Friday Box Office: MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Stays on Top; THE HEAT Beats WHITE HOUSE DOWN on First Day

     June 29, 2013


Following its impressive debut last weekend, Monsters University held on to first place on Friday with an estimated $14.2 million. As expected, the Pixar prequel edged out newcomers The Heat and White House Down and will now enjoy its second weekend on top with at least $45 million.

In the battle of the new releases, The Heat clearly burned the brightest. The R-rated comedy earned an estimated $13.6 million from 3,181 locations on Friday, including $1 million from Thursday pm previews. That puts the Fox feature on track for over $35 million through Sunday – topping its $30 million studio projection. A few weeks back, Sony’s White House Down was also expected to open in the $30-$35 million range. But after realizing just $9 million from 3,222 locations on Friday, the action-thriller will be lucky to reach $25 million by Sunday. In case you’re keeping score, Olympus Has Fallen earned $30.3 million for its debut last March – and with half the reported budget of White House Down. We’ll have complete details on this weekend’s box office tomorrow.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Monsters University $14,280,000 $139.1
2.  The Heat $13,600,000 $13.6
3.  White House Down $9,000,000 $9
4.  World War Z $8,940,000 $102.8
5.  Man of Steel $6,020,000 $233.8
  • The Hobbit

    Doesnt Look Good for WHD,,,With The Lone Ranger coming Next Weekend this is going to be another turkey For Sony After After Earth…
    Too Much COmpetition This Summer is affecting The Over all performance..

  • Alan Burnett

    AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA Man of Steel budget 225 Mil and it’s take thus far 233. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHa. People hated it. It got bad word of mouth and Nolan’s streak of producing mediocrity to big box office has failed.

    • scottish_punk

      You forgot to count worldwide dollars. The US isn’t the only country that it’s playing. And I dunno, I thought MOS was pretty good, imo.

    • Khan

      It would make more worldwide if he had stated at the end of the movie that he proctects the interests of the Planet and Humanity, not the one country involved in most Worlwide coup d e’tats to accomodate it, whose citizens and the World’s have been finding out they can’t congratulate your children on their birthday without the call being sp,ied upon. Ironic that a man without superpowers would rather stand by the people and show them the truth of the governm ways. XD OH but I’m from Kansas meh.

    • Phil Dunphee

      Wow. Jealous guy aren’t ya?

  • Ozweego

    Estimating, I think MOS will top out at $275-$300 million. I wonder if this is the total the studio was looking for. I can only imagine they were thinking more like $400 million plus. Will this mean a change in director? I know Snyder is signed on for the sequel but we all know that doesn’t mean anything.

    • The Hobbit

      I dont think Anyone was thinking $ 400 Millions For MOS…Thats too Much..

      • Ozweego

        I don’t think so. Maybe 5 years ago anything over $250 million was considered a grand slam but we aren’t in those times anymore. In the age of Avatar, Batman, Avengers, etc I think studios expect big money (400 million+) from movies like MOS

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Thank god White House down is bombing
    I will never see anything with Jamie foxx playing his god and savior president fighting against homegrown right wing fanatic
    He’s racist . I’m sure he doesn’t want my white money

  • Griz

    Wow, after MOS and Rises Nolan has become the go to guy for shitting the franchise bed.

    • scottish_punk

      …or so you believe. And Nolan didn’t direct MOS. Just sayin’.

      • Griz

        Executive produced and penned the story…just sayin’

      • Ozweego

        Goyer penned it, not Nolan….just sayin’

      • Griz

        Copied from the IMDB page for Maon of Steel
        Writing credits(WGA)David S. Goyer (screenplay)

        David S. Goyer (story) &Christopher Nolan (story)

      • Griz

        Why is that the Nolan nuthuggers were all about: “Dis film will be great broseph derp. Our God Chris Nolan came up wit da story derp. He’s producing derp. In Nolan we trust derp.” Then the film turned out to be an epic bed-shitting and suddenly they’re all like “Nolan didn’t write the script derp. It was goyers fault derp. Nolan 4 life derp.”

        A derp a derp a tiddly derp derp.

        You fucking plebeian clowns don’t know jack shit and are almost bad as religious fucktards. Just sayin….

      • scottish_punk

        So says the person going to religious fucktard lengths to prove an otherwise meaningless hatred for a person who, regardless of whether or not you like or hate his work, has achieved eons more than you ever will in this lifetime.

        As opposed to myself and one other person on this thread, stating tiny truths and facts in relatively short sentences.

        Obsessed much?


