Friday Box Office: NEIGHBORS Takes Down SPIDER-MAN with Big $19.6 Million Debut

     May 10, 2014


One week into the summer movie season and we already have an upset.  Neighbors came out strong on Friday, earning an estimated $19.6 million from 3,279 locations, including $2.56 million from Thursday previews.  That puts the film on track for as much as $50 million this weekend, which would rate as one of the highest original R-rated comedy debuts of all time.  At the very least Neighbors will far exceed the $30 million that Universal said they were expecting.

Friday’s Top Five after the jump

The strength of Neighbors reveals the weakness of The Amazing Spider-Man.  Last weekend’s number one debut was down 71% on Friday and is expected to bring in about $37 million from its second weekend.  That means that, for the first time since 2009, a comic-inspired summer debut will not spend two weeks on top of the domestic box office.  The last one-time winner was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which fell a giant 69% in its sophomore outing.  The drop for Spidey shouldn’t be quite as drastic; and Sony can always console themselves with the sequel’s big international gross – currently at $340 million.

We’ll have complete details tomorrow, including the new titles Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return and Mom’s Night Out, neither of which managed a top five Friday launch.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Neighbors $19,600,000 $19.6
2.  Amazing Spider-Man 2 $10,100,000 $120.8
3.  The Other Woman $2,815,000 $55.2
4.  Heaven is for Real $1,650,000 $69.8
5.  Captain America 2
$1,489,000 $240.8
  • Strong Enough

    How embarrassing.

    I knew Marc needed more time to develop as a director before tackling such a feet. AM2 shows the flaws of a young director that doesn’t know where to take his summer blockbuster.

    • Frank

      I’d say the problem is more about a young director who’s at the mercy of the studio. Webb is capable, but still something of an unestablished director, which means he has to bend to the whim of Sony-mandated requests (“More villains! More action! He needs to be drinking a Pepsi Max in this shot.”) I don’t think he has the cred yet to be able to push back on these things, at least not if he intends to continue to have a successful directing career.

      • Strong Enough

        But he should still be able to deliver a solid movie. even with the studio on his back. the story was just too big for him

      • WockerDaw

        There are so many elements at play here, that pointing fingers at one person behind a studio blockbuster is just really ignorant.

      • Norrtron

        Whenever I see someone complain about too many villains I assume they didn’t actually watch the movie since it only really had 2.

    • DodgeHickey

      Raimi with Spidey 3, he was established for years and yet the studio screw the pooch there (and he let them).

  • Davis

    It’s sonys fault, they should have let Marc make his version of Spiderman instead of taking it off him and making a totally different movie.

    • cb

      ummmm . . . isn’t that what people said about Raimi & SpiderMan 3?

      I think anyone who steps in to direct anymore spiderman movies should know what they’re getting themselves into at this point.

      • ethomson92

        You’re right, but on the other side of things, Sony should see that interfering could actually lead to them losing money on their investment.

      • Davis

        That was also true but at least they let him do his own thing in the first two.

        And that is why no one cares about the spiderman franchise, the studio doesn’t care about making a good movie, apart from the fanboys and the kids no one cares.

  • eternalozzie

    19 mil is huge for such a generic movie .. they had great marketing … never underestimate the draw Zac Efron’s butt will have for movie goers.

    Does this mean no Amazing Spider-man 3?

    • ethomson92

      No, it’s still going to make a profit thanks to keeping it in theaters for a couple more weeks, international gross , and DVD and digital sales that people are already pre-ordering

    • MJ

      If it was just the U.S. Box office, they’d cancel ASM3 right now. Unfortunately though, a lot of morons overseas are buying tickets, and so the international box office performance means we will get a cruddy 3rd film from this inept Sony group.

      Even with the international box office, they will probably just break even on this. They likely won’t start making profits until DVD’s and streaming kick in later this year.

      Look for huge production budget cuts on the next film.

      • WockerDaw

        I’d say that high budget cuts are very unlikely. Bad word of mouth is killing this movie, especially nowadays when nearly everyone has flixter on their phones. I don’t think we can mistake this as people getting tired of the Spiderman brand.

      • derek

        Its not that the people overseas are morons, you moron. Its that film has progressed in the USA so much compared to other countries. The production values and star power eclipse anything being made in foreign films. So even if the movie is considered a piece of crap for our standards; there are millions of people from all over the world willing to see these films because they are leaps and bounds better than any production that they are used to.

