Friday Box Office – RIO Still Flying High with $10.7 Million; MADEA’S BIG HAPPY FAMILY a Close Second

     April 23, 2011

Hollywood is definitely going to have its second ‘up’ weekend in a row come Sunday.  It’s another 2011 milestone!  Credit that success to Fox’s Rio, whose Friday-to-Friday estimate of $10.7 million was slightly higher than its debut one week ago, and to Tyler Perry’s latest, Madea’s Big Happy Family, which was just behind Rio with a Friday estimate of $10.5 million from 2,288 locations. Madea is not expected to match Perry’s past Easter weekend debuts, which means that Rio will most likely see its second weekend at number one.  Fox is back at number three with Water for Elephants.  The adaptation of the bestselling novel debuted with an estimated $7 million from 2,817 locations and should come in line with projections which put it in the mid teens or slightly above for the Easter weekend.  Finally, Disney Nature continued its tradition of Earth Day releases with African Cats.  They didn’t score the huge debut they saw with Earth, but Cats was cunning enough to make it into Friday’s top five with an estimated $3.3 million from just 1,220 locations.

Title Friday Total
1 Rio $10,700,000 $65.2
2 Madea’s Big Happy Family $10,500,000 $10.5
3 Water for Elephants $7,000,000 $7
4 Hop $4,200,000 $92.2
5 African Cats $3,300,000 $3.3
  • Tommyk123123

    Christ. Scream 4 didn’t even make top 5? Shit.

  • Allie

    Huge shame that Scream 4 hasn’t got the staying power of it’s (less than worthy) predecessors (with the exception of the first film). It’s actually a lot better than them!

  • pat

    Scream 4 bombed.

    • Tommyk123123

      Actually Scream 4 has made back 60 percent of its budget domestically… which if you do your math is the same amount proportionally that Rio has made domestically. It’s not a bomb… but it’s not the huge success everyone was hoping for.

      • Apk342

        Actually the differences between Rio (that’s considered a success) and Scream 4 (a box office bomb) are two and simple:
        1 – Scream 4 didn’t go as great as Rio internationally, managing to have an “OK” outcome.
        2 – Scream 4 didn’t hold as great as Rio, going from second place in first weekend to sixth place in the second weekend.

    • Tommyk123123

      Well if you want to bring international numbers into the mix… Scream 4 has already made back its budget and then some. And let’s not forget about DVD sales. Scream 4 is not a bomb… no way around it. It’s not a great success… but it’s certainly not a bomb. Also let’s not forget that this is Easter weekend… literally nobody’s going to go see a horror movie. Let’s do our homework next time.

  • Mike Cruz

    SCRE4M was actually fantastic and probably the best way to come back after practically 11 year gap and its a shame it hasn’t done to well. I agree with Allie and personally feel that it was close up there with the first.

  • Mike

    SCREAM 4 was AWESOME. I’m a huge fan of the original trilogy, especially the first, and this was indeed a great way to come back after being MIA for about 11 years. It’s behind the first and second for me (nothing can top the first), but it was better than the third. It really saddens me that it’s not doing better. Everyone go see it more than once and tell your friends :P. Drag them along with you. I plan on seeing it again for sure. It will be a shame if we don’t get a fifth, especially when Williamson already had outlines for them if they were to happen. But with these numbers there is no way the studio will bother.


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