      • Griz

        You stank Scottish Git. If at least one Nolanite admitted he wasn’t infallible than I’d retire from posting on this website. It’s on you, Groundskeeper willie. If you admit Nolan is fallible than I give you my word of honor, caber tosser, that I will stop posting. So man the fuck up, you Haggistani sheep shagger, or shut in the fuck up.

      • scottish_punk

        The problem with your already quasi-psycho logic is that I’m not a Nolanite. I appreciate Nolan, but I also appreciate Spielberg, Tarantino, Lynch, Payne, del Toro, etc. I’m a film buff. All film directors are fallible. That’s not a cop-out to your creepy hatred for this one director, just simple human logic…something you seem to have an infinite lack of.

        You DO understand that the more you (and numerous others) obsessively post your masturbatory hatred for Nolan, makes you no better than those many others that obsessively post their masturbatory love for him. The opinions may be night and day, but you’re all still molded from obsession-flavored creepy.

        Just sayin’.

      • Griz

        So, the sheep shagger isn’t prepared to admit that some isn’t infallible? ALL director’s are infallible? From webster’: infallible: incapable of error. So ALL directors are incapable of making errors? HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! See the extent to which Nolanites are deluded? There has never been a human being in the history of the entire species dating back 4 million year who is infallible. It’s.Never. FUCKING. HAPPENED!!!!! What the fuck?!! How can people be so fucking stupid. It boggles the fucking mind. Seriously. Everyone, get a fucking grip. Nolan is a hack. A hack who nerds like. The hate he receives arises simply from the fact that his followers (like yourself William Wallace) cannot admit he’s less than God. It’s intolerable because it’s SO fucking IDIOTIC! You couldn’t even bring yourself to admit Nolan’s capable of error?! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK BRAH!!!!! Here’s an error for you: how does Bane know where wayne tech is? When Fox states explicitly that no one besides him and Wayne are privy to the location!!! FUCK DUDE IT’S A PLOT HOLE!!!!! AN ERROR!!! I feel like the end of Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Just one Nolanite please admit he’s not God. I want to stop. Really I do. But I can’t until someone will have the balls to say Nolan doesn’t shit rainbows and there’s flaws in his films. [Passes out on the floor of congress from trying to scream sense at cretins]

        Just sayin’

      • scottish_punk

        You, my troll, are imbalanced. You need guidance, silly derp :P

        Seriously, tell me what it’s like to be an anonymous internet nobody, hiding behind a keyboard. You amuse us, bud.

      • Griz

        Sigh. I want to stop. Can you admit Nolan is human? Can you admit he is capable of making a mistake? Jesus! Sigh. Based on your respond I have an infallible conclusion: humanity is doomed. Sigh.

      • scottish_punk

        Actually, I made a mistake in my second to last post. I meant to say “fallible”, not infallible. That was my bad, edited and corrected. Sorry if I’ve mislead you anymore than you already are. All directors are fallible. ALL.

      • Ozweego

        Don’t care for the argument the two of you are engaged in but Nolan only took a story “credit” because it was first envisioned when Goyer and Nolan were writing Rises. For the record, I didn’t care for MOS or Rises but I do think Nolan is an A list director. It would be hard to find any director out there that doesn’t have a few duds in their history.

      • scottish_punk

        Yeah, I don’t like it either. I suppose sparring with random strangers on the internet over silliness is a lot like a big, random vacuum. I just don’t understand people like the person above. Maybe the point is that I shouldn’t attempt to understand crazy and imbalanced and move on with my time.

        While I personally like MOS and truly loved TDKR, I do agree with your point that Nolan is an A-list director, and that one day we’ll see his dud. Spielberg had his. Many other fine directors have had their duds. Just a matter of time.

      • Todd Akerman

        Disliking Nolan= Crazy and imbalanced? Jesus….

      • scottish_punk

        Oh LAWD.

        Disliking Nolan DOES NOT = Crazy and imbalanced. Being crazy and imbalanced equals crazy and imbalanced, and if you bothered to read his comments and the entire thread, you would have picked up on that, or at least gotten a hint.

        If a person dislikes a filmmaker, so what? It’s that individuals opinion. And that’s cool. But there’s a difference between stating how you feel and beating a dead horse.

      • Todd Akerman

        Sorry Nolan lover but this was the same guy. I troll y’all cause I’m vastly more intelligent than yall and I get mines jollies from playing you like fucking fiddles. LULZ I.B. HAVEN!!!!!!

  • RoseAngelus

    To be fair Olympus has fallen had no competition. WHD had 4 big movies going against it. Sony mistake was keeping it in June. They should have left it in November.