Friday Box Office – SALT Opens with a Solid $12.7 Million But INCEPTION Still Rules On Second Friday

     July 24, 2010

Even with Angelina Jolie popping up everywhere to promote her new spy/thriller Salt, her efforts were not enough to knock Christopher Nolan’s Inception out of the number one spot yesterday. Salt debuted with an estimated $12.7 million from 3,612 locations. That is under the $19 million Jolie brought in on day one for 2008’s Wanted but considering that Tom Cruise, the man who originally passed on the role, took three days last month to bring in a comparable amount for Knight & Day, I’d say Sony has a lot to be happy about this morning. Inception added another $13.3 million to its domestic total on Friday after passing the $100 million mark on Thursday – a remarkable achievement in this year of sequels, 3D and 3D-sequels. The week’s other new release, Ramona & Beezus, came in fifth with an estimated $2.9 million from 2,719 venues – though the Selena Gomez family film could swap places with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice once the official numbers are refined. Check back tomorrow for full coverage of the weekend box office.

Title Friday Total
1 Inception $13,300,000 $113.4
2 Salt $12,700,000 $12.7
3 Despicable Me $7,300,000 $144.9
4 Sorcerer’s Apprentice $2,900,000 $35.8
5 Ramona & Beezus $2,900,000 $2.9
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  • RustyStardust

    In all fairness, she's going against 'the director of The Dark Knight' and Leo DiCaprio and one of the most talked about films of the year and she still only landed a mill behind. Let's not get all down in the mouth for Angelina just yet. Jeez, it's so weird when you land in 2nd in the box office (no matter how big your gross or competition) people start going, 'Welllll, I dunno, it wasn't FIRST.'

  • Corin Prendiville

    I don't think that the article in anyway conveyed that message. I don't think Salt is good enough of a movie to take out Inception in its second week anyways, especially since its simply another action/thriller vehicle. If your going to go see one you may as well see the one with the best reviews and the most hype.