Friday Box Office: SKYFALL Takes Off with $30.8 Million Debut; Spielberg’s LINCOLN Also Big in Only Eleven Locations

     November 10, 2012


For weeks, we’ve known that Skyfall was going to be huge. After the 23rd film in the James Bond franchise rocketed through its initial international engagements two weeks ago, a giant US opening was all but guaranteed. Even so, Skyfall is now on track to be even more of a giant than we suspected. On Friday, Skyfall earned an estimated $30.8 million from its 3,503 locations, midnight screenings included. Add that to the $2.2 million 007 took in from his 463 IMAX premieres on Thursday and it looks like the secret agent could soar as high as $84 million by the end of the weekend. That would blow the previous Bond record of $67.8 million (set in 2008 by Quantum of Solace) out of the air. In fact, it’s possible that Skyfall could climb as high as $500 million worldwide by Monday. Given that Daniel Craig’s first two turns as 007 took weeks to reach that same mark, the achievement would be especially impressive. Big as it was, Skyfall wasn’t the only film making news at the box office. With its platform release in just eleven locations, Steven Spielberg’s critically-lauded Lincoln earned an estimated $268,000 on Friday, or an average of $24,376 per theatre.  We’ll have full details on this weekend’s box office tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1. Skyfall $30,800,000 $30.8
2. Wreck-It Ralph $7,840,000 $68.4
3. Flight $4,250,000 $36.9
4. Argo $1,840,000 $80.8
5. Taken 2 $1,180,000 $128.4
  • gcm443

    It’s kinda sad that the historical movie is bombing

    • Tyler

      How is it bombing? It gets a wide release next week.

    • Tommie

      It’s only playing in 11 theaters and doing really really well in those theaters. It’s nice to see some actual good movies doing well at the box office before Twilight Barfing Dawn overperforms.

      • gcm443

        Jeez I suck. My bad for misreading lol

  • Lance

    So glad the Twilight thing is almost over. One last movie and then it’s done!

    As for Lincoln, I saw it yesterday. Even showings in the mid-afternoon were sold out. Daniel Day Lewis is incredible as Lincoln. This movie probably isn’t for everyone but if you’re a political junkie in any way at all you ought to see.

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  • Steve

    Saw Skyfall and wasn’t sure what all the hype was about until Javier Bardem showed up. The movie transformed into something much more compelling in the second and third acts. This is the most character-driven Bond movie to date. And it features some truly crowd pleasing nods to old school Bond fans while still feeling fresh. THIS should have been the movie that followed Casino Royale.