Friday Box Office: OBLIVION Has Strong $13.3 Million Opening Day

     April 20, 2013


As the only new release of the week, it should be no surprise that Oblivion took first place at Friday’s box office. The sci-fi feature, starring Tom Cruise, earned an estimated $13.3 million from 3,783 locations yesterday, though it is unclear if that includes the $1.1 million it made from Thursday and midnight previews. Oblivion is expected to take in $38 million through Sunday. That number is slightly ahead of the film’s pre-release forecasts and would stand as Tom Cruise’s highest opening since Mission: Impossible III, if realized.

The Place Beyond the Pines expanded from 514 to 1,542 theatres on Friday. The Derek Cianfrance drama fell just short of the top five and is on track for a $5 million three-day total.  We’ll have full details and analysis tomorrow.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Oblivion $13,300,000 $14.4
2.  42 $5,210,000 $41.2
3.  The Croods $2,225,000 $147.6
4.  Scary Movie 5 $2,059,000 $18.7
5.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation $1,600,000 $107
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  • Anonymous

    Best movie I’ve seen this year.

    • Mr. Orange

      You can say you’re anonymous but we all know who you are Mr. Cruise.

      • Anonymous Cruise

        I find the film middling at best. Love the soundtrack and cinematography though.

  • Stickler

    Nope. Ghost Protocol did pretty good business, so this would be his best opening since that movie, not the third one.

    • Kofi

      Ghost Protocol only did 29 million on it wide release opening(probably due to it’s early IMAX limited release) Oblivion is gonna blow past that but most likely will not hold nearly as well as MI4 did.

  • Chris Etrata

    40 million is not that impressive with a combined marketing and production budget ranging 200-250 million. It won’t be a noteworthy bomb like John Carter, Battleship, Jack and the Giant Slayer but it will break even at best. A film like this should be debuting to 50 million here and 75-80 million overseas, especially with Iron Man 3 about to debut.

    • sajsdfhbf

      1. The production budget was a reported 120 million
      2. it made 60 million overseas last weekend
      3. 38 million is a good weekend for mid-April

      It won’t be a box office bomb at all if it makes 38 million domestically its first weekend.

      • Chris Etrata

        38 million is good for a regular April release, not an expensive sci fi picture.

    • vinny

      Budgets 120mil plus 50 in marketing, where did u get 200-250?

      • Chris Etrata

        For a film like this, this should be doing 50 million here and 80 million overseas. It will end up being a modest success at best.

  • rich woa

    Oblivion was great on Imax. Story was kind of a snooze fest but cinematography and music kept me entertained. Not a bad sci-fi action flic.

  • peter

    Film looks great! hope I can see it at I max. Almost Everyone i have spoken to can’t wait to see this one.Cruise looks like kicking arse again. And to stay foccusedand professional while his wife does a runner,man…that takes some ability I must say!! Don’t think I could stay calm and focussed at all,and I am a 9 times full contact martial arts champion
    This will gross over $300 million easily if it has already grossed over $100 million in a week.It will run for another 8 weeks.however Iron man 3 and star trek are pretty hot competiton,and JJ Abraham is a darn good directer.

  • Thinkaboutit!


  • Thinkaboutit!

    Brilliant movie buttheads. Cruise is back on form.