January 11, 2014


Of the five movies opening nationwide as of Friday, only one was brand new – and it’s looking like a bit of a weakling.  The Legend of Hercules, the first of two movies this year to star the mythic strong man, opened to a disappointing $3 million from 2,104 locations.  That means that Hercules is likely to fall short of its (very modest) $10 million goal this weekend.  Considering Hercules is currently rocking a 2% on Rotten Tomatoes, however, things could be worse for the son of Zeus.

Among the four titles expanding their runs this weekend, the clear winner is Lone Survivor.  After two weeks in two locations, Universal’s military drama took in an estimated $14.4 million from 2,876 locations on Friday.  That puts Lone Survivor on track for first place with about $34 million this weekend.  That’s well above the $24 million originally projected and tops the $24.4 million that Zero Dark Thirty realized after its nationwide expansion at this time last year.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Lone Survivor $14,400,000 $14.7
2.  Frozen $3,111,000 $305.7
3.  Legend of Hercules $3,080,000 $3.08
4.  Wolf of Wall Street $2,726,000 $72.3
5.  American Hustle $2,580,000 $95.5
6.  August: Osage County $2,200,000 $2.7

Friday numbers for Her and August: Osage County after the jump:

Spike Jonze’s Her earned a total of $3.3 million playing in less than 50 locations for the past three weeks or so.  On Friday, the critically-acclaimed Warner Bros. release expanded to 1,729 venues and took in an estimated $1.8 million.  Current projections for the weekend are in the $8 million range – or not far off the projected opening for The Legend of Hercules.  Of course, an opening figure that looks bad for Hercules would be a win for Her – based on budget, theatre count, audience demographics and long-term prospects.  Hercules would be lucky to pull out one strong weekend, while Her – with an awards-season assist – should play well for several weeks.

TWC’s August: Osage County was hoping for a similar Oscar season bump.  The adaptation of the acclaimed play starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts has earned $2.7 million after two weeks in five theatres.  Now in 905 locations as of Friday, August: Osage County took in an estimated $2.2 million and is expected to hit $7 million through Sunday.  Considering the film’s critical response has been somewhat less than stellar, Friday’s estimate looks promising.

CBS Film’s Inside Llewyn Davis added 573 screens to its theatre count on Friday and $551,000 to its total to bring its domestic gross up to $7.9 million after five weeks.  In terms of Coen Brothers releases, Inside Llewyn Davis should pass the lifetime gross of 2009’s A Serious Man ($9.2 million) by Monday.

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  • furion77

    Went to see Hercules last night and to my surprise the movie was rather good. Not the great acting but this movie is not drama. For the action and slow-mo galore is pretty good. See it in 3D if you are planning on seeing it.

    • Jose


    • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

      Thank you lionsgate marketing intern

      • furion77

        I wish I was one so I can get extra income….:) If you do not like my opinion I understand, not everyone has the same tastes.

      • Dick Adams

        You’re real funny lionsgate marketing unpaid intern.

    • ScratStitch

      Thanks for your honest opinion. Shame people here have just responded to it with snark. :(

      • Dave

        Thank you other Lionsgate marketing intern

      • RiddleThemThis

        It’s nearly impossible to post your opinion without someone telling you that you’re wrong.

      • James Walsh

        You’re right about that, other other Lionsgate marketing intern

      • RiddleThemThis

        I don’t even want to see the movie. I like Scott Adkins, but that’s not reason enough for me to go and see the film.

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  • Bellicose Aries

    What a load of crap! Who ever got paid to make this crap; didn’t get paid nearly enough to sell their soul like this. I also saw a screening of this “film” and it’s got to be one of the worst things I’ve seen in a long, long time. I love Greek mythology and this is so far off track, you can’t even use the term Tomato – Toma(toe). More like Tomato – Giraffe. If you liked this garbage you have a palette that wouldn’t even be able to tell you you’re eating vomit and not soup.