Friday Box Office: MAMA Tops ZERO DARK THIRTY with $10 Million to Start MLK Weekend

     January 19, 2013


Two films starring newly-minted Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain topped Friday’s box office. Zero Dark Thirty, the film that brought Chastain her Best Actress win on Sunday, was expected to run neck-and-neck with Mama, the new PG-13 horror feature, at this weekend’s box office. Instead, with a better-than expected $10 million estimate from 2,647 locations on Friday, Mama should easily claim the MLK weekend title with over $25 million. Zero Dark Thirty, last weekend’s number one film, will take second with around $15 million through Sunday. Chastain’s one-two sweep upstaged the weekend’s R-rated action debuts: Broken City and The Last Stand. Both underwhelmed – though with its estimate of $3 million from 2,620 locations, Broken City at least made it into Friday’s top five. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand was not so lucky. With just $2 million from 2,913 locations, The Last Stand will finish the weekend near the bottom of the top ten. Finally, Silver Linings Playbook expanded into 2,523 locations on Friday, propelling the R-rated Oscar nominee into the top five on its tenth weekend in theatres. Check back tomorrow for full details.

Title Friday Total
1. Mama $10,000,000 $10
2. Zero Dark Thirty $4,600,000 $42.9
3. Broken City $3,000,000 $3
4. Silver Linings Playbook $2,954,000 $46.9
5. Gangster Squad $2,665,000 $25.7
  • Sylvester Stallone

    Sorry about your luck Arny, lets hope I do a little better with BTTH…

    • Truthsayer

      Wtf does that mean? Idiot, only use abbreviations for well known phrases or you come across as a fool.

  • Mike

    Why would anyone watch a bad movie starring some old republican who destroyed California and cheated on his wife?

    • Anonymous

      100 percent Super agreed let’s not forget that being an immigrant looking for work himself he has talked shit about them in the past

  • Anonymous

    Jessica with black hair = Super hot.

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