anticipating the new Mad Max films with hope. :]

  • Kubchaser

    The movie was well worth the wait! I have NEVER ever wanted to see a movie this bad on it's first date of release. But last night, I just couldn't wait and got 5 other people to go with me. What a TREAT “Inception” is. Full of action.. mystery.. fantasy.. and shocking discoveries one after another. The ending is just a “pleasant” disappointment.. it makes you want to know more….. I still remember how quite a few of audience (including me).. went like “Awwwwwwwwww…. no……” in the end! The focus on the tiny little thing was UNREAL. All in all, this is an A+ movie for those who are seeking action.. for those who are seeking sc-fi fantasy.. and for those who want to indulge themselves in the “suspense”. Mr. Nolan has outdone himself this time! Man, I can't imagine what he is gong to do next to TOP this one.. Inception is better than Dark Knight (in my opinion). The plot is original…. the story can keep you on the edge every single second of the movie!

  • Kubchaser

    By the way, some viewers dislike the music.. but I disagree. Mr. Nolan knows his music.. the impact of loud intense drama is excellent! I actually think the music makes this movie even better!!

  • Coachaaron

    i agree 100% the music was like another character adding to the intensity of the story. it reminded me of how well the star wars themes support all those films. my only issue with inception was with how the music was mixed with the dialogue. more than once, i couldn't understand what the characters were saying because the music was over powering them.

  • joe_6285

    It has opened nice it just needs to hold on till next week till salt comes after that there is no more big competition and it can easily make it's mark it's way up to 200 or 250 million by the end of it's run that's what I think and I don't think Salt will be that great like Inception.So it has again chance of making it top of the box office this weekend again because word of mouth was good.