Friday Box Office: RIDDICK Seizes $7.3 Million

     September 7, 2013


In case that line of school buses didn’t tip you off, summer is officially done. In box office terms, that means acclimating to September and its more-modest movie prospects – starting with Riddick. As the weekend’s only major studio release, the sci-fi sequel pulled in an estimated $7.3 million from 3,107 locations on Friday. That points to a first weekend of about $18 million for Riddick: a substantial drop from the $23 million that Universal was hoping for. That would have been in line with the $24.2 million debut of Chronicles of Riddick in June 2004. Of course, that film ended as a big disappointment with its worldwide total of just $115.7 million.

Holdovers made up the remainder of Friday’s top five, including Instructions Not Included. The Spanish-language comedy expanded its run to 717 locations this weekend after stunning the box office with one of the summer’s most impressive debuts over the Labor Day holiday.  Check back tomorrow for full details.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Riddick $7,300,000 $7.3
2.  Lee Daniels’ The Butler $2,370,000 $85.37
3.  We’re The Millers $2,300,000 $118.2
4.  Instructions Not Included $1,640,000 $13.8
5.  One Direction: This Is Us $1,165,000 $21
  • Scurvy

    I think opening this in September was a bad idea. I can’t remember any movies that made a surprising amount of money in September. There is a much better chance of catching on in Feb/March. I think those months have a much higher success rate.

    The weather isn’t very nice yet, people are getting anxious for the summer movie season.

    Septemeber, people are worried about going back to school, the weather is still nice so people are trying to squeeze in their last vacations of the year and they are fatigued from a summer’s worth of blockbusters (especially this year!).


    If Riddick makes $115 million it won’t be that much of a disappointment. It only cost $38 million and it’ll sell plenty of blurays. Worldwide this film will do fine, it is a B-movie after all – no one was expecting A-movie numbers not even Vin Diesel – and it’s not exclusively aimed at the US.

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      No way it hits $100 mil.


        Worldwide, how would you know?