Friday Box Office: MALEFICENT Casts a Spell; A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST Misfires

     May 31, 2014


On its first day in theatres, Disney’s Maleficent earned an estimated $24.2 million from 3,948 locations, including $4.2 million from Thursday evening previews.  That puts PG-rated fantasy on track for over $60 million through Sunday, which is in line with pre-release expectations.  Maleficent pushed last weekend’s X-Men: Days of Future Past into second place.  The all-star mutant sequel picked up a few large format theatres formerly held by Godzilla, but was still down 73% on Friday.  The X-Men are expected to earn about $30 million in their sophomore frame, bringing their global cume close to $400 million.

Which brings us to A Million Ways to Die in the West.  The Seth MacFarlane Western earned an estimated $6.1 million from 3,158 locations on Friday – well below even the lowest projection for the R-rated comedy.  Though Westerns have had a hard time breaking through at the box office, Universal hoped that MacFarlane’s success with Ted would be enough to secure at least $25 million for his follow-up’s first weekend.  Instead, A Million Ways to Die in the West may bring in under $15 million in its first three days – about what Adam Sandler’s Blended opened with one week ago. Ouch.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Maleficent $24,248,000 $24.2
2.  X-Men: Days of Future Past $9,400,000 $138.8
3.  A Million Ways to Die in the West $6,100,000 $6.1
4.  Godzilla $3,305,000 $165.7
5.  Neighbors $2,400,000 $123.2
  • Brandon

    I was just waiting for some one to use the “westerns have a hard time at the box office” excuse. That’s a bunch of bs. The problem is that “a million ways” just looks like a terrible movie and not funny. Bad reviews don’t help.

    • aceshigh

      I don’t think that’s solely the reason…it’s a ridiculously jammed summer schedule. X Men is already being crowded out after only a week, and it’s only going to get more crowded in a few more weeks.

      Captain America lucked out by having a good few weeks of the box office to itself before summer really started in earnest.

      AMWTDITW isn’t really a summer movie…they could’ve released it in the fall or early spring.

      • MJ

        Yea, I agree. The hubris of the overated MacFarlane to put this particular movie in the summer tent-pole season seems inexplicable now.

        It’s a shitty movie, but I certainly think it would have done much better box office as a February release this year.

        And I’m really pissed at MacFarlane, because some people will make that dumbass “Westerns don’t do good box office” here, even though that has nothing to do with why this movie is not being seen. This movie sucks — reviewers and word of mouth have been horrid.

      • Doug_101

        I think Cap 2 has shown that studios can spread these films out – and Fast Five before that. If the movie’s good, people will come to see it. I hate that “the rules” are that crap movies come out in January, February, and September. Save some of these not-yet-ready-for-summer flicks for those lean months and spread the wealth a bit.

    • brNdon

      It would have been good with a real actor in the lead. MacFarlane was OK but he really killed the experience. All you hear is Brian.

      • Doug_101

        I think it would have worked a lot better if he had just done a comedy western as opposed to one long stand up bit about how bad it sucked to live in the Old West. It just wasn’t that funny and his painfully self-aware character got tired really fast.

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  • MJ

    GUY SMILEY — you see this?

    MILO — you see this?

    It’s just as I predicted last Sunday, where you guys wouldn’t believe me. Guy, you made a point how bad it was that Godzilla dropped 73% — dude, that’s exactly the same drop as XM-DOFP last night. As I said last Sunday:

    “There is absolutely NO WAY this movie is going to make $250M domestic. It might crawl to $200M domestic, but I have doubts over that even. I would say $195M would be about the best case scenario, but sure, this estimate of mine could be off by perhaps $5M to $10M. Come back next weekend after the box office receipts are in, and let’s see if you are singing the same tune then. I bet it only makes $30M next weekend, and then drops like a stone to $15M the following week when the surprisingly greatly reviewed Edge of Tomorrow will dominate.”

    Looks like I was SPOT-ON !!!

    How do you guys like your crow served?

    • RiddleThemThis

      With steak and beer.

    • aceshigh

      I’m gonna be pissed if a piece of garbage like ASM2 ends up grossing more than X-Men: DOFP.

      But again: it’s all about the compressed summer release schedule. Shuffle the release dates of Cap 2, ASM2 and DOFP, and the grosses would change accordingly.

      • MJ

        I agree regarding ASM2 and DOFP, but Cap 2 is in a different class than these movies. Cap 2 would have made as much money on any date on the year.

      • aceshigh

        You’re probably right (Disney’s Marvel is the gold standard), although I didn’t love Cap 2 as much as everyone else apparently did. It was very, very good, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t quite get all of the effusive praise for it.

        In fact, I enjoyed DOFP a bit more than Cap 2.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Cap 2 had no character development and a half baked story, it’s the most overrated comic book movie I’ve ever seen.

      • MJ

        Sorry, but your comment on Cap 2 just lacks objectivity and credibility. Nothing personal, but I can’t really take that opinion very seriously.

      • Aquartertoseven

        You can say empty words but that doesn’t give them any weight. How is it not objective to tell the truth; which character develops exactly? Who grows over the course of the film? Look at how basic the story was, how is it not credible to state that?

        You sound like a little child stamping his feet, putting his figures in his ears because he doesn’t like what he hears. Well tough, it’s the truth.

      • MJ

        Remember now, you were one of the dudes who insisted last weekend, when I predicted that the box-office for XM-DOFP would drop nearly as much as Godzilla — I predicted it would drop hugely this weekend and only make about $30M — and then you posted the following:

        “It will roar ahead with the massive Monday gross. And not drop off to a huge degree like Zilla.”

        Well, now this weekends estimate is in, and XM-DOFP made about $32M, with a huge 65% drop off — just as I predicted, and only a few points shy of Godzilla’s drop off.

        So, you see, you have already lost some credibility here in my and others’ eyes. Hence, people are going to obviously doubt similarly “suspect” comments from you such as “Cap 2 is the most overrated comic book movie in history”. You’ve lost the credibility already for people to take this comment seriously.

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

      • Aquartertoseven

        What a peculiar person you are. And the fact that you can’t even answer my questions speaks volumes.

      • MJ

        Hey Bubbie, be right on a couple of things in a row and then we’ll talk. Kappish?

      • Aquartertoseven

        I wasn’t wrong though, it didn’t drop off like Godzilla; Zilla dropped 66.8% on its 2nd weekend, DOFP dropped only 64.1%. And comparing both films, X-Men is doing a fair bit better and won’t get lost in the shuffle quite like Godzilla will be.

        So I was right and yet that has nothing to do with 100% accurate comments about TWS either; who developed in the film? Which character changed? Cap, Widow, Fury, no-one grew. Hell, even Bucky only became possibly open to the concept of change at the end credits!

      • brNdon

        NIck Fury grows. Black Widow grows. Cap doesn’t really grow because he is not supposed to. He is that immoveable object. That is who his character is.
        And how crazy was the story supposed to be? It was a Captain America story, through and through.

      • Aquartertoseven

        None of them grow, how does Fury or Widow change?

        It was supposed to be a deep conspiracy story and it was so minimalistic and basic.