Friday Box Office: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 Scares Up $15 Million on Opening Day

     October 20, 2012


After taking in $4.5 million from its Thursday late shows and midnight screening, Paranormal Activity 4 easily captured first place on Friday with an estimated $15 million. That puts the film on track for about $34 million by Sunday – an impressive figure that, nonetheless, falls short of most projections for the four year-old franchise. Twelve months ago, Paranormal Activity 3 earned $26.3 million on its first day, on its way to an all-time October opening record of $52.5 million. And while few expected PA 4 to come close to that total, the latest entry in Paramount’s crazy-profitable horror franchise should have had no trouble reaching the $40 million mark. Then again, because PA 4 is expected to earn twelve times its budget in worldwide grosses by Sunday, the word ‘disappointment’ does not exactly leap to mind. That word might better apply to this weekend’s second new release, Alex Cross. The thriller, starring Tyler Perry as author James Patterson’s popular crime solver, earned an estimated $4 million from 2,539 runs on Friday. That puts Alex Cross on track for a weekend in the $13 million range: well below the $20 million openings that Perry (as star AND director) has grown accustomed to.  Full details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1.  Paranormal Activity 4 $15,000,000 $15
2.  Argo $5,090,000 $31.6
3.  Taken 2 $4,250,000 $96.8
4.  Alex Cross $4,010,000 $4
5.  Hotel Transylvania $3,600,000 $109.1
  • Afilmguy

    I’ve been a huge fan of the PA series. But, lately this one has been getting really bad reviews compared to the others. Can a fan of the series who’s seen it tell me if it’s anything like the others?

    • Ryder

      I’m a fan of the series and never swayed by critics so i’ll let you know how it is spoiler free.

      Of course it is like the other’s but in some ways better and some ways the same. This is by far the most violent PA that there has been and it helps. The things with the Kinect are a nice addition but what’s really cool is how they film everything. All the angles in the movie are basically from computer cameras that have been left on, so when the girl leaves her computer you’re just seeing what her BF is currently seeing. The ending by far was the most WTF moment out of the series and really makes you think what just happen but the build up to the ending is some what lame.

      As for negatives I really wanted a return of the fan camera from 3 since it was the coolest effect but stupidly used in the 3rd one. Another issue I have which you may not find is the lack of build up in the paranormal stuff. Usually it’s small things here and there and gradually gets worse but here it felt like 2 or 3 nights before stuff was happening alot.

      I only listen to critics when it comes to Dramas. When it comes to Comedy, Horror, and Action movies critics have ridiculous mindsets going in that could sway their review. I’m sure some critics are sick of these movies and walked in unhappy. It’s a haunted house type horror movie, if you don’t like it that’s fine. I don’t know why the 3rd got such good reviews, maybe I need to re watch it but this one has some suspense and by the end you’re gonna wanna fast forward to next year to see what they do it the 5th one

      On a separate not why is there so much hate for this series. Look I look forward to the yearly horror sequels because its a tradition for me, first it was Saw now PA. They’re just movies, does it piss you off that much that they make money doing them? At least it’s effort, go put all that hate on people and things that make that much money doing nothing.

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