Friday Box Office: TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Conquers THE HOBBIT and DJANGO on 2013′s First Friday

     January 5, 2013


2012’s box office ended with a record-breaking total of $10.83 billion; but as of Wednesday we wiped that slate clean for another year. In a repeat of 2012, the first weekend of the New Year features just one nationwide release and – also like 2012 – that release belongs to the horror genre. Texas Chainsaw 3D, the sixth feature in the “Texas Chainsaw” franchise, opened in 2,654 locations at 10 pm on Thursday. With a first-day estimate of $10.2 million, Texas Chainsaw 3D should top $20 million by Sunday. That’s far short of the $33.7 million The Devil Inside earned at this time last year; though anything over $15 million would beat industry expectations. A debut north of $20 million would also be enough to give Texas Chainsaw 3D the win over December’s holdovers. After three weekends at number one, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is expected to fall to third place, with Django Unchained in second. Projections are very close among this weekend’s top four titles, however, so check back tomorrow to see how 2013’s first box office winds up.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Texas Chainsaw 3D $10,200,000 $10.2
2.  Django Unchained $6,160,000 $92.4
3.  The Hobbit $5,225,000 $251.5
4.  Les Miserables $4,900,000 $92.4
5.  Parental Guidance $3,100,000 $45.7
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  • chad vaughn

    I figure Django will win the weekend, horror is always front-loaded.

  • C138

    Maybe audiences will realize how shitty the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie really is and Django Unchained will take the top spot for the weekend. One can only hope…

  • Arnyxx

    Welcome to Texas motherfucker. . :-) win win. .

    • Matty

      Funny, they didn’t film a bit of it in Texas.

    • Zack

      I hated that part it made no sense. Why would she say that shes not from texas, but she feels the need to say welcome to texas to leatherface…WHO HAS LIVED THERE HIS ENTIRE LIFE. He should have said it to her