Friday Box Office: THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY Pulls Off Surpise Win Over THOR: THE DARK WORLD

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One week after Thor: The Dark World stormed the domestic box office, the God of Thunder is facing some unexpected competition from The Best Man Holiday. In a surprise finish, Universal’s ensemble dramedy edged out Thor 2 for Friday’s top spot by just over $200,000. The Dark World is still expected to retain its crown with a projected $37 million this weekend, though the surprising draw of The Best Man Holiday may render Thor’s hold a little less impressive than anticipated.

Thanks to some last minute schedule changes, The Best Man Holiday was Friday’s only new wide release. The sequel to the 1999 sleeper-hit The Best Man, Holiday earned an estimated $10.7 million from 2,024 locations on its first day in theatres. That puts the Universal release on track for about $31 million by Sunday, or nearly double the studio’s own projection. We’ll have complete details tomorrow.

 Title Friday Total
1.  The Best Man Holiday $10,700,000 $10.7
2.  Thor: The Dark World $10,489,000 $119
3.  Last Vegas $2,520,000 $40.6
4.  Bad Grandpa $2,302,000 $84.8
5.  Free Birds $1,770,000 $35.6

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FB Comments

  • The Flobbit

    You have displeased Thor. Do not vex the god of thunder.

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Thor flopped domestically
    Americans are sick with that superhero bullshit
    Thor will be gone out of the top 5 by next week once hunger games and frozen rolls around
    Hopefully, it means more black or dramatic movies in the fall
    Keep that bullshit superhero in the summer when the kids have nothing to do
    Grown ups have things to watch

    • Lovecraftlives

      Shut the hell up, moron, dickhead! Thor 2 is doing well and will continue to do well. Thor didn’t flop and Thor 3 is already in the works. A lot of grown ups like Thor and other superhero film, your moronic piece of shit. Marvel is not going away!

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        Not in America tho
        Foreign countries like this superhero bullshit
        2 years ago, it was novel now it’s fucking old
        People are sick of that shit
        By grown ups, I guess you mean 18 year old and up nerds, then yep a lot of grown ups watch that shit

      • JoeNiqua

        News Flash 2 of the top 3 DOMESTICALLY grossing movies of 2013 are both superhero movies. Plus Marvel and DC are going to make sure you have plenty of these movies every single year. If you hate them so much then don’t take time out of your busy day to comment on them :)

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        Two of the top 15 domestically grossing movies of 2013 are superhero
        I guess superheroes are really dominating the box office
        3 of the top 15 are animated so I guess animations are ruling the box office more than superheroes …
        In 2 or 3 years, I hope this fad is over
        By the way, only iron man 3 kept first place in his second weekend while man of steel dropped drastically in his second weekend
        So nope
        Superheroes are not dominating

      • JoeNiqua

        No one ever said dominating, you said Americans are sick which they clearly aren’t. Knowing you’re wrong you changed your argument to show they dropped in the second week, but they still are at the top and you’re still incorrect. Thor has been out for 2 weeks and ‘The Wolverine’ are the only other superhero movies released this year (not counting Kick-Ass 2 which is different and rated R). None of which are considered flops (domestically or worldwide) by anyone with an IQ of over 12.

        Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean the American public doesn’t. Watch how successful the next few movies come out with A list superheros (Spiderman, X-Men, The Avengers, Batman and Superman etc.)

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        Except that kick ass 2 or whatever flopped
        Where’s the sequel?
        Where’s the 3rd movie ?
        It didnt make as much money as the first one so yep kick ass 2 flopped
        The wolverine came and went like a fart
        Out if his full bearded fat grown ups audience, nobody gave a flying fuck about the wolverine but Japan saved the movie

      • bombinUSA

        you’re not even a full raced kid, so what the hell does your opinion matter? damn half breed, go jump in front of traffic.

      • Alexander Calvo

        You’re reallly not helping us.

    • Alexander Calvo

      This is one of the dumbest comments I have ever seen here. Thor is nowhere near a flop, it has already made back more than it’s budget in under 2 weeks.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        It didnt make back his money in the u.s
        It needs foreign money to make back his budget so in my book it’s a flop DOMESTICALLY !!!
        Learn how to read

      • Angel of Death

        Uh…You realize this is only the second week of the movie, and by Sunday it’ll only be $30 mil from making it’s budget back (in your words) “DOMESTICALLY!!!” (which is really irrelevant in whether a movie is a success or not, so long as the movie has made a profit on domestic + worldwide gross). It’s pretty obvious it’ll make back it’s budget plus a profit in the states by the end of its run. You clearly have no idea how the box office works or how to predict film grosses.

        I have no idea why you are on this board making statements that make zero sense and have no effect on the industry. And furthermore, your tiny opinion doesn’t speak for everyone’s. So just because you say something is true, doesn’t make it so (and in this case it’s just flat out wrong, as numbers will prove).

        Furthermore, your brain is like your penis: it’s small, it’s useless, and it spews waste everywhere.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        I know that but the fact that it has to compete with a tiny movie means that outside of the nerds Thor is not as big as of a draw the Internet made it to be
        When big movies fall, they fall bad
        Maybe it’s not a flop but its far from a hit DOMESTICALLY
        Remember the Lone Ranger ?
        In his first week, it was #2
        Second week #6
        Third week , it was out of the top 10 altogether
        By his fourth week, Thor 2 will be outif the top 10 so yep
        Eat my shorts
        It’s not a big hit

      • vpuik

        That’s a good comparison. You realize Thor matches Line Rangers whole domestic run in just over 3 days and cost less to make?

      • Strong Enough

        what a idiot

      • doc

        An idiot, not a.

      • Strong Enough

        thats the joke

      • Alexander Calvo

        It has almost made back it’s budget in just over a week… it will likely cover its budget by sunday, and if not it will have more than covered it by next week, nationally. You need to learn what flop means.

    • BigJimSlade

      Yeah, because the success of “Hunger Games” and “Frozen” means the black movies will start rolling in.

    • doc

      A comedy with a dash of cancer thrown in for good measure. How original.

  • bob

    Still afraid to make a Black Panther movie ?

    • Strong Enough

      you think white people non comic book fans would go to see a movie called BLACK PANTHER?

  • Norrtron

    The trolls are out in force today.

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Noone cares about Thor
    It didnt even make 100 million in his first week
    Outside of nerds, America didnt care

    • CowboyCliche

      You have demons, child.

    • Angel of Death

      …Yes it did…It made 101 mil in 5 days. Last time I checked, a week was 7 days. So yeah…it made over 100 million in its first week. and you’re a fucking moron who needs to go back to kindergarten to learn a) how many days there are in a week, and b) that 101 million is more than 100 million.

    • bombinUSA

      i hope white supremacists get you, lynch you and the flies swarm your retarded half breed carcass.

      • Um, Sure

        You seem nice.

  • Winston Mahon

    Thor won’t do as well for one simple reason, the screenplay isn’t as strong as it should be. Marvel, like EVERY studio these days only sees $ signs, so make everything as “light” as possible in order to appeal to as many people as possible, and in doing so, story ALWAYS suffers!!!

  • doc

    How the hell did that happen? Maybe it’ll still win the weekend. Oh by the way, if you have seen or read nicholas sparks you’ve seen the other movie.

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