Friday Box Office – PROMETHEUS Leads with $21.4 Million Debut; MADAGASCAR 3 Not Far Behind with $20.4 Million

     June 9, 2012


Estimates are in for this weekend’s two new wide releases and, for the moment, they have Fox’s R-rated Prometheus slightly ahead with $21.4 million compared to the $20.4 million of Dreamworks Animation’s Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. This is great news for Prometheus which is now all but guaranteed to gross over $50 million through Sunday; this despite the fact that Fox had been hinting that $40 million would be a stretch. Why the low expectations? To begin with, Madagascar 3 had a screen count advantage: launching in 4,258 locations to Prometheus’ 3,396. Then there’s that R-rating, which is commonly held to be the harbinger of middling grosses. Instead, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel took in $3.5 million from its midnight premieres alone – double that of last weekend’s Snow White and the Huntsman. Of course, if Friday’s estimates are good news for Prometheus they are even better for Madagascar 3. Because of the film’s screen count and more-accessible PG-rating, Dreamworks’ latest is expected to take the weekend with around $60 million.  We’ll have full details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Prometheus $21,400,000 $21.4
2 Madagascar 3 $20,450,000 $20.4
3 Snow White & the Huntsman $7,500,000 $82.9
4 Men in Black 3 $4,200,000 $126.2
5 The Avengers $3,300,000 $564.3


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  • stylus59

    In recent years up until now, I always view Fox that ‘annoying’ studio, caring more for profit rather than the quality or the fanbase. I always admired Warner Bros. as a model studio for others, and they reap profit as they are the if not one of the highest grossing film studio in past years. Now, I think Fox has learned from WB, having two R rated releases this year (Abe Lincoln Vamp Hunter), and I think Fox is reaping the profits of their bold endeavors. May this be a new trend in filmmaking: invest in quality and filmmaking freedom.

    • Traffick

      HELL yes. Man I’m praying that Prometheus will break 200 million domestically when all’s said and done. It would be proof that the adults of our nation can appreciate quality, thought provoking filmmaking. And we’d get sequel(s) and finally get some damn answers!

      I can understand if you didn’t like Prometheus, as it was incredibly inconclusive. But everyone should support such a ballsy film that defies so many mainstream requirements.

      Plus maybe studios will finally nut up and start giving us more over-the-top R rated blockbusters like they use to in the 80s and early 90s. God I miss the days of young James Cameron and Paul Verhoeven.

      • spongefist

        Are you serious? Prometheus was an incredibly poor movie. Characters acting like total idiots, terrible pacing, music from ET just for starters. AVP was actually the better movie as incredible as that sounds. This movie was an all out C -. It would have been a F if it wasn’t for the visuals which in places where stunning. Major disappointment.

    • mattinacan

      i think this movie was too smart for you to understand

      • Mark

        awful film

  • junierizzle

    I expect

  • mattinacan

    just got back from Prometheus, fantastic and gorgeous movie, it does leave some questions unanswered for what could be a sequel to the prequel, but i understood perfectly what was going on. i don’t get the complaints.

  • Jan Sulu


    Brilliant concept, beautiful visuals you would expect from Ridley Scott, looks like a truly expensive movie. It is mostly great minus some bizarre character motivation (The captain decision to just go suicidal and the co-pilots just displaying some mindless loyalty to go down with the ship together..huh?), muddled character (David, is he really following his programming, or does he secretly want to sabotage the whole operation so that he can be free from his “creator” which is Weyland/humans? What does he say to the woken up Engineer), confusing character (Noomi says she chooses to believe, having a faith, faith in what? That the Engineer is human creator? That the Engineer is divine? Has benign objective in creating humans? Not expressed precisely), missed opportunity (Vickers-Weyland dynamic is a great story potential, never fully developed, scenes are definitely cut. Vickers says the wisest words in the movie: “A King has his reign, then he dies” And the she dies like a typical dumb blonde in a slasher flick, huh?). You can have mystery surrounding the Space Jockey/Engineer, but as far as humans are concerned you have to lay down their basic character definition in order for the story to work. Still one of the most interesting movies in recent memory, and I already saw it twice.

    PS: This movie can do without the silly Alien/Xenomorph reference in the end. The creature design is generic, as does the Shaw’s giant “baby.” Suddenly I am not interested in ALIEN prequel at all. If they are going ahead with a sequel, I hope they go as far away as possible from Xeno territory.

    • mattinacan

      that final scene is critical, the entire movie explores the engineered origins of the xenomorphs. it shows how the creatures evolved through each new ‘birth’.

  • mrperfect

    Prometheus was a B-, C+. It tried to do something unique, different and be great, which is commendable. But, it had a lot of problems that diminished its’ emotional impact. Non-believable character actions, plot holes, silly looking old man makeup (just hire an older actor – jeez!), and silly ending. Oh well, hopefully BR sequel will be better.

    • mattinacan

      i didn’t see any plot holes, i think you walked into madagascar by accident

      • SATAN

        its full of plot holes and cliched characters. –

        the ginger guy coming back as a zombiesque figure. to kill half the cast as they was no way to get rid of them

        no logic in actors decisions
        Noomi going to get the alien removed. says the machine is set up for a man. but its Charlize machine>> was she a dude??

        the ginger chap getting lost trying to get back to the ship. they just scanned the place. the ship is a “C” cant get lost..

        all the dead engineers. what happened to the them. they hint at chest bursts. if so why the space jockeys running.. where had the things they running from gone.

        the whole plot whole of not explaining one damn thing about the story? the invitation. the only solid thing you learn is we have the same DNA.. this film delivers NOTHING MORE than that. the music was awful. the pacing terrible.

        pointless film.

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