      • MJ


        Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Django9000

    Amazing Spiderman 2 is still a very solid, entertaining film. If producer Avi Arad wouldn’t call sour grapes on leaving Marvel after attaining rights to Iron Man etc, & maybe taken the opportunity to say something positive about Marc Webb or his team instead, they might’ve stood a chance against lukewarm buzz.

    I say cut the budget for Spidey 3 & let Webb tell the “Kravens Last Hunt” arc he clearly wants to make. (a human villain who requires no dazzling cgi to realize, just an excellent actor)

    Webb made a passion project out of Gwen Stacy’s arc & Garfield owns as Spidey- tho nothing can compete with Seth Rogen’s calling Justin Bieber out for being a douche, while upping the rep of Efron. That’s just PR gold, aimed right at the pulse of our cultural moment. Hahaha

    • ethomson92

      Would Sony actually cut the budget? That’s probably the excuse they use to take control away from Webb? And they don’t really worry about not making the money back

    • MJ

      If it is such a solid entertaining film, then why is the word of mouth so bad?

      • Norrtron

        What is this “word of mouth” you speak of? You know what everyone is saying about across the country? I was expecting to hate it and actually like a LOT of stuff about the film. If I felt that way, a film snob who is used to over analyzing movies, I would imagine the general movie going population would be just fine with it.

      • MJ

        See my post above. It’s a fact.

      • Norrtron

        You use the word fact pretty fast and loose.

      • MJ

        You are in denial:

        Fact 1 – Box Office Mojo: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 dropped to second place with an estimated $10.1 million. That’s off 71 percent from last Friday”

        Fact 2 — Tomatomer Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 54%

        Any more questions? How about you now provide some credible quantitative information that makes your case that word of mouth is good, and the movie is liked a lot by moviergoers in the U.S.?

        Where are your facts???

      • Norrtron

        Has an audience fresh rating of 74%

      • MJ

        Explain to us the 71% drop in attendance this weekend? Godzilla is still a week away. Great weather across the U.S. this weekend. It should be a banner box office weekend here in week 2 for this movie, but it is tanking already.


      • Norrtron

        You are going to war against this movie.

      • Django9000

        Being in #1 on opening weekend in an already crowded summer guarantees another film will be made. Not much you can do bout it. As stated, I acknowledge negative buzz, but think its overstated by folks who couldn’t be asked to sit thru the Godfather if their smartphones depended on it. It’s a deep movie with great action sequences, pretty unconventional structure clearly turned the instant gratification folks off – it still comes off well to fans, and is a better flick structurally, visually & dramatically than say, Dark Knight Rises.

        Internet buzz splits down the middle between audience rating & tomatometer. Not great but def enjoyable flick. Brand recognition & toy marketing already guaranteed this films initial success. They’ll make a 3rd film, & a fourth, & your emphasis on the negative really affects nothing, except probably your own life.

        Good luck with that.

      • wilfredo arias

        You are definitely in the minority. This movie was way too long, Jamie Foxx’s and dehann’s over acting and a host of other problems killed the buzz on this movie. lt’s a shame though because Garfield and Stone did a great job.

      • WockerDaw

        This is known as someone’s opinion.

      • MJ

        It’s a fact. Movies with good word of mouth only drop 40 to 50 percent the following week. Movies with bad word of mouth drop like a rock — this one is dropping over 70%. Ouch!

        And check out any user reviewer movie site — IMDB, Yahoo, RT, and you will see that this movie is rated very poorly in general. That also is a fact.

      • WockerDaw

        That this movie is a solid, entertaining movie is someone’s opinion. What don’t you get about that? People are allowed to think outside of the general consensus.

  • MJ

    Just as I predicted. ASM2 is dropping hugely this week. It won’t even come close to making $200 M U.S. now. Word of mouth has gotten out now. Unfortunately though, those morons from overseas are buying enough tickets to give us ASM3.

    • Davis

      Booo every other country

  • Steven

    The Amazing Spiderman 2 was excellent. Whedon & Nolan fanboys are just knocking it because thats what they do.

    Most of them probably haven even seen it.

    • ethomson92

      Not raimi fanboys?

    • wilfredo arias

      You must be twelve years old.

  • Grendal Sven

    I’m not surprised, AS2 was okay, it had it’s moments, but was done in by tired stereotypical origin stories and hammy douche-bag villains that looked like they came right out of Schumaker’s “Batman and Robin” sketchbook. Especially Paul Giamatti’s Rhino, such a bad turn for such a great actor, totally wrong for him, his agent should be shit-canned.