March 16, 2013


It looks like another decent weekend at the box office, thanks to Oz the Great and Powerful. The Disney hit earned an estimated $11.4 million on its second Friday, and brought its domestic total up to an impressive $114.2 million. That Oz remained in first place was entirely expected; what was not so expected was the film that followed it. The Call, the thriller starring Halle Berry, opened with a modest weekend projection of around $10 million. Instead, the Sony/Tristar release earned an estimated $6.2 million from 2,507 locations on its first day alone – putting it on track for over $17 million and a second-place finish through Sunday. The relative success of The Call drew attention to the relative failure of Friday’s higher-profile debut: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. From 3,160 locations, the Steve Carell-Jim Carrey comedy earned just $3.72 million: a total that included Thursday pm previews. The Warner Brothers release was expected to earn $18 million this weekend; but after its disappointing start, $11 million may be the limit of Wonderstone’s box office magic.  We’ll have full details tomorrow.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Oz the Great and Powerful $11,410,000 $114.2
2.  The Call $6,200,000 $6.2
3.  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone $3,720,000 $3.7
4.  Jack the Giant Slayer $1,750,000 $49.4
5.  Identity Thief $1,400,000 $120.5

    WTF?? I really thought TIBW would easily claim second spot..this is ridiculous whats wrong with american audiences,have you guys losted your sense of humour lately??

    • JP

      I lost it after I saw Burt wonderstone. Thanks for asking.

  • Sean B

    I am so glad to see that Oz: The Great and Powerful is doing so well in the box office ! :) . I hope will make even more money in the box office until the end of its theatrical run in theaters, so that a sequel will definitely happen ! :) .

  • Iwon2blue3cheese

    What’s horrible is people are seeing the worst movie in years, Oz. I’m usually very positive about everything and find something good, but that movie did everything wrong, so people please don’t see it.

    • zeke

      Oz is better than every other movie in the top 5 and then some.

    • Durine

      The worst movie in years? You have seriously got yo get out more. Oz was a fun family-friendly movie while most of the other movies released so far this year are certified Razzie material.

    • Ian

      You don’t see enough movies if you thought that one was the worst.

      While not great, I thought it was better than the similar-themed, but super disappointing Hobbit. At least I was engaged. At least they thought of a clever climax for Oz. I was sick of dues-ex Gandalf saving everyone in the strangely lifeless Hobbit. I’m still shocked that it was the same filmmakers from LOTR.

    • JW.

      that little china doll was the bomb and you can’t deny it!

    • Iwon2blue3cheese

      I did like the china doll, but the overuse of CGI hurt the eyes, every actor and actress did terrible (except Williams) and whoever wrote this script had good intentions, but Raimi’s execution was horrible, he can put this kind of effort on a Evil Dead and it will work, not an Oz. Concerning the Hobbit, I enjoyed it because I listened, I didn’t see it in 3d,. I also thought that every part that did not act like a LOTR prequel (it’s like 80%) was terrific, it’s just the other part that was a prequel was abysmal. Oz is a 1.5/10 for me.

      • Tommy

        Call me crazy, but I thought his execution elevated a pretty crummy script into an enjoyable matinee. It gave the movie charm – something missing in other fairy-tale reboots like the dreadful Snow White and The Huntsman and Alice in Wonderland.

  • JK1193

    Well, with Cloud Atlas and now the surprise success of The Call, it looks like Halle Berry has made a much-deserved comeback.

    • JW.

      umm I don’t mean to rain on ur parade but Cloud Atlas wasn’t a hit… it didn’t even make it’s money back.

  • will

    Why the flying F is Identity Thief still making money?


      Told ya,americans have losted their sense of humour!!